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Marine Life In Australia: How To Get The Best Experiences Swimming With Marinelife!

Who else in Australia is crazy about marine life experiences?

From swimming with humpback whales to swimming with manta rays, sea lions, whale sharks, leopard sharks, turtles, dolphins, seeing orcas from a boat – whatever it is, my partner and I want to do it.

whale breaching

Without a doubt, marine life encounters always make the top of our list when visiting a new place in Australia, and we are always in awe at the many incredible marine life encounters you can have here!

Hervey bay whales whale watching marine life in Australia

But we struggled to find everything in one place on the internet in regards to Australia’s best marine life encounters and water-based tours.

marine life in Australia drone photo of dolphins

We would often have to do lots of research when planning to visit a new place in Australia so we would know what the best tours in each town were and which out of the several tour companies offering said tours should we should go with.

seal bait ball Bondi Beach ocean

We wondered why wasn’t there a system that just had everything laid out for you.

And then by chance we stumbled upon the Salty Swims website. Already I’m interested by the name alone as it just sounds fun!

Upon clicking through the website it was ridiculously easy to navigate my way round and look for tours to each specific area I wanted to visit. There were so many tours here and lots of experiences I never knew existed!

swimming snorkeling with manta rays fiji

You can type in the area of Australia you want to visit and it will bring up all the tours in that area.

Or you can click on the marine animal you would like to see, or click on what type of tour you would like – whether it’s a snorkel tour, scuba tour, nature tour, sunset tour or even a water sport!

whale watching Hervey Bay

Plus it shows you at a glance what months of the year each tour takes place (some wildlife encounters are seasonal), so it just made it incredibly easy to start planning my trip.

awinya creek Fraser Island k'agri tasman venture

We were heading to Jurien Bay so booked on their sea lion snorkel trip. Booking was straightforward, our tickets were emailed immediately and we had a fab day swimming with the Jurien Bay sea lions! Too easy!

So, if you’re looking for some inspiration for the best marine life experiences in Australia my Salty Swims recommendations are:


Swim with humpback whales on The Gold Coast QLD

swim with humpback whales Hervey Bay tasman venture marine life in Australia

Swim with turtles on The Sunshine Coast QLD 

turtle wild byron Julian rocks diving snorkelling Byron Bay marine life in Australia

Swim with leopard sharks at Julian Rocks, Byron Bay NSW

leopard shark wild byron Julian rocks diving snorkelling Byron Bay

Swim with sea lions in Jurien Bay WA

curious sea lion coming near snorkelers at Jurien Bay WA

Orca (Killer Whale) Expedition at Bremer Bay, WA

orca killer whale feeding in the Bremer Canyon off Bremer Bay in Western Australia

Swim with dolphins in Port Stephens NSW, Perth WA, Adelaide SA or Sorrento VIC

Swim with whale sharks in Exmouth WA

Swim with manta rays at Coral Bay WA

Swim with seals in Narooma NSW


This article is sponsored by Salty Swims. However all views and opinions expressed are my own.