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A Complete Guide to Abu Dhabi!

Full guide is available on We Are Travel Girls website – search under ‘Abu Dhabi’

Abu Dhabi is the capital of the United Arab Emirates (UAE) but the city often gets overshadowed by it’s much larger and glitzier neighbour Dubai just 1 hour down the road. Abu Dhabi, however, is a great place to spend a few days as it can often be much cheaper than Dubai, plus there are more and more tourist attractions opening all the time! It is also a very safe city, and whilst Arabic is the official language, English is spoken widely as there is a very large expat community. I spent almost 4 years living in Abu Dhabi so let me share with you my favourite tourist attractions, restaurants, and hotels in the complete guide to Abu Dhabi!

Read my full article on We Are Travel Girls website that covers all the below topics:

Sheikh Zayed Mosque
Desert Safari
Louvre Abu Dhabi
Emirates Palace – for gold cappuccino and gold ice cream!
The Corniche
Yas Island
Eastern Mangroves
Sightseeing boat trip

Restaurants in Abu Dhabi
Where to stay in Abu Dhabi
When to visit Abu Dhabi
Getting around in Abu Dhabi
How to get to Abu Dhabi
How to get to Dubai from Abu Dhabi

we are travel girls abu-dhabi-wahat-al-karama

we are travel girls abu-dhabi-grand-mosque

UAE grand mosque

we are travel girls morning desert safari

the Louvre abu Dhabi


abu Dhabi corniche beach

yas island abu Dhabi

abu Dhabi kayak mangroves

abu Dhabi skyline by boat

abu Dhabi skyline buildings

we are travel girls sheikh zayed grand mosque

Abu Dhabi downtown buildings

abu Dhabi beach corniche

abu Dhabi desert hotels

desert safari

desert safari sunrise

we are travel girls abu-dhabi-wahat-al-karama-park

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we are travel girls guide to Abu Dhabi


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