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Where To Find Free Parking In St Kilda!

Looking for free parking in St Kilda? Finding free parking in St Kilda can often be a challenge as it’s a popular place for both locals and tourists to visit – especially when it’s a sunny day and everyone wants to enjoy the beach.

It’s busy and there’s a lot going on in this happening trendy beach suburb.

Most of the parking spots around St Kilda are ticketed and need to be paid for hourly – and even they can be hard to come across the closer to the beach you get.

With the cost of the current parking charges standing at around $5 or $6 per hour, parking charges can certainly add up so it’s always good to scout out the free parking locations.

There aren’t many, but this article will show you where you can find free parking in St Kilda.

As with all parking in Australian cities and towns it’s really important to check the parking signs whenever you park. Check you are in an authorised spot and not in a permit holders only zone, or that you don’t need to buy a ticket.

Sometimes the parking signs can be a little confusing, so make sure you won’t get fined as ticket wardens are hot in the area.

Where Is There Free Parking At St Kilda Beach?

Many of the residential streets around St Kilda Beach allow parking for permit holders and residents only, so always be sure to check the signs to avoid a fine. 

However, there are also plenty of metered parking spots near the beach, and fear not – there are also some free parking spots nearby.

Although as St Kilda is Melbourne‘s closest and most well-known beach, there’s only a sprinkling of free car parking spots near to the beach!

On Pollington Street, just off The Esplanade and next to Hotel Esplanade you’ll find around 5 or 6 parking spots that are free for 2 hours. 

A little bit further away on Jackson Street, just off Fitzroy Street – one of the busiest streets in St Kilda, you’ll also find a few free spots to park free for 2 hours.

You can also find cheap parking ($8.70 for the day) on several of the streets surrounding Fitzroy Street, such as Park Street, Loch Street, Park Lane and Canterbury Road.

Is There Any Free Parking Near Acland Street In St Kilda?

If you’re keen to enjoy the many restaurants and cafes along Acland Street, enjoy Acland Street’s nightlife or visit Luna Park, you’ll find several 2 hour free parking spots on Irwell Street, just off Acland Street.

If you’re heading into the Woolworths St Kilda on Acland Street, you’ll also be able to park your car in the car park off Chaucer Street free for one hour – just make sure to get a ticket and put it on your dashboard.

If you want to make a day of it and are looking for all day parking you can find metered parking on Shakespeare Grove.

Where Is There Free Parking In St Kilda East?

The streets surrounding Chapel Street and Carlisle Street, near St Kilda Town Hall and the St Kilda Botanical Gardens offer 1 hour free street parking.

Parking wardens frequent the area regularly, so don’t risk leaving your car longer than an hour as you may get a parking fine (almost $100).

You can always move your car to a different spot within the free parking zone after your hour is up if you still need to stay.

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How To Get To St Kilda From Melbourne On Public Transport 

If you are coming from Melbourne CBD, you may even just find it easier to get to St Kilda on public transport. It saves you driving round for ages looking for a parking spot, and you can stay as long as you like!

You will need a ‘myki’ travelcard to use the public transport in Melbourne – you can’t buy paper tickets so this is the only way to pay for public transport. The cards can be purchased from stations and retail outlets and cost $6 to purchase.

Top it up and use it each time you travel – just touch on and off each time you travel to ensure you pay the lowest fare.

If you are coming to St Kilda from Melbourne CBD, the number 3, 16 and 96 trams all run very regularly and reach St Kilda in under 25 minutes.

Alternatively, Melbourne’s bike sharing and scooter sharing system Lime bikes is a great way to explore the local area at a cheap price. 

Is There Any Free Parking Near Brighton Beach Huts?

If you want to venture further than St Kilda and enjoy another one of Melbourne‘s popular beaches check out the famous Brighton Beach Huts nearby. You’ll find free 1 hour street parking on Dendy Street, very close to the beach huts. 

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