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Camaya: The Bamboo House In Bali That Should Be On Everyone’s Bucket List!

If you’re looking for the ultimate bamboo house experience when you’re in Bali, then a stay at Camaya is a must!

camaya bali butterfly house bamboo drone shot flower bath jacuzzi girl

Camaya is one of the most famous accommodation options in the whole of Bali, and for good reason.

It features five unique bamboo houses, as well as two other houses, that are all architectural masterpieces. They are so impressive, aesthetic and luxurious.

camaya bali butterfly house bathroom interiors

With hanging nets, flower baths and floating breakfasts to enjoy, there are so many spots in the Camaya bamboo houses to take the perfect Instagram photo, and they are definitely up there as some of the most photogenic places in Bali!

camaya bali butterfly house bamboo drone shot flower bath girl hanging net

Chances are you’ve actually already seen dreamy pictures of Camaya all over your Instagram feed, or even seen it on the Netflix show ‘World’s Most Amazing Vacation Rentals’.

It’s every bit as impressive as it looks on-screen, and coming here is a one of a kind experience!

camaya bali flower bath floating breakfast couple

The bamboo houses at Camaya are the ideal place to escape if you’re looking for the perfect getaway from the hustle and bustle of Canggu, Ubud and other areas of Bali that are full of expats and tourists.

It’s here you’ll really get to experience the true Bali.

camaya bali aerial view bamboo houses rice terraces

Enjoy privacy, peace and quiet, views of rice terraces as far as you can see, epic sunset views and the most aesthetic bamboo interiors you’ve seen!

We recently stayed at the Camaya Butterfly Bamboo House – keep reading to find out more about this incredible place!     

Overview Of Camaya Bali Bamboo Houses

As mentioned, Camaya has five houses crafted entirely out of bamboo: Suboya, Pyramid, Butterfly, Metangi and Lotus.

camaya bali butterfly house bamboo drone shot flower bath jacuzzi girl

They also have a Balinese bungalow called Nirvana, and recently Camaya unveiled their first stone house – called Sayang, which is next level!

We were one of the first people to stay in Sayang House and it blew our heads off – it was that amazing!

camaya bali flower bath sayang house couple

The bamboo houses at Camaya are seriously breath taking. In every corner of the houses the level of detail of the aesthetics is simply incredible – I could have spent hours admiring all the details.

camaya bali bamboo house projector room

Without a doubt, a stay at one of Camaya’s bamboo houses definitely belongs on every Bali or South East Asia bucket list itinerary!

camaya bali flower bath hanging net duvet

The bamboo houses blend in effortlessly with the natural surroundings, and with outdoor hot tubs, hanging nets and private gardens to enjoy the endless views over the surrounding rice terraces, it’s the perfect place to relax and unwind.

camaya bali bamboo house exterior

The houses are all spacious, luxurious and very comfortable, and waking up in the bamboo houses to the views and the sound of birds each morning is the ultimate way to start your day.

camaya bali butterfly house living room bamboo interiors

All the bamboo houses at Camaya have two bedrooms and can accommodate up to four guests.

The two other accommodation options – the Balinese bungalow and the new stone house ‘Sayang’ have one bedroom.

As there are only a select few accommodation options at Camaya, and it’s a very popular place to stay (usually fully booked a couple of months in advance), it’s best to book early to avoid disappointment!

camaya bali butterfly house bamboo drone shot flower bath jacuzzi girl

At Camaya you can also book special additional experiences such as a flower bath in your pool, a floating breakfast, or even marshmallows, churros and chocolate sauce by the fire pit! 

camaya bali fire pit marshmallows sayang house

We loved how Camaya offers so much privacy to their guests. The houses are all spaced out and surrounded by lots of plants, so other guests can’t see into your property.

It was so quiet and peaceful that it made us feel like we were the only people there, which we loved!

We also loved how Camaya is commitment to eco-friendly living. As the houses are built entirely from bamboo, it helps promote sustainability, which is always something we need to consider when travelling.

camaya bali butterfly house bathroom interiors

Location Of Camaya Bali

Despite being surrounded by rice terraces, Camaya isn’t located in Ubud like lots of people seem to think.

Camaya is actually situated in the lovely little village of Selat in East Bali, close to Sideman.

Selat is a secluded area of Bali full of stunning green rice terraces, and is one of the least developed parts of the island. It’s worlds away from the hectic streets of Canggu and Seminyak and is honestly such a paradise in comparison.

From Ubud it takes around 1.5 hours to reach Camaya, and from Canggu it takes around 2 hours. 

