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Bronte to Bondi Walk – Best Sydney Walks!

The Bronte to Bondi Walk is a shortened version of the famous Coogee to Bondi Walk in Sydney’s Eastern Suburbs.

Most people however choose to only do the Bronte to Bondi part of the walk as it has the best views and you still get to see three of the five beaches on the Coogee to Bondi walk.

The Bronte to Bondi walk is only 2km and should take around half an hour to complete without stops.

Whether you live in Sydney or are just visiting Sydney for a few days, the Bronte to Bondi Walk is a must-do! Here’s all you need to know!


Distance: 2km (one way)
Time: 30 minutes (without stops)
Difficulty: easy

You can do the whole walk in about 30 minutes however many people like to do this walk over a couple of hours as they want to stop off at the beaches along the way and have a swim and sunbathe.

The path is paved throughout and in good condition, and is fairly flat. There are a couple of inclines but is still a fairly easy walk nonetheless. It’s also one of Sydney’s best dog-friendly walks so you can bring your furry friends along too!

Bronte Beach

The walk starts at Bronte Beach – one of Sydney’s most popular surf beaches.

But before you start the walk, grab a coffee or something to eat at one of the coffee shops on Bronte Road which is adjacent to the south of the beach and spend a bit of time on this beautiful beach.

And definitely don’t go without visiting the ocean pool here.

Bronte baths bogey hole ocean pool Sydney aerial photography

Out of all the ocean pools in Sydney the ocean pool at Bronte Beach, known as the Bronte Baths is my favourite – it is just so Instagrammable!

It is also really popular for drone photography and you’ll often see aerial shots of the baths on social media.

winter at Bronte baths ocean pools NSW photography

Bronte Baths are 30 metres in length and are a popular place for swimmers to do lengths (lanes are marked out).

Note on Sundays 9-11am the Bronte Swimming Club does swimming galas here. It is a really nice atmosphere if you do happen to visit at this time! You can stand and watch and cheer the swimmers on!

There is also a shallower part of the pool that is perfect for families with children and groups of friends relaxing. You’ll also find several spots here for you to lie your towel down and sunbathe if you don’t want to sunbathe on the beach.

Bronte baths Sydney ocean pool

The baths are always open to the public, but if the sea becomes too rough or the pool is being cleaned they will temporarily close the metal gates in front of the baths, preventing access.

You’ll find toilets, changing rooms and shower facilities next to the baths so you can freshen up if you can’t resist a quick dip before the walk!

Bronte baths Sydney ocean pool

There are a few Instagrammable spots at Bronte Baths. Note the viewpoint from above is quite difficult to reach so be careful.

From Bronte Beach to Tamarama Beach it is about 700 metres and should take less than 10 minutes to reach.

Walk along the footpath next to Bronte Marine Drive, that will lead into Tamarama Marine Drive.

Bronte baths Sydney instagrammable places

Tamarama Beach

Tamarama Beach is the smallest beach on this walk but it is incredibly picturesque sitting in an enclave surrounded by houses either side. There is a coffee shop and a playground at the back of the beach if you want to stop and have a break.

tamarama beach Sydney eastern suburbs beaches

From Tamarama Beach to Bondi Beach it is 1.2km and should take around 20 minutes to walk.

Tamarama beach bondi to Bronte walk

Mackenzies Point

Mackenzies Point offers stunning views out to sea and is a great viewpoint to look for humpback whales between May and October. From here you’ll also be able to see Bondi Beach infront of you.

Keep walking along the Eastern Beaches Coastal Walk, then at the end head up the steps and onto Notts Avenue.

bondi to coogee walk

Bondi Icebergs

You’ll then come to the iconic Icebergs Swimming Pool at the southern end of Bondi Beach. This is one of Sydney’s most scenic ocean pools and definitely one of the most Instagrammable places in Sydney so you must stop off and see it!

If you do fancy going for a swim here it costs $8. This is an iconic pool and is definitely something you should add onto your Sydney bucket list!

bondi beach icebergs swimming ocean pool sydney drone aerial photography

Ocean waves crashing into Bondi Icebergs

If you don’t want to swim in the pool however and you only want to get a picture, you can get the aerial picture below from street level when you are standing on Notts Avenue overlooking the pool.

The Icebergs Dining Room and Bar here offer stunning views across the ocean if you want to go for a drink with a view. The RSL next door however offers the same view but with much cheaper prices!

bondi icebergs sydney

Bondi Beach

Bondi Beach is very popular and is one of Australia’s most well-known beaches. Unless you get here really early it is always extremely busy at Bondi! It is the most famous surf beach in Australia and the waves are epic here!

The world’s first Surf Lifesaving Club was formed here at Bondi Beach and you’ll most likely recognise it from the TV show Bondi Rescue.

bondi beach to bronte walk

Bondi Beach is busy, full of life and is a great place to sit and enjoy the sun and great atmosphere at the end of the walk.

