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Fiji Honeymoon Island – Snorkeling & Relaxing In A Fiji Tropical Island!

If you are looking for a perfect deserted tropical island day trip in Fiji mixed with some snorkeling then head to Honeymoon Island – a tiny wild uninhabited island that is surprisingly convenient to get to!

Honeymoon Island Fiji

Where Is Honeymoon Island Fiji?

Honeymoon Island is so small you can’t even find it on Google maps! It probably takes less than 100 seconds to stroll around the whole island – that’s how tiny it is!

Honeymoon Island is located within the Lomaiviti group of islands, which are located to the east of Fiji’s main island Viti Levu, not far from Suva. The Lomaiviti Islands are much less visited by tourists, who often flock to the overpriced Yasawa and Mamanuca Island groups.

However, the Lomaiviti Islands are just as stunning and are a great option to visit if you want to escape the crowds and still enjoy luxury on beautiful isolated islands, as well as really get immersed in Fijian culture and history!

Honeymoon Island is about 3.5km south of Leleuvia Island. In fact you can see Honeymoon Island from the shores of Leleuvia Island – that’s how we came to know this tropical paradise existed!

Honeymoon Island Fiji

How To Get To Honeymoon Island Fiji

If you are staying at Leleuvia Island Resort then Honeymoon Island is just a 10 minute boat ride away so you can easily organise an excursion!

To get to Leleuvia Island you will need to take a 40 minute boat ride from Bau Landing, which is very near to Suva-Nausori Airport on Viti Levu.

So whether you are already in Suva or flying into the airport, Leleuvia Island Resort is very easy to get to, and from there you can organise a trip to Honeymoon Island.

Honeymoon Island Fiji

What Is There To Do At Honeymoon Island Fiji?

Honeymoon Island is a tiny isolated sandy island with a couple of palm trees and absolutely no amenities whatsoever – it is Fiji’s rugged beauty at it’s finest! A trip to Honeymoon Island is the ultimate small private island experience. Therefore there isn’t a lot to do here – which is the beauty of it! Soak up the views of the beautiful remote island and truly enjoy being on such a tiny and untouched island.

There is also some great snorkelling right next to Honeymoon Island as a coral reef drop-off is very near. We saw some huge blue starfish – I’m talking twice as big as your hand! We also managed to see some dolphins which was amazing!

Our boat dropped us off by the coral reef and we just snorkelled to the shores of Honeymoon Island which was so nice! We then spent some time on the island and then headed back to Leleuvia Island.

Honeymoon Island Fiji

How Long Should You Spend At Honeymoon Island?

It’s totally up to you how long you want to spend at Honeymoon Island! You my want to bring some lunch over on the boat with you and have a picnic on the island, or you might want to spend a lot of time snorkelling and then sunbathing or relaxing on the island.

We probably spent an hour and a half in total here – between snorkelling and enjoying time on the island. 

All in all a trip to Honeymoon Island made for a fantastic morning.  If you are looking for the perfect ‘castaway’ experience on a desert island, you really need to look no further than at Honeymoon Island!

tropical desert Island Fiji  


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