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Angels Landing Winter – Should You Hike Angels Landing When There’s Snow?

This article explains all you need to know about the Angels Landing Hike in Zion National Park, Utah in winter and whether you should do the hike when there is snow. Read on for all you need to know!

Note that from April 2022 everybody who wants to hike Angels Landing needs a hiking permit to do so! You can find out more and apply for one here.

Zion national park Angels landing hike

Angels Landing Hike

The Angel’s Landing Hike is a 5 mile round trip and will take roughly 4 hours.

Located in Zion National Park, Utah, Angel’s Landing is one of the world’s most dangerous hikes. It has steep drop-offs hundreds of feet down and is quite a strenuous climb.

The views from the top however are just incredible – mind-blowing to be honest, with 360 degree views looking out over the whole of Zion National Park.

The last part of the hike is the challenging part: you are pulling yourself up the mountain with chains anchored into the group. You’re 1,500 feet above the ground, with cliff edges on either side.

Angel’s Landing hike is definitely not for beginner hikers or those with a fear of heights. It is a challenging and dangerous hike even when the conditions are perfect.

So what about when it is raining, windy, snowing or covered in ice – should you still hike Angels Landing in Zion?

angels landing hike Zion

Hiking Angels Landing in Zion In Winter & Snow:

The view from Angels Landing in winter is beautiful with Zion Canyon covered in a sprinkling of snow.

However, it’s not advisable to go up Angels Landing if it is raining, windy, snowy or icy. If you do come in the winter, bring traction aides/crampons as there can be ice and compacted snow on the trail.

Especially the last part of the hike can be super difficult to navigate so always hold onto the chains.

Several people have fallen and died whilst on this hike. PLEASE be careful, wear appropriate shoes and take your time going up and down.

The trail doesn’t often close because of bad weather, but it’s always best to check any closures on the official website beforehand.

It’s also definitely not advised to go up or down in the dark. If you want to stay at the top to watch the sunset, make sure you leave before it gets dark and have a head torch with you so your hands are free whilst hiking.

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What To Pack When Climbing Angels Landing During Winter Or Snow:

Crampons – highly recommended if you plan to hike up Angels Landing in the winter as there can be compacted snow and ice on the trail.

Hiking boots/good walking shoes – this is a must!

Lots of layers – you’ll get hot on some parts of the hike, but might be quite cold at the top so come prepared with lots of layers.

Water bottle – the Angels Landing hike is several hours long so you’ll definitely need a water bottle.

Camera – of course don’t forget your camera, the views are spectacular!

Backpack – a must for the Angels Landing hike so you can keep all your belongings together whilst keeping your hands free for the hike!

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