Drone Photography Sydney – Bondi Aerial Shots!

bondi beach icebergs swimming ocean pool sydney drone aerial photography

Sydney is a fantastic city for aerial photography and drone shots! With miles of rugged coastline, beautiful beaches and the iconic Sydney Harbour and unique architecture, Sydney is a droner’s paradise! Aerial photography offers a totally different perspective that just cannot be achieved from the ground. It can turn a seemingly average image into an […]

Year In Review 2020 – Australian Adventure!

coorong national park south Australia

Like pretty much everyone, 2020 was certainly different from 2019 for me (click here to read my 2019 Year In Review). It brought many challenges and uncertainties, but this year also blessed me with gratitude and an unexpected love story. YEAR IN REVIEW 2020 January New Zealand Road Trip I saw in the New Year […]

Colombian Wedding Traditions

One great thing about attending a wedding in another country is that you get to experience how different cultures celebrate weddings differently and discover what different traditions they have – here are some of the most popular Colombian Wedding Traditions! COLOMBIAN WEDDING TRADITIONS So, what traditions to expect at a Colombian wedding? You’ll find there […]

Bondi Beach Facts – Bondi All You Need To Know!

Bondi Beach is the most famous beach in Australia and is a must-visit on any Sydney itinerary – here are some facts about the iconic Sydney beach! Bondi Beach Facts: Bondi Beach Fact 1: Bondi is Australia’s Busiest Beach Bondi Beach is Australia’s busiest beach and as it is one of the most famous beaches […]

Airbnb Bondi Beach: The Top 5 Airbnbs In Bondi!

Heading to Sydney and fancy staying in an airbnb at Bondi Beach? This iconic, world-famous beach is a firm favourite both amongst locals and tourists and the neighbourhood has such a great vibe that you’ll never want to leave! Any visitor to Sydney absolutely needs to spend at least a couple of days in the […]

How To Start A Blog In 2021 – Ultimate Step By Step Guide!

how to make a passive income online

Are you wondering how to start a blog in 2021? Starting a blog is a fantastic way for you to share your knowledge and inspire others. More importantly it is a great way to earn money, make a passive income online, escape the 9-5 and work from home! Lots of bloggers now make 5 or 6 […]

How To Make A Passive Income Online in 2021

2020 brought many challenges and forced the majority of us to pivot and work online, with many people looking into ways how they could make a passive income. Earning a passive income can be life changing. It literally means you can make money as you sleep – who’s not up for that?! I have actually been […]

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