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Captain Cook Cruise Fiji Around Mamanuca & Yasawa Islands – Review!

If you are planning to head out to the islands of Fiji and want to see as much as possible whilst still having plenty of time to relax, the Captain Cook Yasawa & Mamanuca Cruise could be right up your street!

From visiting a different beach and snorkeling site every day, to swimming in famous caves and experiencing the culture in local villages, to relaxing onboard and enjoying the delicious food – there’s certainly something to suit everyone’s tastes. 

You can spend a week onboard the Captain Cook Cruise, but if you just have a few days to see the islands – don’t worry! You can join for the 3 day Mamanuca Cruise or the 4 day Yasawa Cruise, or both – whatever suits your travel plans!

Let’s see why the Captain Cook Cruise ship ‘Reef Endeavour’ is an ideal way to see the Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands of Fiji!

 fiji captain cook reef endeavour cruise ship                                   

What Places Do You Visit On The Captain Cook Yasawa & Manamuca 7 Day Cruise?

You’ll visit the island made famous by the Tom Hanks film ‘Castaway’, as well as the iconic Blue Lagoon Beach and Sawa-i-lau Caves – both featured in the 1980 Blockbuster movie ‘Blue Lagoon’.

There are daily snorkelling opportunities – you might even be lucky to swim with a reef shark or manta ray!

You’ll also visit a beautiful secluded sand bank, Captain Cook’s very own idyllic private island ‘Tivua’ (home to baby reef sharks!), the Sacred Islands, as well as several other stunning beaches in the area.

And if you’ve got the energy there are a couple of mountain hikes you can do that offer beautiful views!

You’ll get plenty of cultural Fijian experiences too, with the opportunity to visit some local villages on the islands – experience a sevusevu kava ceremony, a traditional music and dance performance and spend time with the school children.

In addition, you can also choose to visit the Orchid Gardens Of The Sleeping Giant or the Sabeto Hot Water Springs & Mud Pools – two of Nadi’s most famous attractions!

There are honestly so many beautiful places to visit on the Captain Cook Yasawa & Mamanuca Cruise that you would struggle to do independently!

fiji sand bank Mamanuca Islands Nukuimana captain cook cruise

Should I Do The 3 Day, 4 Day or 7 Day Captain Cook Cruise?

This is a common question people ask – especially those who are unfamiliar with Fiji’s islands, or those who are unsure about whether they will enjoy a cruise.

The itinerary for the Captain Cook Yasawas/Mamanucas cruise is pretty busy and each day is very different.

Sailing hours during the day are minimal – which is great so you’ll spend a good portion of your day off the boat (unless you just want to chill on the sundeck of course – there’s no pressure to do anything if you don’t want to!). 

Many people have the idea that cruises are just for retired people and that they won’t get to see and do as many things as they would like as they will be stuck on a boat.

With the small boat cruise ships around the Yasawa and Manamuca Islands of Fiji this is simply not the case! 

Given the opportunity, I would definitely recommend you to pick the 7 day cruise if you have the time and funds to do so.

Both the 3 day and 4 day itineraries are very different and in different island archipelagoes of Fiji, so by doing the 7 day cruise you’ll see and experience as much as possible! 

blue lagoon beach fiji Yasawa Islands

We felt 7 days was a perfect amount of time to spend on the cruise – 3 or 4 days would have definitely left us wanting more!

Most people will combine the 3 day Mamanuca cruise and 4 day Yasawa cruise to make a 7 day cruise, however a decent amount of people will only do the 3 or 4 day cruise as their schedule means they only have time for the 3 or 4 day cruise.

Whatever your travel plans, just go for the one that fits in with your itinerary!

The 3 day cruise always departs on a Saturday and 4 day cruise always departs on a Tuesday.

If you want to do the 7 day cruise, you can either start it on a Saturday or on a Tuesday (it doesn’t matter which day you choose and whether you do the 4 day Yasawa cruise or the 3 day Mamanuca cruise first as you’ll still get to visit everywhere)!

Yalobi bay fiji Yasawa Islands

Which Captain Cook Cruise Is Better – The 3 Day Or The 4 Day?

I don’t necessarily think one cruise is better than the other as they both visit totally different places.

The 3 day and the 4 day cruises both offer daily snorkelling and different beaches and islands to visit, cultural village visits and hiking but in different locations. 