Camaya sits on the edge of a lush valley in Selat that is full of rice terraces, really offering guests the opportunity to unwind and enjoy a peaceful and luxurious stay.

The secluded location is definitely part of the allure of a stay at Camaya.

camaya bali aerial view bamboo houses rice terraces

Being surrounded by nature, Camaya offers the perfect getaway, whether you’re in Bali on your babymoon, honeymoon, celebrating your birthday or a special anniversary, or just enjoying a special trip with friends and family. 

East Bali is full of rice terraces, yet without the crowds that Ubud’s rice terraces draw in – so here you actually get to experience the true authentic Bali! 

camaya bali flower bath floating breakfast girl Instagram

Here is the Google Maps location of Camaya. As you can see, Camaya is just a few hundred metres from Magic Hills – another place where you can stay in some pretty impressive bamboo houses!

The children of Made – the owner of Camaya, actually own Magic Hills, so the businesses support each other which is really nice to see.

Amenities At Camaya Bali Bamboo Houses

From the moment you arrive at Camaya the staff are so kind, helpful and welcoming, and honestly make you feel right at home.

They’ll provide you with a welcome drink, help you with your bags, share the wifi code and then take you down the beautiful bamboo lined pathways to your private villa, where they’ll give you a tour.

The houses in Camaya don’t have telephones – instead, if you require anything, whether that’s food, a driver, any special requests, just Whatsapp the team at Camaya and they’ll accommodate you.

Personally I loved being able to send a message as opposed to calling reception!

The bamboo houses at Camaya are all designed differently, each with unique layouts.

camaya bali butterfly house bathroom interiors

They all have their own private garden and outdoor hot tub, as well as hanging nets, an indoor/outdoor seating/dining area, and generously sized bedrooms and bathrooms.

Each bamboo house comes with an open-plan living area without windows and doors, designed to make you feel closer to nature!

Some of the bedrooms in the bamboo houses are completely open-plan too, without any glass doors, whereas others do have glass doors.

camaya bali bamboo house exterior

Personally it didn’t make a difference to me, but if you feel you will prefer a bedroom with glass doors then it’s probably best to pick Butterfly House (aptly named as it is shaped like a butterfly when viewed from above!).

The beds in all the bamboo houses have mosquito nets to keep any bugs out. There are also comfy dressing gowns to use, and there are giant fans by the beds to keep you cool.

There is even some bug spray they leave for you to use – literally every single detail has been thought of in these bamboo houses to make sure you have the most comfortable stay!

Some of the bamboo houses also have cinema rooms (such as Butterfly and Metangi), some also have hammocks – perfect to lie in and relax, and some even have fire pits.

camaya bali bamboo house projector room netflix

If you want to stay in the bamboo house that has all the features, then you’ll want to stay at Butterfly House!

Breakfast is included at Camaya, and there is also a restaurant on-site so you can order lunch and dinner while you’re here, and never have to leave the property if you don’t want to!

camaya bali sayang house lunch

This is perfect seeing as Camaya is set in a secluded location without any restaurants or shops within walking distance.

Camaya can also arrange excursions, massages, and even photoshoots if you want – just let them know what you need (additional charges apply).

Dining At Camaya Bali

A very generous breakfast is included at Camaya – and it is presented beautifully! It was honestly one of the most stunning breakfasts I’ve ever had!

camaya bali bamboo house floating breakfast flower bath

You can go to the main dining area for breakfast, or enjoy breakfast in the comfort and privacy of your own villa while admiring the views. I highly recommend booking a floating breakfast in your pool for the ultimate experience!

camaya bali butterfly house bamboo drone shot flower bath jacuzzi girl

From fresh juices to tea or coffee, fruit platters, croissants, smoothie bowls, omelettes and cooked breakfast, breakfast at Camaya is sure to set you up for the day!

camaya bali bamboo house smoothie bowl flower bath

Camaya also has an on-site restaurant serving homemade Balinese meals and Western dishes, so there’s no need to leave your bamboo house if you don’t want to as they whip up some delicious lunch and dinner options (additional charges apply) and can deliver it to you.

camaya bali food burger

All you need to do to order any food is to send your order through Whatsapp and the team will bring it to you!

Drinks, desserts and snacking options are available too (we loved snacking on the loaded nachos!) – plus the menu features several vegetarian, vegan and gluten-free meal options. Just inform the kitchen of any dietary requirements.

Camaya sources food from local ingredients and growers where possible, further helping to support the local community which is really good to see.

