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Dating A Colombian Woman Or Man – All You Need To Know!

So you’re dating, or thinking of dating a Colombian man or woman? Whether you are in Colombia or have met a Colombian who now lives abroad, here is all you need to know about dating a Colombian!


Colombians love dancing and music!

If you are dating a Colombian you should learn how to dance! Dancing is in their blood and a big part of the Colombian culture, and if you’re dating a Colombian they’ll often want to take you out dancing or to social events where people dance.

Learn the basic steps of salsa and listen to some Colombian music.

Colombians have pride in their roots, and are really passionate about Colombian music too. Popular reggaeton artists from Medellin, Colombia include Maluma, J Balvin, Piso 21 and Feid. For Colombians, their music is a way to connect with others and to express their emotions.

Listen to some Colombian music to get familiar with the culture. One Colombian pop singer you should definitely know is of course Shakira. Here you’ll find a playlist of current popular Colombian songs and artists.

Colombians are very direct

For many people who are dating a Colombian, this is actually such a blessing to be dealing with someone so direct. In the Colombian dating culture you’ll rarely find yourself second guessing whether they like you, or find them to be game playing when it comes to dating.

If a Colombian likes you, then you’ll know about it. You won’t be sat there wondering when they will message you back. If a Colombian is into you they’re not going to beat around the bush.

Not all Colombians are the same though, and like in any culture you will find the bad boy ‘players’ as well as people just looking for a fling, especially with a foreigner.

Don’t immediately show your interest or cave too quickly as it will make them work harder. Keep the control and you’ll soon realise if they are really into you, or are just promiscuous and after something easy.

Being direct applies not only to the start of the relationship, but the whole way through. If I am doing something to annoy my Colombian boyfriend, he will tell me.

They aren’t like us British who will drop small hints in the hope their partner will pick up on what they are thinking as they are scared in case the other person may get offended. If something is bothering a Colombian, they will say it outright.

Learn Spanish!

Even if your Colombian partner speaks perfect English, chances are that their family back in Colombia won’t, as English isn’t widely spoken in Colombia.

Luckily for you though, Colombian Spanish is one of the easiest types of Spanish to understand as they actually speak a lot clearer than speakers of other Spanish speaking countries.

By learning Spanish, you’ll get a greater insight into their culture and be able to communicate with their loved ones, which should be a priority if you see your relationship lasting. Here you’ll find some top tips for learning a foreign language.

Colombians are very family orientated

You’ll quickly realise when you start dating a Colombian man or woman that family is really important in the Colombian culture. Colombians are extremely family orientated and spend a lot of time with both their immediate family and their extended family.

Fortunately, Colombians are very friendly and if you are dating or marry a member of their family, they will happily welcome you into the family with open arms like one of their own.

Colombians love Colombian food

Colombian men and women are very passionate about Colombian food, and if you’re dating a Colombia they’ll most likely introduce you to some yummy Colombian dishes early, such as arepa, bandeja paisa, empanadas or lechona.


Colombians are really romantic

If you are dating a Colombian man, expect to be showered with sweet nick-names like mi amor, princesa, preciosa, hermosa, linda, reina several times a day.

Colombians are very passionate and affectionate – the men in particular, and definitely won’t think twice about kissing you in public as they are big on public displays of affection.

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Most Colombian women are into their appearance a lot

Many Colombian women are concerned with always looking their best and take a while to get ready.

A large percentage of Colombian women will have had boob jobs, and even the mature women aged 50+ still religiously visit the beauty salons to get their acrylic nails and highlights done.

Even if they are just going to the shops, makeup is seen as essential for many Colombian women.

Other important things to know about the Colombian culture when dating a Colombian man or woman:

  • The Colombian people will traditionally celebrate their own version of Valentines Day in September, on the Day of Love & Friendship.
  • Colombians traditionally celebrate Christmas on December 24th evening.
  • Colombians are usually very positive, authentic and have a great sense of humour.
  • Generally when in Colombia, there are many more relationships and marriages between a Colombian woman with a foreigner, as opposed to a Colombian man with a foreigner.