In addition, the 3 day Mamanuca Cruise includes a visit to an incredible secluded sand bank and reef shark feeding, whereas the 4 day Yasawa Cruise includes a visit to the famous Sawa-i-Lau Caves and the opportunity to swim with manta rays (seasonal)!

Both include some similar activities but they also have several different activities, so if you do the 7 day cruise you definitely won’t feel like you’re doing the same itinerary twice.

fiji coral reef

Island Hopping Versus Cruising Around Mamanuca & Yasawa Islands

So – what is the best way to see the Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands. Island hopping yourself, or exploring on a small cruise ship? 

Exploring the Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands by a small cruise ship is ideal if you want someone to do all the planning for you. 

You want to take it easy yet still see lots of places, and you don’t want to spend lots of time waiting for transfers getting from one island to another.

On the cruise there is usually a different island each morning and afternoon, so you’ll often visit two different beaches every day – so it’s pretty much island hopping anyway, just in a much more convenient way!

Cruising around the Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands as opposed to island hopping and changing hotels every couple of days is certainly a lot easier.

No packing and unpacking of your suitcase when you change locations. All you have to do is turn up and read the itinerary for the day!

And there’s no need to feel like it will be overcrowded on the ship as the small cruise ships such as The Captain Cook ‘Reef Endeavour’ that are used for cruising around the Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands are a lot different to regular cruise ships.

fiji captain cook reef endeavour cruise ship

Captain Cook’s ‘Reef Endeavour’ boat holds a maximum of 130 guests, so the experience is more intimate than a regular cruise that can hold hundreds or even thousands of people.

They also generally visit beaches when nobody else is there, and always bring the paddle boards and kayaks along, so you’ll still experience that desert island feeling!

There are also several activities off the boat each day you can do. We spent several hours off the boat each day and really got to see a lot.

I feel if we would have seen the same amount of places independently it would have been a lot more tiring, plus it would have involved a lot of organising and patience!

The cruise still gave us the feeling we were island hopping – but just in style and minus dragging our suitcases around everywhere!

If you visit in the shoulder season and during the school term, you’ll most likely have smaller numbers on the cruise ship which can make the cruise feel even more exclusive and almost like a private charter!

Especially during the Australian, New Zealand and American holidays, the Captain Cook Cruise is popular with families visiting Fiji.

You’ll also find plenty of young couples on their honeymoon in Fiji as well as friends and older couples onboard throughout the year – the passengers are a real mix of ages all just looking to have a good time!

blue lagoon beach Yasawa Islands fiji

Captain Cook Cruise Fiji Mamanuca & Yasawa Itinerary At A Glance:

The brief itinerary below starts with the 3 day Mamanuca Cruise first and then the 4 day Yasawa Cruise. If however you are doing the 4 day Yasawa Cruise first, then Tuesday will be the first day of your cruise.

Note that none of the activities are mandatory – if you feel like having a rest or taking it easy one day – there’s no pressure. There are plenty of places to relax on the ship.

3 Day Mamanuca Cruise

Saturday: Depart Denarau. Visit Nukuimana Sand Bank.

Sunday: Visit Monuriki (Castaway) Island and Monu Island. Experience a lively Church Service in the evening on Yanuya Island.

Monday: Shark feeding and visiting the beautiful Sacred Isles. Optional Yalobi Village tour or relax on Yalobi Beach. Optional hike for those who are keen.

Tuesday: Guests finishing their cruise will disembark at Denarau. For those staying on for the 7 day cruise there are some optional excursions you can do: Orchid Gardens Of The Sleeping Giant, Sabeto Hot Water Springs Mud Pools or Tivua Island. 

4 Day Yasawa Cruise

Tuesday: Visit idyllic Tivua Island.

Wednesday: Visit two beautiful beaches (Brothers Beach and Gunu Beach). Do a Village Tour of Gunu Village – including a sevusevu ceremony, lovo feast, visit the market and watch a Meke music and dance performance.

Thursday: Optional early morning hike and ocean swim. Visit a local school and the famous Sawa-i-Lau caves and Blue Lagoon Beach. 

Friday: Visit Yaqeta Island and BBQ beach and hopefully swim with the manta rays at the Drawaqa Channel (seasonal May-October).

Saturday: Guests finishing their cruise will disembark at Denarau. For those staying on the cruise they can do the optional excursions: Orchid Gardens Of The Sleeping Giant, Sabeto Hot Water Springs Mud Pools or Tivua Island. 

