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Fiji Beach House Review – The Best Budget Fiji Resort!

If you’re looking for affordable accommodation in Fiji that offers a beautiful secluded beach location – The Fiji Beach House resort is probably the best and finest boutique budget accommodation you’ll come across!

Fiji Beachouse drone photo

Why Should You Stay At Fiji Beachouse?

Private Beach & Secluded Setting

The setting for Fiji Beachouse is just perfect – surrounded by acres of beautiful lush tropical gardens and it’s own private white sandy beach. It’s one of the best beachside locations you can find on the whole of Fiji’s main island.

Fiji Beachouse review coral Coast

Plus there is an epic beach swing here!

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Fiji beach house instagrammable swing

Perfect sunset views

The sunsets in Fiji are spectacular, and as Fiji Beachouse faces a SW direction you can see some beautiful sunsets from here.

sunset Fiji

The sunset view from the beach is lovely, but you’ll get the best views from taking one of the kayaks out onto the water and watching the sunset from out in the ocean. It’s totally magical!

sunset Fiji kayak

Free use of kayaks & raft

A stunning natural shallow outer reef surrounds this part of the Coral Coast, which means the waves break further out from the shore.

As the waves break further out on the Coral reef, it means the water near the shore is incredibly calm, which is perfect for kayaking, snorkelling or swimming out to the raft.

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Fiji Beachouse review coral Coast

As the water is crystal clear and shallow even you don’t need to snorkel to see the bottom – I saw some incredible blue fish and huge blue starfish when I was kayaking one afternoon!

The raft is a popular spot to swim or kayak out to, and then enjoy the views from there.

Fiji raft instagrammable ocean reef coral


If you’re into surfing, the waves by Fiji Beachouse are perfect. In fact, this is one of the top spots in Fiji for surfing!

If you’re a novice or just starting out surfing, you can enrol in the Coral Coast Boardriders surf club at Fiji Beachouse. The surf instructors will show you the ropes and take you out usually twice a day surfing.

surfing Fiji coral coast

Day Trips/Excursions

Fiji Beachouse organises daily excursions such as snorkelling trips, jungle and waterfall trekking, day trips to secluded islands and trips to Sigatoka Market.

We went on the Yanuca Island day trip and had the best time! It was honestly such a paradise island – the water was an incredible turquoise blue colour! Check out the photos:

yanuca island Fiji time

yanuca island day trip Fiji coral coast

Easy To Get To:

One of the many great things about Fiji Beachouse is it’s location – it is incredibly easy and inexpensive to get here from the airport.

Fiji Beachouse is located on Fiji’s main island Viti Levu, where you will find Nadi International Airport.

In comparison, many of the other hotels and resorts in Fiji are located on remote islands that require a boat or airplane transfer to get there – and these are both notoriously expensive!

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Fiji palm tree Beachouse With Fiji Beachouse being located on the main island, you cut out the expensive transfers and can arrive by local bus for around $10!

Plus the bus stops right outside Fiji Beachouse – perfect! Just tell the bus driver you want to get off at Fiji Beachouse – they all know where it is!

Despite Fiji Beachouse being just off the Queens Road – the main road between Suva and Nadi (you can see how close in the photo below that the main road is!), the traffic sounds are very very minimal which is great.

Fiji Beachouse review coral Coast

Affordable Accommodation & Food

The accommodation at Fiji Beachouse is extremely affordable – whether you’re a backpacker looking to stay in a dorm, or whether you prefer to have your own bungalow with ensuite bathroom.

Plus with a free breakfast and fast free wifi in the communal area, what’s not to love!

There is a casual restaurant on-site with a really good selection of meals for lunch and dinner, so you literally don’t ever need to leave!

There are no supermarkets nearby or no kitchen facilities for guests to use, so it’s perfect the restaurant has a great selection of food as you’ll definitely be ordering food from here! All meals and drinks are a very reasonable price for Fiji.

Thankfully there are no compulsory ridiculously priced meal plans here (like you’ll find on the Yasawa Islands – where it is mandatory for every guest to pay around $85 for food per day – regardless of how much they eat!!).

So you only need to spend money on the food you want to eat. Perfect.

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Fiji beach house sunset

 Authentic Fijian Experience, Easy To Meet People

You’ll definitely get a really authentic Fijian experience by staying at Fiji Beachouse.

Fiji beach house fish dinner

There are plenty of local Fijian staff here and they are very friendly and always up for some fun!

yanuca island day trip Fiji coral coast

Due to it’s fantastic secluded location, you’ll feel a world away when you stay at Fiji Beachouse, yet there is an extremely friendly vibe here.

There is lots of outdoor seating and also a large bar area so it’s very easy to meet people.

