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Sydney is a beautiful city and is absolutely full of Instagrammable places!

With miles of stunning beaches and coastal walks right on its doorstep, an iconic harbour and a bustling city full of fabulous restaurants and unique architecture, you certainly won’t struggle to find photo-worthy spots here!

University of Sydney Instagrammable arches Camperdown

There is an incredible amount of variety in Sydney and so many things to do here – I just love how you can go from lying on the beach to shopping, sightseeing and visiting an Instagrammable cafe all in one day!

Even if you just have 3 days in Sydney you can still see a lot! This city is beautiful and an absolute must-visit place on any Australia Bucket List!

Sunset Bondi Beach Sydney Australia

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I have been living in Sydney for three years now and during this time I have explored this city from top to bottom, from the well-known Instagram spots to secret hidden photo locations that only the locals know.

So without further ado, here I present to you the most Instagrammable places in Sydney including some lesser well-known spots!

circular quay jacarandas sydney cahill expressway

As Sydney is a big city I have split up the Instagrammable locations into:

  • Sydney CBD
  • North Shore
  • Eastern Suburbs
  • Instagrammable swimming pools
  • Instagrammable cafes/restaurants in Sydney
  • Instagrammable hotels in Sydney
  • Instagrammable flower locations
  • Instagrammable walks in Sydney
  • Day trips from Sydney

Sydney harbour bridge



Of course, the Sydney Opera House is Sydney’s most iconic and Instagrammable building. In fact, it is one of the world’s most distinctive and photographed buildings due to its unique shape!

There are so many places around the harbour that offer different angles and views of The Sydney Opera House. Of course, a very popular shot is on the stairs leading up to The Opera House.

Sydney opera house instagrammable places

You will need to get here early to make sure nobody else is in your shot though as during the day the stairs get very busy!

Also, pictures taken from a bit further away are beautiful as they capture the unique shape of the building, for example from Hickson Road Reserve or the Royal Botanic Gardens.

best view Sydney Opera house circular quay royal botanic gardens

This is a great place to take photos at any time of the day as the water is behind you so you won’t get anyone else in your photograph.

Sydney opera house instagrammable places

Best places to get pictures of The Opera House:

  • on the stairs of The Opera House
  • under The Harbour Bridge on Hickson Road
  • The Royal Botanic Gardens
  • The Opera Bar

Sydney opera house instagrammable places

  • Mrs Macquarie’s chair
  • on The Harbour Bridge
  • at Luna Park
  • Hickson Road Reserve (see below)

Sydney opera house instagrammable places

These last two locations are great spots north of the river where you can view The Opera House front on:

  • Milson’s Point
  • Beulah Street Wharf – Kirribilli

Sydney opera house instagrammable places 

The Opera House looks especially impressive from these last two locations when it is lit up at night.

Sydney opera house at night Kirribilli


There are many places around the harbour where you can take great photos of the bridge, but in particular, close-up locations make for really dramatic photos. For example:

  • Ives Steps Wharf
  • Hickson Road Reserve (see below)
  • Copes Lookout (located on the other side of the river).

Sydney harbour bridge 

The Harbour Bridge also looks beautiful lit up at night. In addition, you can get great views of The Harbour Bridge from a boat or even walking across it provides you with some fantastic views!

Sydney harbour bridge at night 

Walking across The Harbour Bridge

To walk across The Harbour Bridge is free and is an incredible experience! You’ll see an aerial view of The Opera House and harbour which makes for some great Instagram-worthy photos that look like they were taken with a drone!

Sydney opera house

The walk across the bridge takes about 20 minutes and you will find the steps and elevator opposite The Glenmore Hotel on Cumberland Street (click here to see the location on Google Maps).

Sydney opera house 

Boat trip

The views of the bridge are particularly stunning when you are on a boat in the harbour, whether you are just getting the public ferry across to the north shore or whether you hire your own boat.

Get your Guide has a very reasonably priced boat tour around the harbour – click here to experience riding on an 1850’s style wooden tall ship!

Alternatively, a group of you can hire your own private charter from companies such as Sydney Harbour Boat Tours – click here for details!

Sydney harbour bridge



Mrs Macquarie’s Point offers one of the best views of The Harbour Bridge and The Opera House together in one shot.

It makes a very popular place to watch the sunset (and the Sydney New Year’s Eve fireworks!) and you can get some incredible Instagrammable shots from here.

mrs Macquarie's chair fireworks night Sydney

In fact, I would say this is one of the very best places in Sydney to take photos and you should definitely not miss it. You can also get great views across to the CBD from here.

mrs Macquarie's chair night Sydney

Here you will find Mrs Macquarie’s Chair – a sandstone bench carved in 1811 by convicts for Mrs Macquarie, who was the wife of the Governor at the time.