Captain Cook 3 Day Mamanuca Cruise Itinerary – Fiji


Arrive on Captain Cook Reef Endeavour at around 12.30 – be greeted by the team who are singing and you’ll be given a lovely shell necklace to wear! Enjoy a delicious buffet lunch onboard, get acquainted with the ship and the cruise departs Denarau Marina at 1.30pm, going past some beautiful islands in the Mamanucas before arriving at the first location.

Nukuimana Sand Bank

This was the first stop of the cruise and it certainly didn’t disappoint! We visited at mid to low tide which was great as the sand bank was exposed and you could get some really great photos, especially as the sun was beginning to set. We flew the drone and it looked spectacular from above!

fiji sand bank Mamanuca Islands Nukuimana

We were at Nukuimana Sand Bank for about an hour – plenty time to relax and go for a snorkel to see all the beautiful fish and coral reef drop off. 

There was nobody else at this sand bank – it was just us and it was so stunning – a total tropical paradise!

fiji sand bank Mamanuca Islands Nukuimana captain cook cruise


Monuriki Island

This is the island where the Tom Hanks movie ‘Castaway’ was filmed and it is stunning! There are a couple of shacks with a table and chairs if you want some shade from the sun, otherwise slap on the sun cream and relax on the sand.

monoriki castaway island day trip Fiji Mamanuca Islands

Have a wander round and find the ‘Help Me’ sign written in coconuts!

monoriki castaway island Mamanuca Islands fiji help me sign coconuts

You’ll also see signs saying that this is a turtle nesting site from November – April. The Mamanuca Islands are where the majority of turtles nest are in Fiji – what an incredible sight that would be to see!

Make sure you get in the water, whether for a swim, snorkel, kayak or paddle board – the water here is simply incredible – it is so clear!

monoriki castaway island Mamanuca Islands fiji

Monu Island

Just next to Monuriki Island is Monu Island, where parts of the ‘Castaway’ movie were also filmed. And if you’re into the TV show ‘Survivor’, parts of the latest series were filmed here.

Monu beach is lovely, with a rugged backdrop of hills behind where mountain goats live (I could hear them whilst I was out paddle boarding!).

Monu beach Fiji Mamanuca Islands

Yanuya Methodist Church Service

For Fijians, Sundays are a day of rest and for going to Church. Whilst it might seem unusual to visit a church whilst you’re on holiday, a visit to a Fijian Church service on a Sunday is a must do when in Fiji.

The singing at the Yanuya Church Service was amazing – the harmonies by the choir were absolutely perfect and the children were a delight to observe. The church service didn’t go on too long at all and it was really special to witness.

Note when you visit any Fiji village you will need to make sure your knees are covered (both males and females). Most visitors will wear a sulu (sarong) around their waist or females can wear a long skirt. You also need to make sure your shoulders are covered and make sure you don’t have a hat or sunglasses on your head. This is a sign is respect.

Fiji sunset captain cook cruise

Beautiful Yanuya Island from above.


If you’re an early riser or are keen to stay as active as possible you can start the day with the Marine Biologist for a 7am ocean swim!

Shark feeding

If you’re ever wanted to see shark feeding – this is your moment! Don’t wait until it happens though – even before the Marine Biologist throws any fish into the water, the sharks already start circling the boat as they have come to recognise that each time the boat comes, they will get fed!

Just look out into the water from the lounge or one of the decks and you’ll see several reef sharks as the water is a clear blue so they are easy to spot. The reef sharks are about 1.5 metres long and there are two types: white tip reef sharks and black tip reef sharks. As their name suggests, some have a white tip fin and some have a black tip fin.

shark feeding captain cook cruise reef endeavour

There is plenty of space on all the viewing platforms for guests to look down and see the Marine Biologist throwing the raw fish to the reef sharks. It is so interesting to watch them feed – they just glide over each other to get to the food! 

Reef sharks are safe to swim with – I have swam with them here in the Yasawas before and they are lovely creatures! We often think all sharks just want to eat us but it isn’t the case. You may even see a reef shark whilst you are out snorkelling throughout the trip so don’t be scared.

reef shark fiji

Sacred Isles

After the shark feeding is the visit to the Sacred Isles. These islands are very beautiful and are extremely significant in Fiji as this was where some of the first Fijians arrived by canoe when they reached Fiji.