Camaya Butterfly House

Staying at Camaya Butterfly House is honestly like a dream.

camaya bali butterfly house bamboo drone shot flower bath jacuzzi girl

From the moment we walked through the garden door we were mesmerised. It truly is breathtaking, both during the day and at night all lit up.

camaya bali butterfly house exterior at night

Featuring two bedrooms and able to accommodate up to four guests, the Butterfly House is one of the biggest bamboo houses at Camaya and is so impressive!

The lush garden at the front of the house features a half-moon shaped jacuzzi, surrounded on either side by hanging nets.

camaya bali butterfly house bamboo drone shot flower bath jacuzzi girl

There’s also a fire pit to relax next to in the evenings, as well as a hammock for you to lie on in the section of the garden underneath the hanging nets.

camaya bali butterfly house bamboo drone shot flower bath couple hanging net

The garden is lovely and spacious and has the most stunning views overlooking the rice terraces.

The open air living area features a sunken sofa and table, set in the prime position behind the jacuzzi to enjoy drinks, relax and enjoy the rice terrace views. There’s also a small kitchenette area with a fridge, kettle and complimentary tea, coffee and water.

camaya bali butterfly house bamboo flower bath girl hanging net

Both bedrooms are at the front of the house and are circular shaped, offering perfect views of the rice terraces from the windows.

They have glass doors for privacy, but we loved how the main window in each bedroom had no glass in, meaning you could wake up to the sound of the birds in the morning and just open the curtain and feel closer to nature and the view.

camaya bali butterfly house bedroom view bamboo

The bedrooms are spacious, and you’ll also find cute touches inside them such as day beds and a selection of books to keep you entertained.

The staff also laid out a lovely heart shaped design of roses and a welcome note which was so thoughtful and made us feel extra special.

camaya bali bamboo house butterfly bedroom view

Head behind the teardrop shaped bamboo door to the beautifully decorate bamboo bathroom, featuring two sinks and two toilets as well as a lush outdoor shower surrounded by plants.

camaya bali bamboo house butterfly bathroom

The outdoor shower is nestled away to the side so you can enjoy your shower in complete privacy while still enjoying the sunlight or starry night if you’re showering in the evening!

camaya bali bamboo house outdoor shower

Tucked away by the side of the bathroom door you’ll find a staircase that takes you up to the second lounge area upstairs.

camaya bali bamboo house butterfly bathroom

Here you’ll find a second hanging net offering views of the rice terraces – how much better can it get!

Plus, there is even a projector to watch Netflix movies. With fairy lights and bean bags up here too, this is the perfect place to do Netflix and chill and enjoy a romantic evening!

camaya bali bamboo house projector room netflix

Every corner of this house is just extraordinary.

The architecture and level of detail in the design is incredibly impressive – it’s a true masterpiece, and there are so many beautiful spots around Butterfly House to relax and take in the panoramic views of the rice terraces.

Like all the other bamboo houses, Butterfly House is an open design house in the middle of nature which is amazing. But just remember it’s only normal then that the odd bug may come to visit.

Camaya makes this clear before you make your booking – I love that they are so upfront about this so there are no surprises, everyone knows what to expect, and they ensure they only receive guests who are comfortable with being surrounded by nature.

There are thick curtains that you can draw at night time, and the mosquito net around your bed, to keep any bugs away.

That being said, during my stay here, I didn’t see any bugs at all!

The sun sets right in front of Butterfly House, so you can enjoy some beautiful sunsets from here.

If you want the fire pit lit for sunset, just let the staff know and they’ll come and prepare the fire for you. Sit and enjoy the crackling fire, or even order some marshmallows to toast over the fire!

camaya bali bamboo house fire pit

The jacuzzi has a glass front, so if you have a drone you can get some nice shots! Bear in mind that drones can only be flown between 8am and 9am, and just in front of your villa, to respect the privacy of all guests.

Camaya Sayang House

If you’re after a quick peek of Camaya’s epic latest addition – Sayang House, check out the pictures below.

camaya bali sayang house moving bed

We absolutely loved Sayang House as it came with a sliding bed, outdoor bath, a pool with a hammock over it, a giant hanging net going along the whole length of the house, a fire pit, a double shower and the most stunning interiors!

camaya bali couple hanging net sayang house

camaya bali swimming pool couple sayang house

How Much Is It To Stay At Camaya Bali?

The cost of staying at Camaya will depend on which house you book, as well as which season you book it for – high or low season. There are sometimes deals going on too, so it’s a good idea to keep an eye out!

