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Malamala Beach Club Fiji – The Perfect Day Trip From Denarau!

If you’re looking for the picture-perfect image of Fiji, the island of Malamala Beach Club is certainly it!

The perfectly round white sand private island sits in the middle of the Pacific Ocean surrounded by crystal clear blue waters. And the best part? You are able to visit this island paradise on a day trip from Denarau!

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Malamala beach club aerial photo Fiji

What Is Malamala Beach Club?

Malamala Beach Club is the World’s First Island Beach Club. That’s right – the whole island is a beach club!

Fiji is home to over 330 islands, and Malamala Beach Club is on it’s own island.

It is located in the Mamanuca Island archipelago, to the west of Fiji’s main island Viti Levu and is very accessible – only a short 25 minute ferry ride from Port Denarau.

You can buy a day pass to Malamala Beach Club  – often called Fiji’s best located island, which makes for a spectacular day trip when in Fiji! Click here to purchase your Malamala tickets online! 

Malamala beach club aerial photo Fiji



Why Should You Visit Malamala Beach Club?

From the moment my partner and I laid eyes on Malamala from the distance in the ferry to the moment we left at sunset, we were completely wowed by this place. The place honestly feels like a dream.

As soon as we got off the ferry we were welcomed by so many friendly staff and to the sound of some of the best tunes I have ever heard.

Walking down the jetty towards the sandy island we looked down and saw dozens of bright blue starfish and fish underneath us – it was magical and we couldn’t wait to get in the water later!

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Malamala Beach Club Fiji jetty

When you approach towards the pool area you’ll reach the check-in desk where you’ll leave a credit card (it doesn’t need to be the one you will pay with if you would prefer to pay in cash or debit card).

You’ll then receive your tab card where any food and drinks purchased will be put on, and they’ll also keep your return ferry ticket safe (always a good idea!).

We had reserved a poolside bed beforehand so we didn’t need to worry about not being able to find sun loungers right next to the pool which was great.

Although, there was so much space around the island for people to spread out on deckchairs and sunloungers that even if you don’t reserve a poolside bed ($50 FJD) you’ll still find a great spot, albeit further from the pool.

Malamala Beach Club Fiji cocktail

Around the infinity pool is where the action is and where most people spend the majority of their time on the island.

There is a really nice Beach Club atmosphere there with great music and and plenty of space to get your Instagrammable photos overlooking the ocean and surrounding islands holding your Drunken Coconut cocktail in your hand.

These are the signature cocktails here at Malamala and they are delicious!

Malamala Beach Club Fiji



There are plenty of friendly staff around for you to order some cocktails around the pool, and you’ll find lots of yummy cocktails on the menu!

To get the most bang for your buck, I definitely recommend to do the ‘Fiji Five’ Cocktail Deal – order any 5 cocktails for $99FJD! 

Malamala Beach Club Fiji cocktail drunken coconut infinity pool

Whilst the vibe is great around the pool, make sure to spend some time checking out the rest of the island and all it has to offer.

Stroll to the other side of the island where you’ll find the beachside cabanas (that come with a phone for you to contact your own private butler!) and the beautiful white sand beach.

If you’re after more privacy and want to be away from the crowds and music I would definitely recommend hiring one of the beachside cabanas for $85 FJD.

Go for a dip here in the ocean away from the crowds, and also make sure to visit the watersports section where you can use the snorkelling gear, kayaks and stand up paddleboards for free!

kayaks Fiji

We spent about an hour doing the watersports, between snorkelling, kayaking round the whole island (it took 5-10 minutes to kayak around the whole island – so incredible!) and stand up paddle boarding.

The water was so clear that even when paddleboarding or in the kayak we could see all the beautiful coral below.

We saw people jumping off the end of the jetty into the water so we decided to give it a go with our snorkelling gear – it was pretty high so it was scary but fun! The snorkelling was so good – there were so many coloured fish!

Malamala Beach Club snorkelling Fiji

It was so great to have such a great choice of things to do around the island, as sometimes we liked to be around the pool relaxing and surrounded by others and music, yet there were also times where we wanted to go off and really appreciate the beauty of the island and all it had to offer.

Malamala Beach Club Fiji cocktail drunken coconut infinity pool

Walking around the whole island will take around 20 minutes, and whilst we were strolling we also found the turtle nesting area, although it wasn’t turtle nesting season when we were there (turtle nesting season here is November to April).

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How Do You Get To Malamala Beach Club?

Boat transfers to Malamala Beach Club are from Denarau Marina which is on the Fiji main island – Viti Levu about a 30 minute drive from Nadi International Airport.