Before guests disembark to the Sacred Isles, the crew will go to the islands first and pay tribute to the forefathers of Fijian culture by performing a gift giving ceremony (sevusevu).

Spend the morning snorkelling in the beautiful clear waters and amongst the stunning reef or relaxing on the picturesque beach.

fiji sacred isles Yasawa Islands

Yalobi Village Tour

In the afternoon you will arrive to the Southern Yasawa Islands, which are characterised by dramatic peaks and long beaches lined with palm trees. We visit Yalobi village which is located on Waya Island. For $10 per person you can do the Yalobi village tour and visit the shell market in the village.

Yalobi Beach

If you don’t fancy doing the village tour (it is totally optional), you can spend the afternoon relaxing on Yalobi beach which is truly breathtaking. After the local village tour, if you have the energy you can hike up School Hill to the peak of Waya Island to get stunning views over Yalobi Bay!

Yalobi bay fiji Yasawa Islands


The cruise ship will come back to Denarau Port to drop off the people who are finishing the cruise (whether they just did the 3 day cruise or the 7 day cruise).

Disembarkation is at 9am, and if you’re remaining on the cruise you’ll have around 4 hours where you can get off the ship and do the optional excursions (the cost of these excursions is covered) to Garden Of The Sleeping Giant or to the Mud Pools. They are both located about a 45 minute drive from Port Denarau and transport is included. 

If you don’t want to do the optional excursions you can explore Denarau Marina or simply relax onboard, or you can even join on a tall ship adventure to the paradise island of Tivua, where the cruise ship and the rest of the passengers will meet you in the afternoon!

Optional Excursions – Garden Of The Sleeping Giant, Mud Pools or Tivua Island

We opted for the mud pools – if you’ve ever been to The Dead Sea (Jordan side) it’s similar. You have a bucket of mud that you rub all over your body. Your swimming costume shouldn’t get stained, but it’s best to wear a dark or older bikini (ie: not your brand new white favourite bikini).

tifajek mud pools nadi Fiji

Once you have rubbed the mud over your body, you’ll go into the first mud pool where you’ll wash the mud off. This pool is a muddy colour and there is mud at the bottom so your legs sink into it a little.

After you’ve washed off the mud in the first pool you’ll go into a warmer pool where the water is clearer, warmer and there are stones at the bottom of the pool. It’s much more pleasant in that pool!

Overall we had a great morning at the mud baths and it was something we had been planning to do in Nadi so glad we got the chance to do it on the cruise!

tifajek mud pools nadi Fiji

Captain Cook 4 Day Yasawa Cruise Itinerary – Fiji


Tivua Island

And now for Captain Cook’s very own private island! We had already visited Tivua Island on a day trip before and were so happy to come back as we love it! What makes the island so special for us is the baby reef sharks that live in the shallows here. You’ll be able to see them as you get off the boat as the water is so clear – check out how close the shark pup is to the water’s edge below!

tivua island fiji reef shark pups

There is lots of space on the island, with plenty of beach cabanas for you to use for free, complete with bean bags, sun loungers and chairs. There are also plenty of kayaks and paddle boards, and staff will probably start a game of volleyball if you want to join in!

You can also take a walk around the whole island, which will only take around 7 minutes! 

At the end of the pier you’ll find the coral nursery where the resident Marine Biologist plants and rehabilitates coral. In fact, there are 500 acres of coral reef surrounding Tivua Island which is incredible!

You’ll spend about two hours at Tivua Island (or longer if you opted for the optional excursion here!) before heading back to the boat.

tivua island captain cook cruises fiji 


Brothers Beach

Brothers Beach is another beautiful beach where you can spend the relaxing morning or go for a stroll along the beach.

brothers beach fiji

Gunu Beach & Village Tour

Next head to the stunning nearby Naviti Island where you can spend the afternoon relaxing on Gunu Beach. Gunu Village lies directly next to the beach so you’ll most likely see some of the locals. You’ll be spending a few hours at this village later this evening so make sure to say a big ‘bula!’.

After the afternoon at the beach, head back to the boat to freshen up before the tender boats bring you back to Gunu Village.

The women in the village will set up a Shell market so make sure to purchase any souvenirs or gifts here as the money goes directly back to the community.

