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Need to know information about Bagan, Myanmar

all you need to know about bagan

NEED TO KNOW INFORMATION ABOUT BAGAN, MYANMAR Bagan is an ancient city in Myanmar sprinkled with over two thousand beautiful temples and can only be described as a fairytale! At sunrise hot air balloons float across the horizon, past the temples and pagodas that have stood there for over eight hundred years. Impressive and intricately detailed […]

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        CREATING CAPTURING VISUALS THAT SPEAK TO THE CONSUMER Marketing no longer works as it used to. Shoppers now see the world through a digital lens. Wherever you look you’ll see people constantly scrolling on their electronic devices. But in the busy online world – how do you get them to stop […]

24 Hours in…

Whilst it’s not ideal to only have one day to explore somewhere, and it is certainly not enough time to see all the sights in big cities, sometimes it’s the only option we have! If you only have a short amount of time to see somewhere, use my 24 Hour Guides below to help you […]


      The most popular way to travel round Asia, in particular South East Asia, is backpacking. Watch the sunrise at Angkor Wat, wander through the rice fields in Bali, stay in a capsule hotel in Tokyo, climb the Great Wall of China, go to a full moon party in Koh Phan Ngan. Street […]