Ferries to Malamala depart from Denarau Marina at 10am and midday. The check-in process at the marina to get your ticket is very straightforward and smooth. 

The ferry to Malamala from Denarau Marina takes around 25 minutes and is a smooth ride. The views are great, so definitely try to get on the top or front deck to enjoy the ride. 

It’s an incredible feeling when you are out the front of the ferry and can see Malamala in the distance getting closer and closer!

There are toilets on board the ferry, as well as refreshments and tea/coffee to purchase.



How Long Do You Spend At Malamala Beach Club?

If you purchase the full day pass you will get the 10am ferry from Denarau Marina and arrive to Malamala at around 10.30am.

There is also a ferry that departs from Denarau Marina a couple of hours later at 12.00 noon (this is the half-day pass) which gets you to Malamala at around 12.30.

The transfers back to Denarau are at 4.15pm and 5.15pm.

So in total, whichever ferries you decide to get, you still get a decent few hours at Malamala.

We came on the 10am ferry and left on the 5.15pm one so we had the maximum time on the island, and we were still so sad to leave at the end – we honestly wanted to stay forever!

Malamala Beach Club Fiji cocktail drunken coconut infinity pool

What Is There To Do At Malamala Beach Club?

Sip a cocktail in the pool and enjoy Fiji time, have a massage, go kayaking, jump off the end of the jetty and go snorkeling, go stand up paddle boarding, lie in a hammock under the shade of a palm tree, there is so much to do (or not – whatever you prefer!).

hammock Fiji

If you plan to do paddle boarding, take note of the tide times (you’ll see them displayed on the chalkboard by the watersports section).

At low tide you aren’t able to paddle board (to ensure you don’t hit the rocks and coral), so just check with the staff what time you can paddle board so you don’t miss out!

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Malamala Beach Club paddle board Fiji

Can You Stay Overnight At Malamala?

Malamala is a Beach Club, it isn’t a resort so there is no option to stay overnight on the island. Boohoo, because it’s awesome and waking up there would just be incredible.

Malamala beach club aerial photo Fiji

What Are Malamala Beach Club Prices?

Currently it costs $165 FJD for the full day pass and $145 for the half day pass to Malamala. The full day pass gives you 2 extra hours on the island, so for an extra $20 it’s well worth booking on the full day trip.

Malamala also has a great offer for returning guests: come back to Malamala within the same week of your visit and it will be just $75! That sounds like a bargain to me!

So definitely don’t leave Malamala until your last day of holiday if there’s a chance you’ll want to visit again!

If you want to reserve a poolside day bed (for 1-2 people) it costs $50 FJD, and it is $85 FJD to reserve a beachside cabana for 1-2 people that comes with a personal butler service.

It is not mandatory to reserve any seating – there are plenty of beachfront deck chairs and sun loungers available free of charge. Click here to purchase your Malamala tickets.

Malamala Beach Club Fiji cocktail drunken coconut infinity pool

What Is Included In The Cost At Malamala Beach Club?

Included in the price of your day pass for Malamala Beach Club is the return coach transfer, return ferry transfers and entrance to Malamala Beach Club Island.

You can also enjoy complimentary use of their paddle boards, kayaks and snorkelling equipment.

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kayaks Fiji

Coach Transfers to Denarau Marina

The price of your Malamala ticket includes return coach transfers to and from certain resorts in Denarau, Nadi, Wailoaloa, Momi Bay, Natadola and The Coral Coast.

To be honest, I’m very impressed that Malamala offers complimentary transfers as far away as The Coral Coast included in the cost of the ticket, as that’s a 2 hour drive from Denarau Marina.

The likes of Seventh Heaven and Cloud 9 for example, will charge extra for pickups outside of the Denarau/Nadi/Wailoaloa area.

When you book your ticket and state the accommodation/resort you will be staying at, you will then be advised of the closest pick up hotel for you.

Pickups occur at most resorts but not all, to ensure the transfers are quicker and efficient.

For example, I was staying at The Fiji Beachouse on the Coral Coast but the nearest resort pickup was The Warwick, just a 5 minute drive away.

Malamala beach club aerial photo Fiji

As the transfer time takes longer, note that if you’re staying on The Coral Coast or Natadola or Momi Bay, you must return back to Denarau on the 4.15pm ferry from Malamala to ensure you get your coach transfer at 5pm.

The 5pm coach is the only transfer back to these locations that is provided. If you miss it you will need to cover your own cost of transport back to your accommodation.