Fiji beach house hammock

The owners have 4 dogs that you’ll often see strolling around the grounds. The dogs are all friendly, relatively chilled and don’t bother you.

Fiji beach house sunset

Bruce the surfing instructor takes the dogs out onto the paddle board with him daily. It is amazing to watch – the dogs are so good at it!

dog paddleboarding Fiji

How To Get To Fiji Beach House

Fiji Beachouse is located on the south coast of Fiji’s main island Viti Levu. It is located roughly halfway between Nadi and Suva, on the famous Coral Coast.It should take around 2 hours to read Fiji Beachouse from either Nadi or Suva. The bus ride will cost around $12.

You can get a bus from Nadi International Airport, or from the bus stations in Nadi or Suva if you’ll be spending a few days around there first.

Buses depart roughly every hour, and there are many minibuses that also make the same trip from the bus stations for a similar price.Just tell the driver you want to get off at Fiji Beachouse and you will get dropped off at the top of the driveway. Fiji Beachouse is just off Queens Road – the main coastal road that links Nadi and Suva.

Fiji Beachouse review coral Coast

Things To Do At Fiji Beach House

Fiji Beachouse organises daily excursions such as snorkelling trips, jungle and waterfall trekking, fishing trips, visits to the local markets in Sigatoka, island trips and horseback riding.

yanuca island day trip Fiji coral coast

All the excursions are offered for a reasonable price and usually start at around 10am.

Not all excursions run daily so let the staff know if there is a particular excursion you really want to do (I recommend the Yanuca Island day trip if you only do one!).

yanuca island Fijian local grass skirtEqually, if you’d rather skip the excursions, there are plenty things to do at Fiji Beachouse to keep you busy – whether you want to have a splash in the pool, go swimming or kayaking in the sea, play chess, use the outdoor gym, volleyball nets or yoga mats.

Fiji beachouse poolOr if you just prefer la dolce fa’ niente, there are plenty hammocks, seated hammocks and seating areas (both uncovered and covered if you need some shade from the sun) to relax on, as well as the beach swing.

Or to really unwind you can enjoy a traditional Fijian Massage for 30 minutes or 1 hour ($25 and $40FJD respectively).

Fiji beach house hammock

What Food & Drink Is Available At Fiji Beach House?

A Continental Breakfast of cereal, bread and coffee/tea is included in the price of your accommodation. In addition to the Continental Breakfast, you can also purchase an a-la-carte cooked breakfast if you wish. Lunch is available daily from 12-2.30pm. For lunch options include things like burger and fries, sandwich (various fillings), and roti wraps (chicken, fish and vegetarian).Dinner is available each day from 6pm-8pm. Every day for dinner there were 5 meal options to choose from – usually soup with garlic bread (flavours changed daily), a fish option, a chicken option, a meat option and a vegetarian option. They also had really yummy desserts too!The prices of the meals were all very fairly priced, generally slightly cheaper than you would pay in a restaurant in Fiji.

Which of course is great as this is the only restaurant within walking distance! All the meals I had were generous portions and were honestly all really delicious.

Drinks wise you can get smoothies and milkshakes with your meal, and the bar served the usually drinks, including local and imported beer and spirits, soft drinks and cocktails (the mojito is delicious!).

Fiji Beachouse has drinks on offer during Happy Hour so make sure to hit the bar then!

Fiji beach house hammock

What Accommodation Is Available At Fiji Beach House?

Fiji Beachouse has a variety of accommodation options available.

Dorm rooms – The LodgeIf you’re looking for cheap and cheerful, book a bed in The Lodge. The dorm rooms are spacious with 6 beds and a locker space (bring your own padlock). Price per night is $55 FJD.Private rooms – Frangipani, Garden rooms, HibiscusIf you’re after affordable accommodation yet you also want some privacy, Fiji Beachouse has plenty of private rooms – the Frangipani, Hibiscus and Garden rooms.

The Garden Rooms are the typical bungalow bures and are the most popular of the private rooms! They are $195 FJD per night.The ensuite bathrooms are located outside, which many people – myself included, totally love. Don’t worry, you still get privacy in the outdoor bathrooms so nobody will be looking whist you go for your shower!The Hibiscus rooms are the most luxurious rooms at Fiji Beachouse. They are located in timber lofts and offer more space than the other private rooms. They are $225 FJD per night.

The Frangipani rooms are similar to the Garden rooms but they are all in a small building, as opposed to separate bungalows. They are priced at $175 FJD per room.

Fiji Beach house review coral Coast

There are also special offers available on the Fiji Beachouse website if you’ll be staying a few days, so it’s definitely worth it to check them out.

What Amenities Are Available At Fiji Beach House?

