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Discover Hong Kong – Best Things To Do In 24 Hours!

There is so much to discover in Hong Kong: one of the world’s most vibrant cities, overflowing with people and eternally short on space. It is a modern futuristic city – one of the busiest and most developed cities in Asia, with a perfect blend of east and west whilst still retaining its culture. Tourists automatically associate […]

Non Chinese ESL Companies Hiring List – UPDATED FOR 2022!

Looking for a list of Non Chinese ESL companies that are hiring teachers to teach English online? Whilst your options may seem fairly limited at first, there are actually so many other online ESL companies out there that are not based in China! Here you’ll find the most up-to-date list! Whilst some of these companies […]

Teach English Online – South Africa Teacher Guide!

Are you from South Africa and wanting to Teach English Online? But perhaps you’re having a hard time finding online teaching jobs that actually hire South Africans? Here you will find a selection of ESL companies that accept applications from South African teachers! TEACH ENGLISH ONLINE – A GUIDE FOR TEACHERS FROM SOUTH AFRICA Trying […]

FAQs and Favourite Destinations

You asked, so here it is! Here are the answers to all those questions I get frequently asked! What were your best travel moments? Spending New Years Eve at the Sydney fireworks, being in New Orleans for the Mardi Gras celebrations, watching the sunrise at Ayers Rock, arriving at Macchu Piccu, dancing salsa with the […]


      The most popular way to travel round Asia, in particular South East Asia, is backpacking. Watch the sunrise at Angkor Wat, wander through the rice fields in Bali, stay in a capsule hotel in Tokyo, climb the Great Wall of China, go to a full moon party in Koh Phan Ngan. Street […]