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Are you looking for the most Instagrammable places in Las Vegas?

Now whilst most people wouldn’t initially associate Las Vegas of all places as somewhere where you can take lots of Instagrammable photos, there are actually has so many great places for taking pictures here!

Also known as Sin City and The City that never sleeps (and for good reason!) Las Vegas is a great place to let your hair down, go wild and explore as well as get some great Instagram shots!

Check out these Las Vegas Instagram captions and quotes for more inspiration!

most instagrammable places in Las Vegas


The Strip

The main part of the action in Las Vegas occurs on The Strip, which is actually a stretch of the South Las Vegas Boulevard.

It is lined with neon signs and large upscale resorts with casinos and restaurants – exactly what you think of when you imagine Las Vegas!

The strip is 4.2 kilometres long and there are pedestrian footpaths for you to walk along the length of it. Most of the sights listed below are located on The Strip and can be reached by walking.

The sights in Las Vegas are great to photograph day or night when they are lit up fabulously and you’ll find many Instagrammable places along The Strip!

If you’re only spending a day in Vegas you’ll be spending pretty much all your time on The Strip!

High Roller

The High Roller is a giant observation wheel offering incredible views over Las Vegas.

It was the world’s tallest ferris wheel at 550 feet tall until this record was outdone by Ain Dubai – the observation wheel in Dubai that opened in late 2020.

The pods here at the High Roller hold up to 40 people and it takes half an hour to go round. If you buy tickets online you can get tickets for a reduced price.

The High Roller is located just off The Strip and you can get some really nice shots of it from the ground if you don’t want to go up in it!

Las Vegas high roller


Welcome To Fabulous Las Vegas Sign

No trip to Vegas is complete without visiting the 1950’s neon sign “Welcome to Fabulous Las Vegas”. The sign is located on the southern end of The Strip near to the airport.

It is 2.5 km from Caesars Palace. There is a car park here so you can park, or if you don’t have a car you can take an Uber here.

There are big queues to get a picture of the sign so try to get here early!


Most Instagrammable Hotels in Las Vegas

A fair few of the most Instagrammable places in Las Vegas are actually located inside/outside of the hotels!

The Strip is full of hotels so make sure to look at a map before you book one so you know it is in a prime location and close to the amenities you want!

Below are some of the hotels that have the best location in Las Vegas to help you pick one to stay in.

Even if you can’t afford to stay in one of the really expensive hotels it doesn’t matter because you can actually wander round any of the hotels as they have lots of public areas such as casinos, shops and restaurants inside!

What’s great is that so many of the hotels here in Las Vegas are totally Instagrammable and you can get some really nice Instagram worthy shots of the hotels.

The Paris Hotel

We actually stayed at The Paris Hotel on the recommendation of a friend due to it’s great central location and being one of the best value for money hotels.

It is right across the road from the Bellagio Fountains and a 10 minute walk to Caesar’s Palace – perfect! There was a casino below too. I was super happy staying here and would definitely stay there again. 

Paris Eiffel Tower hotel Las Vegas

The Paris Hotel is also totally Instagrammable as it has an Eiffel Tower replica at the front and an Arc du Triomphe replica at the back like in Paris!

The best views for photographs to get all of the Eiffel Tower replica in are from across the road by the Fountains of Bellagio.

The Fountains of Bellagio put on a spectacular show every night – a choreographed show of the ‘dancing fountains’ which inspired the fountains in Dubai.

Watching the dancing fountains at The Bellagio is one of the most romantic things to do in Vegas. Plus of course, The Bellagio is a stunning hotel to stay in too if you can afford it!

instagrammable places in Las Vegas  

The Venetian Hotel

Also in a convenient location is The Venetian Hotel. It is situated near to the High Roller and Caesar’s Palace and is another hotel with a European replica – you feel like you’ve just been transport to Italy!

There is a replica Rialto Bridge and St Mark’s Tower Square and you can even take a gondola ride down the canal!

 Venetian hotel Las Vegas the Venetian hotel Las Vegas

Whilst a lot more expensive than The Paris Hotel (double the price), The Venetian Hotel is a nice relaxing place to stay – it even has 10 pools!! And again, totally Instagram-worthy.

the Venetian hotel Las Vegas  the Venetian hotel Las Vegas  


Caesars Palace

Caesars Palace has a Greek/Roman theme and it is totally awesome. Ever since watching the FRIENDS episode in Las Vegas I had wanted to go to the casino at Caesars Palace! 

I don’t know the first thing about blackjack, slot machines or gambling but I still wanted to walk around, have a little go and experience the casino here!

Las Vegas casino

Lots of the hotels on the Las Vegas Strip have casinos inside, but the atmosphere in the Caesars Palace casino is really cool.

You’ll see a whole host of people – I even saw a bride playing blackjack in her wedding dress (see below)! You can get some shots for your Instagram here too!

casino Las Vegas wedding

What’s great is that you can just wander into each hotel – you don’t have to be staying there. There are lots of restaurants and shops here so you could literally spend hours here! I was totally blown away by how huge Caesars Palace is. 

caesars palace Las Vegas

There are even wedding chapels (hello Ross and Rachel) and a replica Trevi Fountain by the Forum shops which would make for some great Instagram shots.

 girls weekend Las Vegas


New York-New York Hotel

New York-New York hotel is very reasonably priced and is so cool it even has it’s own rollercoaster! Hershey’s Chocolate World is located here too!