Generally though, the bamboo houses cost something between $300 – $520 USD per night.

Roughly though you can expect to pay somewhere between $290 USD to $520 per night for the bamboo houses – depending on which house and whether it has one or two bedrooms.

The Nirvana Balinese cottage costs roughly $75 USD for the night, and the Sayang stone house often prices for $370 a night.

camaya bali sayang house bedroom

Things To Do Near Camaya Bali

If you can bear to tear yourself away from Camaya during your stay, there are many beautiful places that East Bali has to offer. I’ve listed some of my favourite spots below that are fairly close to Camaya.

Camaya has free motorbikes you can use during you stay to explore the local area, or if you need a driver, send your butler a Whatsapp message and they will be able to arrange a local driver for you at a set half-day or full-day price.

There are some set itineraries you can choose from, or you can set your own itinerary for more flexibility and choice!

Sideman Rice Terrace Walks

A 20 minute drive from Camaya is the village of Sideman, which is home to rows and rows of rice terraces. Have a relaxing walk amongst the rice paddies and enjoy the stunning views!

rice terraces bali

Besakih Temple

Besakih Temple is over a thousand years old and is known as the Mother Temple of Bali. It is the largest, most sacred and most important temple in Balinese Hinduism, so it’s definitely worth a visit for its cultural significance.

It sits on the slopes of Mount Agung, offering breathtaking views of the volcano. Besakih Temple is located a 30 minute drive north of Camaya and the entrance fee is 150,000 IDR.

besakih temple bali

Tukad Cepung Waterfall

Tukad Cepung Waterfall is one of the most Instagrammable spots in Bali! This waterfall is really unique due to the rock formations, and if you time it right in the morning, stunning light rays will shine down into the waterfall!

Reaching Tukad Cepung Waterfall requires wading through a stream in ankle-deep water, so be prepared to get your feet wet!

Tukad Cepung is a 30 minute drive west of Camaya. Entrance is 30,000 IDR.

tukad cepung waterfall bali instagram

Goa Raja Waterfall

Just a 10 minute drive away from Tukad Cepung Waterfall is Goa Raja Waterfall, another really impressive waterfall that is much easier to get to! Entrance is 25,000 IDR and there is also a pool here that you can swim in.

There’s also a really nice cafe restaurant by the ticket office if you need to stop for a coffee or snack!

goa raja waterfall bali instagram

Tirta Gangga Water Temple

Tirta Gangga Water Temple is a 45 minute drive east of Camaya and is another very Instagrammable (read: BUSY!) spot in Bali.

To enjoy Tirta Gangga to the max, I would advise you to aim to arrive first thing in the morning, especially if you want to get a photo feeding the koi fish in the pond! (You can purchase fish food before you enter the complex).

tirta gangga water temple bali

There are also two pools at Tirta Gangga that you can swim in, so be prepared – unlike I was, and bring your swimming costume! Entrance to Tirta Gangga is 70,000 IDR.

Taman Ujung Water Temple

A short 20 minute drive from Tirta Gangga will take you to the much quieter but equally beautiful Taman Ujung Water Temple.

taman ujung water temple bali

Taman Ujung is a really beautiful temple, and many people prefer it to Tirta Gangga as it is so serene and relaxing. 

There are also many Instagrammable spots here, plus you can even see the sea!

taman ujung water temple bali

Where To After East Bali?

If you loved experiencing what East Bali has to offer and want to explore other less-visited destinations on the island, why not consider heading up to Munduk in North Bali – another great place to get a real slice of Bali life.


Camaya is without a doubt an accommodation option that definitely deserves a spot on your Bali bucket list!

With its unique and utterly impressive bamboo houses, stunning views over the rice terraces and the kindest staff, it’s the ideal place for a relaxing and luxurious getaway.

If you love being surrounded by nature, yet appreciate adventure as well as the finer things in life, you’re going to love staying at Camaya. We honestly can’t recommend it enough.

camaya bali butterfly house bamboo drone shot flower bath couple hanging net

It’s one of those rare accommodation options that when you’re staying there, you don’t even want to leave the property for your entire stay!

The location and setting is perfect, and you could just sit soaking up the views and all the intricate details of the architecture all day. 

We had one full day where we didn’t even leave the bamboo house, which was just amazing to truly relax, unwind, soak in the nature, and of course – get all those Bali Instagram shots! 

When you’re staying at Camaya, the rest of Bali can wait. Trust me.


This post is sponsored by Camaya. All views however are my own.