You’ll find everything you need at the Fiji Beachouse – casual cafe/restaurant, bar, the option to get your laundry washed, hit the outdoor gym or even have a relaxing massage.

By the entrance to the Fiji Beachouse there is also a shop called The Projects Collective that sells all sorts of lovely unique local and Australian artisan products such as clothing, toiletries and local souvenirs.

You can also buy Coral Coast Boardriders Club clothing here!

What Kind Of Guests Can You Find At Fiji Beach House?

If you’ve spent time in Fiji before, you’ll know that the majority of tourists coming to Fiji are from Australia and New Zealand.The same applies to Fiji Beachouse, although you’ll also find a bit more of an international traveller crowd here (such as Americans and Europeans) .

Many of the Europeans here are people who tag a Fiji trip onto the end of their Australia and New Zealand travels before heading back home.During our stay we met a really variety of guests – the majority were backpackers in their 20’s and 30’s (both solo travellers and couples).

We also met some guests who were on their honeymoon, a few families, some retired couples and even some ex-pats who lived in Suva and would come over to Fiji Beachouse for the weekend.There was such a variety of guests at Fiji Beach House I really feel it is suitable for people of any age looking to enjoy authentic Fiji in a more intimate setting without breaking the bank at one of the expensive resorts.

Even several of the guests we met were returning to Fiji Beachouse for the second or even third time, which is a really positive sign and indicates that guests are really happy here and are keen to return.

Is Fiji Beach House Suitable For Children?

Yes Fiji Beachouse is suitable for children and families are welcomed. During our stay there was a couple of families here and the kids appeared to be having a great time with plenty to keep them occupied.

As the grounds of Fiji Beachouse are so spacious, I barely even noticed the children were even around.

Fiji Beachouse review coral Coast

Who Owns Fiji Beach House?

Fiji Beachouse is owned by Andrew – a half Australian-half Fijian guy. You’ll see him onsite a lot either working on his laptop, chatting to the guests or catching some waves on his paddle board.

From what I saw, the organisation of Fiji Beachouse works very well and all the staff were incredibly hard working and always eager to help.

Is Fiji Beachouse Worth The Price?

So. Is Fiji Beachouse really worth it? I would say yes it definitely is!

Whether you’re looking to make new friends – both travellers and local Fijians, unwind for a few days on Fiji time, get your Instagrammable Fiji palm tree and hammock photos, spend all day surfing the waves, explore a new area of Fiji, or spend all day tanning or working on your beach bod, Fiji Beachouse is absolutely worth it.Whatever you’re looking for, I do believe you will find it here at Fiji Beachouse. Have a great time!

Fiji raft instagrammable ocean reef coral

Entry Requirements To Fiji (Covid-19)

To enter Fiji you no longer need to quarantine on arrival and you no longer need to take a covid-19 test before you board your flight – hurrah!

You do however need:

  • travel insurance that covers covid-19. This will be checked before you board your plane so it is a requirement to board.
  • to do a RAT test when you are in Fiji – a team comes regularly to Fiji Beachouse to do tests, or you can do it at a pharmacy. If you have a doctor’s note stating you had covid within the last 30 days and you are now fit to fly you will be exempt from doing the RAT test in Fiji.
  • proof of full vaccination (2 doses of recognised vaccine).

sunset Fiji

Do I Need A Visa To Visit Fiji?

The great thing is that citizens from over 100 countries don’t need a visa to enter Fiji and are allowed to stay for up to four months!These visa-free countries include Australia, New Zealand, USA, Canada, UK & European Union countries, South Africa, as well as many Asian, South Pacific, Latin American and Caribbean countries.You must have a return or outward ticket from Fiji, otherwise you won’t be allowed into Fiji.Whilst it sounds obvious to people who book a short holiday to have a return ticket, some people especially digital nomads, long-term travellers or those who haven’t got solid travel plans, don’t always book flights in advance.

So make sure you do, otherwise you won’t be able to board the plane!

drone photo palm trees

How To Get To Fiji

There are direct flights to Fiji (Nadi International Airport NAN) from Australia, New Zealand and the West Coast of the USA, as well as several other South Pacific Islands.

Australia To Fiji Flights:

There are direct flights from Sydney, Melbourne & Adelaide to Nadi International Airport. As Australia is close to Fiji, you’ll find lots of reasonably priced flights here. Flight time from Sydney is 3 hours 40 minutes.

I always like to book my flights with Wayaway as it gives you cash back!

New Zealand To Fiji Flights:

There are direct flights from Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch to Nadi. Again, you can book flights with Wayaway.

USA To Fiji Flights:

There are direct flights from Los Angeles, San Francisco and Honolulu Hawaii to Nadi International Airport.

yanuca island day trip palm tree swing

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