24 HOURS IN MELBOURNE! The Perfect Itinerary!

24 hours in Melbourne

If you only have 24 hours in Melbourne there are lots of things you can see and do! Often named the world’s most liveable city, Melbourne is the capital of Victoria state and the second most populous city in Australia. Known for it’s food and drink culture, its artistic style, sports, and it’s ever-changing weather: ask anyone and they will tell you that Melbourne has 4 seasons in one day, so always keep both the sunnies and the brolly handy! Melbourne has stolen the hearts of so many people – read on to discover it’s best bits in 24 hours in Melbourne!

24 hours in Melbourne


Melbourne’s Street Art

Melbourne is known for it’s street art and the graffiti lanes are a must see on your 24 hours in Melbourne.

Melbourne graffiti street art Melbourne graffiti street art

Melbourne has embraced street art; it is Australia’s street art capital and one of the greatest street art cities in the world!! The cobblestone laneways in the city are places for artists to express themselves and are covered with stencil art and graffiti. The street art here is always changing, with artists constantly respraying the walls, meaning there is always something new to see.

Melbourne graffiti street art Melbourne graffiti street art

Even world famous British street artist Banksy has even left his mark here several times over the years. The most famous graffiti street in Melbourne (but actually my least favourite) is Hosier Lane. My favourite is AC/DC Lane (pays tribute to Australia’s most famous band), as well as Duckboard Place and Croft Alley. These are much less crowded and have some really cool street art here!

Melbourne graffiti street art Melbourne graffiti street art Melbourne graffiti street art   Melbourne graffiti street art Melbourne graffiti street art

Flinders Street Station

Flinders Street Station is a beautiful railway station and especially lit up at night it looks particularly grand and impressive. From just outside Flinders Street station you’ll be able to hop one the free city trams in the CBD and Docklands area! Who can’t love a free ride!

24 hours in Melbourne  24 hours in Melbourne

Melbourne Botanic Gardens

As with all Botanic Gardens in Australia and New Zealand, the Botanic Gardens in Melbourne are free to enter. They are really lovely to stroll around.

24 hours in Melbourne 24 hours in Melbourne

Architecture and arcades

Melbourne has lots of European architecture and 19th century arcades reminiscent of grand shopping arcades in Italian and English cities.

24 hours in Melbourne  24 hours in Melbourne

24 hours in Melbourne  24 hours in Melbourne

Yarra River

Stroll along the Yarra river near Flinders Street Station and take in the beautiful views of the modern architecture along the river. There are lots of bars and shops here that you can go into.

24 hours in Melbourne  24 hours in Melbourne

Shrine of Remembrance

Head to the Shrine of Remembrance located on St Kilda Road next to the Botanic Gardens. The Shrine of Remembrance is Victoria’s national War Memorial and remembers all the lives of Australians lost in the war.

Melbourne war memorial Melbourne war memorial Melbourne war memorial Melbourne war memorial Melbourne war memorial ANZAC Melbourne war memorial flame

Entrance is free and you can also head onto the rooftop to see a stunning view of Melbourne skyline. Please be respectful here as this is a place of remembrance.

24 hours in Melbourne  Melbourne war memorial

In the basement you’ll find the toilets and gift shop and the poppy wall – lots of knitted poppies.

ANZAC Melbourne war memorial poppy ANZAC Melbourne war memorial poppy ANZAC Melbourne war memorial poppy

Foodie Culture in Melbourne

Melbourne is famous for it’s thriving cafe scene and quirky restaurants, as well as being home to a wide range of cuisines. For the foodies amongst you, check out this Foodies Guide to Melbourne!

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Nightlife in Melbourne

Not only is Melbourne known for it’s Foodie culture, but Melbourne also has a great nightlife! What’s great about it is how you can be out on a Friday night in a bar all dressed up or wearing sneakers and jeans, and nobody will bat an eyelid either way because people here are comfortable to be themselves completely. Melbourne reminds me a lot of London in that sense.


If sport is your thing, you’ve come to the right place: Melbourne is the sports capital of Australia and there is always something going on! The most famous events are The Melbourne Cup taking place each November, The Australian Grand Prix every March and The Australian Open Tennis in January.

Melbourne’s beaches:

If you fancy a day trip to Melbourne’s best beaches, head to the beach towns of St Kilda and Brighton. St Kilda is known for it’s bohemian vibe, beautiful palm-lined bay and gorgeous sunsets, whereas Brighton is known for its brightly coloured beach boxes. Read my blogs: 24 Hours in St Kilda and A Guide to visiting Brighton Beach Boxes for more!

Philip Island – day trip from Melbourne

Head to Philip Island to see the evening penguin parade – one of Australia’s most popular tourist attractions! Philip Island is a 90 minute drive from Melbourne and you can see the cute little penguins (the world’s smallest penguins!) make their way across the beach at sunset after a long day at sea to their sand dune homes every night from October – April. Photography is strictly not allowed, to protect the penguins. You can do a day trip to Philip island with several tour companies; they will also take you to a wildlife reserve where you can see koalas, emus and dingoes. Here is me with one of the koalas.

On the way they will also take you to some beautiful beaches, including Woolamai beach, which has some great surf. Click here to view the  Phillip Island day trip tour.

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24 hours in Melbourne  24 hours in Melbourne 24 hours in Melbourne


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