You can’t miss this place: there’s a giant replica Statue of Liberty outside as well as a replica Brooklyn Bridge!

statue of liberty Las Vegas the strip las Vegas


Excalibur Hotel

Located adjacent to the New York New York Hotel is The Excalibur Hotel. It is also a very reasonably priced hotel to stay in on the Las Vegas Strip. Its exterior resembles a castle (below left) which is really Instagrammable!

instagrammable places in Las Vegas

The Mirage

The Mirage is a Polynesian-themed resort with one of the best pools in Las Vegas! It is like a tropical lagoon paradise and there are waterslides and waterfalls too! Totally Instagrammable.

girls weekend Las Vegas

Find the best airbnbs in Las Vegas here.


Neon Museum – Downtown Las Vegas

Located in Downtown Las Vegas which is a short drive north of The Strip (it is 5 miles north of Caesar’s Palace) is the Neon Museum.

This outdoor museum holds all old iconic neon signs from Las Vegas dating back from the 1930’s. You can get some great Instagram photos here.

You can do a 1 hour long guided tour if you want to learn about the history of the museum. Or you can wander round at your own pace on a self-guided tour if you want to focus more on getting photos, just check beforehand online.

If you hang around in downtown Las Vegas you’ll see lots of cool street art too.

Pool Parties in Las Vegas

The epic pool parties in Las Vegas generally start in early March and finish in early September. They always promise to be a good time, filled with booze and bikinis.

Hen parties and birthdays are a great excuse to go to a pool party. But let’s be honest, you never need a good reason to check these out!

The best Las Vegas pool parties: Wet Republic at MGM, Rehard at Hard Rock, Encore at Wynn, Temptation Sundays at Luxor (best LGBT party).

Where to go in the evening in Las Vegas:

Seeing a show in Last Vegas is high on the Las Vegas bucket list for many people. Cirque du Soleil is always a popular one and is guaranteed to give you a night of entertainment with it’s acrobats and dramatic acts. Head over to to get the best deals on show tickets.

If you’re looking to go partying Vegas-style, multi-level nightclub OMNIA inside Caesar’s Palace is the place to be.

omnia nightclub Las Vegas

If you wander past during the day you’ll probably be able to get yourself on the guest list – meaning entry is free for ladies! Bear in mind if you are not American you will need your passport as ID as overseas driving licences aren’t accepted.

Or you never know, if you’re still looking for something to do at nighttime in Las Vegas you might end up at one of the many wedding chapels!

wedding chapel Las Vegas


Trips from Las Vegas:

Seven Magic Mountains

20 miles south of Las Vegas is the Seven Magic Mountains Art Deco installation. The 7 Magic Mountains are 7 tower stacks of large boulders (reaching up to 35 ft high!) that are painted different colours.

They symbolise the contrast between artificial and natural.

The installation is scheduled to remain until the end of 2021. It gets pretty busy here (lots of tour buses stop here too) so try to arrive as early as you can so you can get nice photos without other people in!

The Seven Magic Mountains are located just off the freeway in the middle of the desert. If you are driving from Las Vegas to Los Angeles or vice versa you’ll drive past them. 

Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a 6 hour drive from Las Vegas. It is easy enough to do a one way car rental between the two cities so you don’t have to go back on yourself.

The drive is pretty boring and lacks variety, so make sure you have some good company (friends or a good playlist) for your road trip! LA has many Instagrammable places too to photograph – even more than Las Vegas!

LACMA LA urban lights installation  end of Route 66 sign LA  Venice beach LA

The Grand Canyon

From Las Vegas you can easily take a day trip to the Grand Canyon. The West Rim is the closest part to Las Vegas, and many people choose to do a helicopter ride over The Grand Canyon.

Is it worth it to visit Las Vegas if I don’t like partying and gambling?

Prior to going to Las Vegas I was never too fussed on going and didn’t actually think I would like it. I’m not one for gambling and too much partying, but after visiting I really recommend a trip to Las Vegas and would love to go back again!

It is definitely not just for partying and gambling, and is even a great place to take kids as there are lots of free things to do here in Las Vegas for kids!

This place is really one of a kind and the atmosphere here is so great. Even if you don’t want to go wild in the evenings, just walking along The Strip is an event in itself!

My trip to Las Vegas Nevada was TOTALLY last minute. I’m talking – I was operating on a 16 hour flight to Los Angeles ready for a 2 day layover there. Some crew on the flight suggested we go to Vegas on our layover instead. So we did!

5 girls, 1 suite and a whole lot of fun! Las Vegas is world-famous for it’s casinos, gambling, entertainment and nightlife and so it seemed a great idea to have a girly weekend there!

Las Vegas is the kind of place where you don’t always need to have an itinerary, you can just play it by ear and see what happens! If it is your first time here, check out the first timers guide to Las Vegas.

How to get to Las Vegas

Las Vegas has an international airport (McCarran Airport) and the great thing is that it is so close to The Strip so a taxi won’t cost that much.

If you want to rent a car be sure to rent it from The Strip and NOT from the airport as the airport charges a lot more for rentals!

Billboards and souvenir shops at the airport welcome you to fabulous Las Vegas and prepare you for an action-packed time with phrases like ‘Remember To Forget Everything’, ‘YOLO’ and ‘We live for the nights we’ll never remember with the people we won’t forget’.

When to visit Las Vegas

It is always the right time to visit Vegas! Whilst spring and autumn (fall) are ideal times to visit Las Vegas due to the moderate weather and fewer crowds, winter is also the perfect time as winters here are very mild due to the dry and arid environment.

Plus the Christmas decorations and celebrations here are really great!

Bear in mind Las Vegas is in the middle of the desert. Therefore it gets really hot in the summer, with temperatures often exceeding 40 degrees celsius!

Summer is a busy time to visit Las Vegas but take care because there is not much shade when you’re walking round in the day, so make sure to wear sun cream and keep yourself hydrated, especially if you’re nursing a hangover from the night before!

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