Inspiring and empowering women to take control, travel and live their best life.

24 hours layover

Hey, I’m Catrina and welcome to 24 Hours Layover!

24 Hours Layover was born from my vision and determination to inspire and empower women to travel.

It is your go-to guide for female and solo travel: featuring travel guides, solo female travel resources, photography tips, travelling on a budget and how to work whilst travelling.

Focusing on local travel – getting to know the local people and the culture is the most rewarding way of travel for me.

Get inspiration from my articles: there are countless incredible destinations and experiences to be had on this planet! Browse through my blog posts and discover invaluable information I have shared on many of my travel experiences through almost 70 countries.

Get wanderthirsty from my pictures: often seeing a stunning picture of a far-away place inspires and influences us to travel there, or at least to add it to our bucketlist of places to visit! Glance through my Instagram page to discover where you would like to explore next.


Throughout my blog I will also make you realise it is completely possible to create a life of travel. Reach out to me and I will show you how to fit your work around travel, and not fit travel around your work. That with passion, motivation and sheer hard work you can achieve the lifestyle you imagined. We are not born lucky, it is up to us to go out there and go get our dreams!


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24 hours layover your go-to guide for female and solo travel Inspiring and empowering women to take control, travel and live their best life.


To all those strong, independent women out there. Those with an unstoppable ambition, incredible passion and a big fire inside your heart. Don’t be distracted by comparison, instead be captivated with purpose. Don’t care about the opinions of others, for small minds cannot comprehend big spirits.

Above all, be the heroine of your own life. Be strong. You never know who you are inspiring! Have a great day! Catrina x