Sit on Mrs Macquarie’s Chair, which has become somewhat of a local landmark now and admire the stunning view.

 Sydney CBD


The Botanic Gardens are located between the Sydney Opera House and Mrs Macquarie’s Point.

They are free to enter and with over 30 hectares there are plenty of places to explore and get some beautiful pictures – The Calyx in particular being a popular Instagram spot!

Sydney botanic gardens


The Art Gallery of NSW is another Instagrammable place in Sydney, located right behind the Botanic Gardens. It is free to visit and always has some really interesting and unique exhibitions!


The large Hyde Park is located right in the heart of the CBD just a short walk from the Art Gallery of NSW. You can get some lovely views of the city’s skyscrapers from here, and also you can visit the ANZAC War Memorial and Reflection Pool.

Sydney hyde park war memorial ANZAC

Right next to the park is St Mary’s Cathedral where you can get some really nice pictures with the flower in front.

Sydney hyde park cathedral


The stunning Queen Victoria Building is a bit of a secret Instagram spot in Sydney. The building is home to an upmarket shopping arcade and is the perfect place to stop for a coffee and cake break!

The Queen Victoria Building is located in the CBD and has very grand architecture, intricate interiors and impressive stained glass windows.

queen Victoria building Sydney

I love the shots that are taken over the balcony, although you will need to come here early or at the end of the day if you want pictures without people in.

queen Victoria building Sydney


Just off a quiet side street in the CBD lies an alleyway called Angel Place where you will find 50 empty birdcage installations hanging. You’ll also hear a recording of the sounds of birds singing and see a plaque on the floor.

The plaque tells the important message of how the birds you can hear in the recording (called ‘Forgotten Songs’) were once the birds that populated inner Sydney but due to urbanisation they got forced out of the area.

angel places bird cages Sydney

Arrive first thing in the morning or on a Sunday as during the day there is a cafe with outdoor seating in the alleyway, so you’ll want to arrive when the cafe is closed so you can get perfect shots of the birdcages.

Angel Place is located between Pitt Street and George Street. Keep an eye out for the Angel Place turning as it is very inconspicuous and you could easily miss it. The closest station is Wynyard.

angel places bird cages Sydney 


Whilst not located in the immediate CBD, Green Square Library definitely needs to be included in the most Instagrammable places in Sydney! 

Inside the reading room, which is located on Level 1 (up 2 levels from the main entrance in the stairs or lift) you will find a really big rainbow wall of books of all different colours which makes for some great pictures!

green square library zetland sydney instagrammable colourful books

It looks like they are fake books, but they are actually real books!

It is very easy to get to Green Square Library from the centre of Sydney – it is located next to the Green Square train station in Zetland (5km from the CBD). Entrance to the library is free and you don’t need to become a member to enter.

Opening hours for the library are from 10 am-7 pm Monday to Wednesday, 10 am-6 pm Thursday to Friday, and 10 am to 4 pm on Saturdays. Click here to see the location on Google Maps.

green square library zetland sydney instagrammable colourful books 



Possibly one of the best photography spots in Sydney and my absolute favourite Instagram spot here is The North Sydney Olympic Pool!

It is in such a prime position with stunning views – right underneath The Harbour Bridge, yet it seems most tourists don’t even know it exists! Although these days it is closed for restoration.

north Sydney olympic pool harbour bridge

The North Sydney Olympic Pool makes a great place to spend a few hours if you like swimming – the views are incredibly photogenic and there is plenty of space on the benches for sunbathing and relaxing afterwards!

Entrance is $8.50 for adults and it is best to come mid-week when it is much quieter.

It is very easy to reach the North Sydney Olympic Pool – it is located right next to the iconic Luna Park and Milson’s Point Wharf.

Sydney harbour bridge


Luna Park is probably the best located theme park I have ever seen in my whole life!

It is located on the north shore of the harbour right next to The Harbour Bridge! There is a really nice vintage vibe at Luna Park with the old fairground rides.

luna park Sydney

And the best part? Entrance is free! You just pay for each ride, so even if you don’t want to go on any rides you can still stroll around for free and absorb the atmosphere!

luna park Sydney  

There is also a really nice bar here where you can get some incredible views of The Harbour Bridge and The Opera House.

luna park Sydney

Sydney harbour bridge


Just past Luna Park is Lavender Bay – one of the most beautiful hidden places right in the centre of Sydney! From here you can get incredible views over Sydney Harbour and the CBD and all the boats moored in the harbour.