Especially if you’re flying back to Australia if you are buying any wooden souvenirs just check that the wood has been treated and always make sure to declare wooden gifts bought at customs at the airport to avoid them being confiscated!

children fiji Yasawa village

Sevusevu Ceremony

After the shell market, the Chief and several men in the village will perform the sevusevu and kava ceremony. If you haven’t tried kava before then this is your opportunity.

Kava is not an alcoholic drink but it is a mild narcotic. It is therefore a relaxant and so has a calming effect. Fijians and other South Pacific Islanders typically drink kava after a day working to relax.

When you drink kava (officially the liquid drink is known as ‘grog’, whereas ‘kava’ – or ‘yaqona’ in Fijian, is the plant) it will make your lips a bit numb at first but it won’t last long. 

Kava is made from ground-up root and tastes like mud if I am completely honest! However, when in Rome goes the saying!

For the kava ceremony, the elders of the group will be sat around the big bowl (tanoa) of kava and as guests, we sat opposite them. 

In the village they have an order of importance of who drinks the kava in what order. First the Chief drinks, then it goes down in order of hierarchy. Everyone in the village knows the order so they know when it is their turn. They signal it is their turn by doing a clap before the kava is offered to them. This is known as the Official Kava Ceremony.

When they have finished going around the group, the Formal Ceremony then turns into the Informal Ceremony and it is then the guests’ turn to be offered the kava to drink if they wish!

One of the locals will offer you the kava in a cup which is actually a coconut shell cut in half! You need to first clap once before you accept the drink. You then say ‘bula’, drink the kava in one go (like a shot), give the cup back to the local and then do 3 claps afterwards!

fiji kava yaqona ceremony Yasawa Islands

Lovo Feast

After the kava ceremony you will have your dinner on the island. The dinner is a lovo dinner – which is a traditional Fijian feast where the food is actually cooked underground on hot stones! This definitely makes the food taste even more delicious!

Traditional Fijian Music and Dance ‘Meke’ Performance

After the lovo feast is the ‘Meke’ – the cultural singing and dance performance. It’s great fun and gives you a real insight into the traditional Fijian culture. It is really great the cruise ship companies help support these local communities and everyone on the ship really enjoy the evening at the village!

fiji captain cook Meke performance Yasawa island


Mount Tamasua

There is an optional hike at 6am to climb up Mt Tamasua on Yasawa Island so you can watch the sunrise from there.

Unfortunately I didn’t make it as I’m not an early riser but I wish I would have made the effort as the views looked incredible! It is a hard climb but the views make it worthwhile – especially to be there to see the sun rise! 

School Visit

You’ll have the opportunity to do a school visit in Tamasua which is a really special experience. The children greet you by singing songs and are so lovely! They then took our hands and showed us around their school and we played some games together.

This is a great opportunity to donate any school supplies you can such as pens, books etc – they will be much appreciated. The school is located right next to the beach so you can relax on the beach afterwards if you wish or head back to the boat early!

Yasawa village school children singing fiji

Sawa-i-lau Caves

The famous Sawa-i-Lau limestone caves are a highlight in the Yasawa Islands of Fiji. The cost to visit them is $15 per person, which goes directly to the people in the village.

You will need to have your swimming costume on beforehand as this is a cave that you swim in! You climb up some stairs, then down some stairs (be careful with your head!) and then jump into the water.

The pool is quite big and there is natural light coming in from above from the limestone caves. It looks really impressive, and is a really special place to swim! The caves were featured in the 1980 Blockbuster movie ‘The Blue Lagoon’.

sawa-i-lau caves Yasawa island fiji

Blue Lagoon Beach

After visiting the caves, take a short trip around the corner to the Blue Lagoon Beach.

This beach was where the ‘The Blue Lagoon’ movie was filmed, starring Brooke Shields. It was honestly so stunning and one of my favourite beaches in the whole cruise!

The water was so lovely, clear and warm and it was just so nice to sit in the water and relax! Paddleboarding here was also quite good as the beach is protected so there aren’t waves and the water is quite still.

blue lagoon beach fiji Yasawa Islands


Yaqeta Island

Enjoy a couple of hours on the beach at beautiful Yaqeta Island – there is also some really great snorkelling here with very colourful fish and reef.  

fiji paradise beach

BBQ Beach

Spend the afternoon at BBQ Beach on Drawaqa Island, and hopefully swim with the mantas at the nearby Drawaqa Channel! Swimming with manta rays cannot be guaranteed (it is seasonal and tide-dependent), however it was one of the absolute highlights for me. These beautiful creatures are so big (they can reach up to 4 metres!) yet so graceful!

manta ray fiji


And so to the end of our cruise and back to Port Denarau. People who joined on Tuesday who are doing the 7 day cruise will get to do the optional excursions like we did on Tuesday morning.