Whilst dating a Colombian man or woman certainly has it’s up sides, it doesn’t mean there are no challenges to be faced when dating a Colombian. Here are some of the most common ones:

  • Whilst Colombians are usually very happy people, they can also be quite emotional, expressive, sensitive and stubborn, and can seem to make a drama out of something that appears quite minor.
  • Colombians are definitely not the most punctual of people, and their sense of time can be a little fluid to say the least. If you arrange to meet at a certain time, more often than not you’ll find the Colombian late (well pretty much always). Even if you phone them to see where they are, they’ll often say they’re ‘on their way’ when they haven’t even left the house yet, or they’ll ‘be 5 minutes’ when it will clearly be longer than that. Take their time keeping skills with a grain of salt (or just tell them a time much earlier than you will get there, knowing that they will arrive later) as they can often arrive an hour late or even longer! Just don’t have the expectation they will be on time, and always bring something to occupy you whilst you are waiting for them to turn up!

Having a cross-cultural relationship can be challenging due to the many different cultural traditions and norms, but it can also be incredibly rewarding and exciting if you learn to embrace your differences! Have you dated or are dating a Colombian? 

If you are dating a Colombian outside of Colombia, the great thing is that they’ll be a great tour guide for you when you decide to visit Colombia together!

Whether you’re heading to the capital Bogota, trendy Medellin where you’ll find the famous Comuna 13, you’re heading to Guatape, Santa Marta or even Barranquilla – the most underrated city in Colombia (and where Shakira grew up!), you’re bound to have a great time!

If you are and your relationship with your Colombian is getting serious, you may want to read this article on Colombian wedding traditions to prepare you for the big day!

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Gerard Leary

Friday 23rd of June 2023

Enjoying a new relationship with a Columbian woman.The language barrier seemed insurmountable the upside is the extraordinary joy you share immediately.Im taking baby language steps have led to a delightful primary priveledge.


Friday 7th of July 2023

Hi Gerard, glad to hear you are having a lovely time - keep enjoying!

Joe Bordem

Sunday 12th of February 2023

There is nothing like the love of a Latin woman ! Everything you ever dreamed of right there , all in one person, and ..... Everything you always feared, Lying, cheating, telling half-truths and twisting details to cover up, acting and looking so perfectly innocent, avoidance and even denial of existence, and whole collection of multi-sized RED FLAGS, I could keep on going on and on.... So, with all that being said, you just gotta find the first one, not the second... Trust is earned and can never be blind even if someone wants to. That's not how the psychology of trust even works. It takes time... Does love override the basic needs of someone? No . There still gonna do whatever they think they feel they have to do in order to feel ok about themselves in that moment. Whether it's for love, companionship, the orgasms, or for money that person will have no trouble at all telling you want you want to hear and then go off and do exactly what they know you don't want to hear. If you can't tell or not if she is with other people, it's because she probably is....

Hopefully we all find the first one next time around...

Tim Brown

Friday 4th of November 2022

It is a real experience....not at all like American women (OMG). Be prepared for emotional explosions over trivial issues . Ware body armour during her monthly period (when she can go psycho very easily...loving you one moment and then becoming mad in the next). Expect af all times to pay for everything. There is good reason for this...the level of income...even in the middle class is absolutely appalling. She will tend to be conservative when it comes to sexuality. DO NOT mistake her flirtation and ultra feminine dress as a sign of liberality. She will constantly want to know you are fed. Her family have first place...and often she will sacrifice almost anything for them. The lady i know personally is an incredibly hard worker- and understands this as a necessity. She can appear to have a very strong character....and yet aldo have a tender heart. Think of characters from "For wjkm thr bell tolls"...loading guns for republican partisans. She can ask you very direct questions and see this as totally normal. Her sense of humour is way different to Americans. She does nog get sarcasm or irony....and figurative lsnguage can really confuse her.


Friday 4th of November 2022

Love this Tim, thanks for sharing!