The jetty makes for some really nice pictures, especially as it has ‘Lavender Bay’ written above it!



If you walk underneath The Harbour Bridge and through Bradfield Park towards Kirribilli, you’ll be rewarded with more stunning views of The Harbour Bridge and The Opera House at Copes Lookout.

You can get some really unique views from here and it is never as crowded as on the south side of the harbour.

This waterfront walkway is also a great place for picnics and relaxing and is a popular place for people to come and enjoy the view during the evenings too.

Sydney harbour bridge


Cremorne Point offers one of the best views of the harbour from the north shore.

Not only this but there is also an outdoor harbourside pool here – Maccallum Pool where you can have a dip for free whilst having the perfect backdrop behind you!

maccallum pool Cremorne point Sydney ocean pool opera house view

This is one of those secret spots in Sydney only known by the locals so it is never too busy here, making it a lot easier for you to get the perfect Instagram shot!

The easiest way to get to Cremorne Point is to get the ferry to Cremorne Wharf. From here you can do the Cremorne Point to Mosman Bay Walk – probably the best harbourside walk in Sydney!

mosman to cremorne point walk sydney



Balmoral Beach is my absolute favourite beach in the city! It is one of Sydney’s most iconic beaches, yet it also remains a secret from many tourists.

The vibe here is very Mediterranean and there is even a little island you can visit that looks back onto the beach!

The Taronga Zoo to Balmoral Beach walk is a stunning walk you should do that passes many secluded and hidden beaches whilst offering fantastic views out to the harbour!

balmoral beach Sydney 


And now for one of the best secret Instagrammable spots in Sydney: The Manly Wormhole! You will find the Manly Wormhole on the far left side of Queenscliff Beach (which is located next to Manly Beach).

Look for the big pink heart that has been sprayed onto the cliffs at Queenscliff Beach (see picture below).

manly wormhole Queenscliff beach Sydney

Follow the direction of the pink heart, going past the Queenscliff Rock Pool and climbing over the rocks.

You’ll then come to a tunnel known as the Manly Wormhole, which provides a secret connection between Queenscliff Beach and Freshwater Beach that only the locals know about.

The tunnel was carved out over 100 years ago by local fishermen as a way to create a shortcut between Freshwater and Manly.

manly wormhole Queenscliff beach Sydney


On the other side of Manly Beach from the Manly Wormhole is the Fairy Bower Sea Pool. The ocean rock pool is triangular in shape and is set along the beautiful walk from Manly Beach to North Head.

Whilst this is the smallest of the Sydney’s Northern Beaches rock pools at only 20 metres long it is actually one of its most beautiful, especially if you are here to watch the sunrise.

fairy bower pool Sydney



Bondi Icebergs is a very well-known swimming pool located on the ocean right by the iconic Bondi Beach in Sydney’s eastern suburbs. The Icebergs is an incredibly popular Instagrammable spot in Sydney.

Sydney is known for its outdoor sea pools (often called ‘baths’ or ‘rock pools’) and most of them are free to swim in, however, it costs $9 to swim in Bondi Icebergs.

Nevertheless, this is an iconic pool and is definitely something you should add to your Sydney bucket list!

bondi icebergs sydney

If you don’t want to swim in the pool and you only want to get a picture, you can get the aerial picture below from street level when you are standing on Notts Avenue overlooking the pool.

The adjacent Bondi Beach is a very popular beach for surfers as the waves are great here. The beach is always extremely busy and is one of Australia’s most popular and well-known beaches.

Bondi Beach aerial drone photography Sydney

You’ll most likely recognise it from the TV show Bondi Rescue – which shows the lifeguards at Bondi Beach regularly doing rescues.

If you want to get pictures of Bondi Beach with fewer people in, you’ll absolutely need to get here at sunrise. Sunrises and sunsets here are particularly stunning.

bondi icebergs sunrise print photography 


From Bondi, you can do the Bondi to Bronte beach coastal walk (or even go down as far as Coogee if you wish). Bronte Beach is another beautiful yet crowded beach and you’ll see some fantastic houses along here!

Just at the end of Bronte Beach, you will see the Bronte Baths – another one of the well-known beautiful outdoor rock pools in Sydney (and this one is free!).

There are three main Instagrammable spots at Bronte Baths – on the stairs, by the rock wall and on the rocks above the pool.