Of course do note that the itinerary may change due to weather conditions on the day.

What Is The Captain Cook Cruise Ship ‘Reef Endeavour’ Like?

The Reef Endeavour ship is about 25 years old, so it does have character. However it is decorated and maintained to a good standard.

Onboard the Reef Endeavour are two tender boats to take you on the excursions whilst the cruise ship is anchored, as well as a glass bottomed boat with a sun roof that can fit around 40 passengers.

The glass bottom boat is used as a tender, as well as taking passengers out on trips to see the coral reef and marine life below, which is especially good for those who don’t swim but still want to enjoy the seeing underwater.

The staff operating the tender boats are very professional and extremely good at their job and we always felt safe when in their hands.

And of course not forgetting the hospitality staff onboard the Reef Endeavour. The staff work really hard to ensure everyone has an enjoyable time onboard. They are always smiling, polite, willing to help, and are multi-skilled, with many of them doing several different jobs onboard. the Onboard Leader Suli is exceptionally good at her job.

What Are The Rooms Like On The Captain Cook Reef Endeavour Ship?

As is to be expected on a cruise, the bedroom cabins aren’t huge. However, there is certainly enough space for 2 people and their luggage though. There is plenty space to store your belongings: in the wardrobe, two bedside tables, the desk/dressing table drawers, plus drawers under the bed and extra storage space under the bed. 

The rooms are very fresh, all with ensuite (and Pure Fiji toiletries) and they are serviced daily.

There are four different room types on the Captain Cook Reef Endeavour ship: Tabus Suites, State Rooms, Connecting Family State Rooms and Porthole Cabins.

The Tabua Suites are basically twice as big as the other cabin rooms. They have a bedroom and a separate living room area, a fridge, a TV, tea and coffee facilities, two bathrooms and plenty space to put your luggage. These are the most expensive rooms and there are only a few onboard.

We stayed in a State Room which was more than adequate. The rooms also had 2 windows so they felt very light and airy. The Connecting Family State Rooms are basically the same but with an interconnecting door between two rooms.

I really loved that the doors in all cabins (except the Porthole Cabins below) opened out onto the communal balcony, as opposed to opening into a corridor. 

The Porthole Cabins have a double bed and bunk beds in, so were popular with families. The Porthole Cabins were the only cabins that didn’t have direct access to the outside and were the most economical rooms available.

captain cook reef endeavour cabin room

This was our cabin room – one of the State Rooms. All of our luggage is in the room for the photo – there was plenty of storage space to keep the room tidy and spacious.

What Is The Food Like Onboard The Captain Cook ‘Reef Endeavour’ Cruise Ship?

The food onboard the Captain Cook See Endeavour was great – each day we had a cooked and continental breakfast buffet, buffet lunch and a 3 course dinner each night – usually a la carte.

With every meal there were plenty of choices, and there was also afternoon tea and canapés served each day. All food served was very fresh, varied and nutritious which was definitely appreciated!

One evening we had dinner at one of the local villages which was really nice for some variety. The staff onboard provided and prepared all the food at the village in ‘lovo’ style – a traditional Fijian feast which involves cooking the meal underground on hot stones! It makes the food taste extra delicious!

What Amenities & Services Are There On The Captain Cook Cruise Ship ‘Reef Endeavour’?

Massage & Beauty Services

There is a massage parlour onboard where massages and beauty services are offered (prices will be charged to your room).


We didn’t do any diving onboard – personally we felt the snorkelling on the trip was so fantastic that we were really satisfied with that. We would of course love to do diving if we had more time. There were several people on the trip who went diving and they really enjoyed it.

Diving costs are additional and are available for all levels – advanced divers and introductory divers and everything in between. 

Swimming Pool

Yes you read that right – there is an open air swimming pool onboard Captain Cook’s Reef Endeavour cruise ship! It proved very popular with families whilst we were onboard – the children loved it!

Marine Biologist

Captain Cook also has a Marine Biologist onboard for the whole of the cruise which is really great. Most days the Marine Biologist will do some short talks onboard about marine life that you are welcome to go to. The talks are different each day and are fun and educational. The Marine Biologist is very helpful and goes on almost all the snorkelling trips with the group, pointing out interesting marine life and coral.