There are plenty places at the pavilion and on the parade to grab lunch or a coffee, and there are toilets, showers and changing rooms by the beach if you want to freshen up after a dip in the ocean.

Use of the showers in Bondi Pavilion is free. There are also lockers here if you want to store your belongings safely whilst you go in the water.

The northern part of Bondi Beach is mostly for swimmers and beginner surfers, whilst the southern end is generally for advanced surfers as there are often rips on the south end. Surfboards and wetsuits are available to hire on the beach.

bondi beach to bronte walk

How to get to the Bronte to Bondi Walk:

As Bronte and Bondi are both very popular beaches, parking can be extremely tricky to find here, especially if you are visiting on a weekend or during the holidays!

The nearby roads are all busy with local traffic and parking, and parking is often quite expensive. Fines are expensive too and parking wardens are often walking around so make sure you put enough money in to cover for however long you will be.

It is also really important to ensure you observe any time limits in the parking (usually there is a 4 hour limit).

Due to the hassle with parking, many people prefer to arrive here by public transport or Uber. It is just so much easier and saves you a lot of drama. Public transport on either end of the walk is very easy.

Plus if you aren’t driving back it means you can enjoy a nice glass of wine at one of the bars or restaurants at the end of the walk!

So get to Bronte by bus from Circular Quay, do the Bronte to Bondi walk, and then get the bus from Bondi Beach back to Circular Quay – simple! The bus information is below.

Note you can do the walk from Bronte to Bondi, or from Bondi to Bronte, it is up to you. Most people tend to walk from Bondi to Bronte but it doesn’t really matter which way you go.

How to get to/from Bronte Beach:

Public Transport:
The 333 bus goes from Circular Quay to North Bondi. Alight at Bondi Junction and take the 379 bus to Bronte Beach from Stand E. The bus will drop you right off at the southern end of Bronte Beach by the pool.

The whole journey should last 45 minutes, and buses run every few minutes. You will need an Opal card to travel on Sydney’s buses.

How to get to/from Bondi Beach:

Public Transport:
The 333 and 380 buses go from Circular Quay to Bondi Beach. It should take around 40 minutes. Alternatively you can get the train to Bondi Junction from Central and then a bus (333 or 380) from Bondi Junction to Bondi Beach.

Parking can be quite scarce at Bronte and Bondi – even early in the morning! Plus parking at Bondi Beachfront is really expensive – at $8 per hour it definitely adds up!

Many parking spots also have a 4 hour maximum park, so if you’re planning to make a day of it make sure you don’t over-stay in your parking spot!

If you finish the walk and need to get back to your car, the 379 bus goes between North Bondi to Bronte via Bondi Junction.

Opal Card

If you are travelling on public buses in Sydney you will need to have an Opal card to be able to ride. You can obtain (for free) and top up Opal cards at newsagents – there is one in Circular Quay.

You cannot get on a bus in Sydney and pay the driver in cash – you must have a valid Opal card so you can tap on and tap off.

Opal cards can also be used on ferries, metro, trains and light rail in Sydney.

If you are taking public transport in NSW I recommend you to download the Opal Travel app.

It can plan the best route for you – which number bus or transportation to take, as well as display when the next bus will arrive and how much the journey will cost. It certainly takes the stress out of planning your journey.

What to bring on the Bronte to Bondi Walk:

  • Water bottle, suncream & sunhat. There is no shade throughout the whole of the walk so make sure you are prepared if it is a hot day! You’ll find water refill stations at all of the beaches along this walk so there are plenty of opportunities to fill up your water bottle.
  • Swimming costume and towel if you wish to go for a dip!
  • Camera.

bondi icebergs sunrise print photography

Tips for the Bronte to Bondi Walk:

  • Weekends are extremely busy, especially if the weather is good. Therefore try and avoid doing the walk on weekends if you want to share the path with less people. Even though the path is wide it can get really crowded, especially in the afternoon.
  • Start the walk early if you have to come on the weekend. Even better, start the walk early on a weekday. Not only will you avoid the crowds but you’ll also avoid the heat and midday sun. If you are an early bird, get here for sunrise – the sunrises on the eastern beaches are incredible!
  • Keep a look out for dolphins and whales!
  • Toilets are available at all the of the three beaches on the walk, as well as on Mackenzies Point.

Bondi beach to bronte walk Sydney

Where to get food on the Bronte to Bondi walk:

There are SO many great places for food along the Bronte to Bondi walk. Both Bronte and Bondi Beach have lots of cafes and restaurants in the streets next to the beach. All of them are really great so just pick whichever one you fancy!

Personally I love the cafes and food joints on Bronte Road at the south of Bronte Beach the most!

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