About 20 minutes before the return ferry arrives at Malamala, there will be an announcement made at the pool area regarding the ferry arriving shortly, so guests are aware to start getting ready to leave.

If it’s coming up to 4.15 and you just aren’t ready to leave Malamala yet, you can stay until the 5.15 ferry, but you will then need to organise your transport to your accommodation yourself, and at your own cost.

This is actually what we did, as we were having such a great time at Malamala and didn’t want to leave, plus we wanted to see the sunset there!

Malamala Beach Club Fiji infinity pool sunset

It was easy enough to get back to The Coral Coast on public transport.

We took the yellow bus from Denarau Marina to Nadi bus station for around $2.50 (you will need a TAP card for this), and then from Nadi bus station took the bus heading towards Suva.

It will cost around $11 on the bus from Nadi to The Coral Coast and you just tell the driver where you want to get off.

It will of course take longer than getting the direct 5pm transfer, as you may have to wait a while for the bus to arrive, but at least it is possible to get back on a bus, without having to pay for an expensive taxi back if you just aren’t ready to depart Malamala on the first ferry.

Malamala beach club aerial photo Fiji

For convenience however, I would recommend staying nearer Denarau as it did all up to a long day.

Resorts In Denarau:

Nearby resorts in Denarau that are convenient to stay in for your Malamala trip are:

Sofitel Fiji Resort, Radisson Blu Resort and Sheraton Fiji.

Hostels In Wailoaloa:

If you are looking for more budget accommodation, head to nearby Wailoaloa. Not only does Wailoaloa Beach have a great vibe, but you’ll meet lots of locals here – plus there are hostel dorms so perfect for backpackers!

Check out Smugglers Cove, Bluewater LodgeBamboo Backpackers.

Can Children Visit Malamala Beach Club?

Children are allowed and welcome at Malamala Beach Club, however it is not a family focused resort and there isn’t a children’s area or children’s menu. Malamala Beach Club primarily caters to adults – couples and groups of friends.

There were several children there when we visited and they seemed to have a lot of fun.

kayaks Fiji

What Should I Bring To Malamala Beach Club?

Bring your swimsuit, suncream, sunglasses, a hat and perhaps a spare pair of underwear to change into for your return journey if your swimmers are wet.

You don’t need to bring a towel as Malamala will give you one to use for the day.

Bring a credit card with you as they will hold your credit card when you arrive. At the end before you leave you just settle the tab.

You can pay by cash, debit card or credit card at Malamala Beach Club, it doesn’t have to be on the card you gave them to hold. 

You are not permitted to bring any of your own food or drinks to Malamala.

Malamala Beach Club Fiji cocktail

What Food Is Available On The Malamala Beach Club Menu?

A Pacific Inspired menu is available at Malamala Beach Club, whether you’re just after some light bites or a full lunch whilst you’re here.

Light bites include things like fries, fruit platter, homemade samosas, wraps, tacos and cheese and dips. The specials include the likes of Kokoda (Fijian ceviche), Fijian curry, seafood baskets, fish and chips, and a selection of salads.

Vegetarian and gluten-free options are available in the menu, and there is also a selection of sliders on the menu as well as some desserts for those with a sweet tooth!

There a couple of large al-fresco dining areas that have plenty of space for when you want to sit down to enjoy some lunch or light bites.

Plus they are also conveniently right next to the pool so you’ll still feel like you’re close to the action!

Drinks-wise, you’ll find a selection of beers (imported as well as local beers), ciders, international wines, spirits, cocktails, mocktails, soft drinks and teas and coffees.

The 5 cocktails for $99FJD is a popular option – our favourites were the Tai Malamala and the Naked Lady!

Malamala Beach Club Fiji cocktail

All food and drinks will go on your tab that was set up at the start, and you will pay as you leave the island. 

What Amenities Are Available At Malamala Beach Club?

In addition to everything mentioned above, Malamala has free wifi for guests to use.

There is also a small souvenir shop with Malamala t-shirts and caps, complimentary towels, and there are also showers so you can get freshened up before the ferry back.

Malamala beach club aerial photo Fiji

Is Malamala Beach Club Worth The Price?

Honestly, our visit to Malamala Beach Club was one of our favourite experiences in Fiji! We had such a fun day and would definitely recommend it to anyone coming to Fiji.

Compared to other similar excursions in the area I believe Malamala Beach Club was fairly priced – so go on, add it to your Fiji bucket list! Click here to purchase your Malamala tickets.!

Malamala Beach Club sunset

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This post was written in exchange for a complimentary trip to Malamala Beach Club. All opinions however are my own.

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