Boutique Shop

There is a boutique shop onboard, where you can buy essential items like suncream, rashies, sarongs and hats, as well as some locally produced souvenirs.

Kids Club

A Kids Club is available on board too – perfect for when you want someone to take the kids off your hands for a few hours! The Kids Club leader was extremely lovely and all the kids looked very happy.


There is also a nurse onboard who is available 24/7 for consultations and emergencies. The consultation cost for the nurse is $60FJD and any medication costs are additional ontop of the consultation fee.

Evening Entertainment

Each evening after dinner there is a different type of evening entertainment, whether it is the Fijian fashion show, Pacific Island night, the hermit crab racing, the dance show or music quiz night.

A live entertainer will be playing the piano during lunch time and dinner time, which is really lovely.


Complimentary wifi is available on the ship in the main lounge, however there are locations along the way where there is no signal (you are in the middle of the ocean remember!) so it is not available at all times. Embrace being disconnected from society and just enjoy the beautiful paradise you are in! Those work emails and social media updates can wait!


On the top floor you’ll find a small gym, complete with a shower. The gym just has one cross-trainer, one bike machine, a rowing machine, yoga mat and a few weights, but it certainly does the job if you want to keep active whilst onboard.


Guests can do their laundry onboard, which is great if you’ve been in Fiji a while or you’ve just ran out of clothes, or want your clothes clean before you head back home. Laundry is $10 per wash and $10 per tumble drying load.

Outside each room there is also a little clothes hanging rail underneath the balcony where you can hang your swimming costumes and any other clothes that you want to get dry.

fiji beach Yasawa Islands

What Is Included In The Captain Cook Cruise?

What’s great about the Captain Cook Yasawa & Mamanuca Cruise is that unlike the majority of big cruise ships – most of the excursions are included in the price of the cruise!

Want to do that snorkeling trip, visit that desert island, see the local dance performance or spend the morning in the mud bath like the Captain Cook website advertises? You’ll be able to do all of that without having to reach your hand in your pocket for extra money. 

Also each beach that you visit, the staff will bring a few kayaks, paddle boards for you to use, beach mats and towels – free of charge of course.

paddle boarding captain cook reef endeavour Yasawa Cruise fiji

The only optional things you would need to pay for are drinks (beer, cocktails, wine, soft drinks etc), any massages, any diving, the cost of visiting one of the local villages ($10 FJD) and the cost to swim inside the famous Sawa-i-Lau caves ($15FJD) and any medical consultations/medicine prescribed by the nurse.

All meals (including afternoon tea!) are included and there is a coffee machine available for free 24/7.

Does The Captain Cook Fiji Cruise Help Local Communities In Fiji?

By going on the Captain Cook Mamanuca and Yasawa Cruise you’ll have the opportunity to visit 4 different local villages, which is a really great way to get an insight into local Fijian culture. For one of the village tours you’ll be asked to pay $10 per person – however this money goes directly back into the village to help them build and restore communal spaces such as the Community Hall.

For all the other village visits, Captain Cook will pay some money to the village to let you visit. As these villages are very remote and far from the mainland, this is one of the main incomes of the people in the village, so by visiting you are really helping the people in the local villages.

In addition you’ll have the opportunity to buy souvenirs from the shell market in one of the villages and donate any money should you wish (although you are not obliged to) which also really makes a difference.

The staff onboard the Reef Endeavour are almost all local Fijians, so by going on the Captain Cook Cruise you are helping not just the families of the villages that you visit, but the families of all the local crew onboard.

fiji kava yaqona ceremony Yasawa Islands

Is The Captain Cook Fiji Cruise Worth It?

The Captain Cook 7 Day Mamanuca & Yasawa Fiji Cruise is definitely worth it – it’s lots of fun, incredibly organised and you’ll get to visit some insanely beautiful places. The snorkelling spots are particularly interesting with varied and lively reef, and it really is one of the best ways to ensure you see the best of the Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands.

Whether you’re fortunate enough to visit Fiji every few years, or whether this is your trip of a lifetime and your only chance to experience this stunning country, cruising the Mamanuca and Yasawa Islands with Captain Cook is the perfect way to visit some of the most beautiful places Fiji has to offer.

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