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Workaway Horror Stories – Workaway Australia

Are you thinking to do Workaway but are worried about the horror stories you might have heard? How do you avoid bad Workaway situations? Is Workaway worth it? Find out everything you need below including my own bad experience in Australia! What is Workaway? Workaway is a hospitality exchange system used in many countries around […]

YEAR IN REVIEW 2019 – My Best Travel Moments!

2019 was another year of adventures! It was also a year of change, growth, stepping outside of the comfort zone and learning! Let’s take a look at my year in review 2019 here: January Celebrating New Years in Dublin My New Year started in Dublin. Despite having to operate the 09.30am flight from Dublin back […]

Why I quit nursing to travel! (guidance for healthcare professionals)

why I quit nursing X-ray radiographer

Why did I quit? First things first. Nurses and healthcare professionals are THE most AMAZING, SELFLESS people. Second, I absolutely loved going into that hospital every day. So why did I quit? And why do so many quit nursing (or other healthcare careers)? Why did I quit? I quit after working for 5 and a […]


returning home after travelling

Returning home after travelling can be tough. After full-time travelling and living abroad for over 5 years, I’ve had my fair share of it. I would come back home approximately once every year for a couple of weeks, and with each time it happened, it didn’t get any easier. Returning home after travelling can make you […]

24 Hours Layover