The stairs leading down to Bronte Baths are a popular Instagrammable spot but you’ll need to get here early (or in the winter!) as the baths can get very busy!

Bronte baths Sydney ocean pool

People will constantly be coming up and down the stairs – especially if you visit during the weekends in the summer!

Walk to the far end of the pool and you will see some big rocks that you can easily climb up. From here you will have a lovely viewpoint of Bronte Baths and the stunning Bronte Beach in the background.

Bronte baths Sydney ocean pool 


Located in Dover Heights, which lies between Rose Bay and Bondi is the Dudley Page Reserve Park.

This large elevated park provides stunning panoramic views out across the city and the Harbour Bridge and Opera House.

It is the perfect place to have an afternoon picnic and is also a really popular spot to watch the Sydney New Year’s Eve and Australia Day fireworks!

You can reach Dudley Page Reserve in 20 minutes if driving from the CBD, or you can take the 380 bus here from Bondi (going in the direction of Watson’s Bay).


A few hundred metres north of Dudley Page Reserve is the incredibly picturesque Diamond Bay, surrounded by dramatic cliffs.

At Diamond Bay, you’ll find a beautiful archway and staircase clusters carved out of the rugged cliffs that go down towards the ocean. Diamond Bay is one of the best secret Instagram spots in Sydney with epic views out to the ocean.

However, it is also the place where several people have fallen to their death trying to get the perfect ‘Instagram shot’. For this reason, safety measures have been imposed and the staircases are blocked off and can no longer be accessed.

You can however still take photos of them from the path.

An elevated boardwalk was created to prevent people from going onto the cliffs, and in recent months a fence and barriers have also been added around the wall to prevent people from jumping over the boardwalk.

These days it looks pretty hard to be able to access the stairs any more, but you may still see the odd person scaling the fence and barrier.

My advice is to please not risk it. Do not try to jump the fence. You can still take a picture of the staircase from the lookout on the elevated walkway or the path (see the one I took below).

If it really matters to you, just photoshop yourself in the picture, but always write a disclaimer stating you photoshopped yourself in, so as not to influence anyone else to try and get a photo with themselves in. Seriously.

Fatal accidents happen a lot on the cliffs around Sydney so please don’t risk it.

diamond bay Sydney


A couple of kilometres north of Diamond Bay is Watson’s Bay where you will find Hornby Lighthouse. Hornsby Lighthouse is such a cute lighthouse and is incredibly iconic with its red and white stripes.

The views out across the harbour to the north shore from here are stunning. From Hornby lighthouse, you can also walk to nearby Camp Cove Beach which offers stunning views out to the harbour and The Harbour Bridge.

Watson's bay lighthouse Sydney  


The perfectly Instagrammable Shark Beach is the start of the Hermitage Foreshore Walk – an absolutely beautiful walk that goes from Vaucluse to Rose Bay.

This walk offers some incredible views out across the harbour and you will come across many stunning beaches such as Milk Beach and Queen Beach.

Instagrammable Swimming Pools & Places To Swim In Sydney:

Sydney has so many saltwater ocean rock pools and swimming pools. Here are the best ones! Unless a price is stated, entrance is free.

South of the harbour:

  • Bondi Icebergs ($8)
  • Bronte Baths
  • Clovelly Ocean Pool (The Geoff James Pool)
  • Giles Bath (by Coogee Beach)

Bronte baths bogey hole ocean pool Sydney aerial photography

On the north shore:

  • Maccallum Pool
  • North Sydney Olympic Pool ($8.50)
  • Fairy Bower Sea Pool (by Manly Beach)
  • South Curl Curl Rock Pool
  • Dee Why Rock Pool
  • North Narrabeen Rock Pool
  • Mona Vale Rock Pool
  • Newport Rock Pool

Mona Vale beach ocean pool Sydney northern beaches 

Most Instagrammable Cafes/Bars/Restaurants Places in Sydney:

The Opera Bar

The Opera Bar is in the perfect location and is not only the most Instagrammable of all of Sydney’s bars and restaurants, but it is the most iconic bar in Australia!

It is an open-air bar right next to The Opera House and has stunning views of The Harbour Bridge.

There is an incredibly lively atmosphere here, and this makes it the perfect place for evening drinks as you get to watch the sun go down behind The Harbour Bridge. Drinks are reasonably priced here and they also do food too.

You can also access the outdoor area of the bar during the day to get some great shots of The Opera House.

Hyde Hacienda Sydney

Hacienda is one of Sydney’s most Instagrammable bar/lounges and is just a few steps from The Opera Bar! Located in Circular Quay, the views across to The Harbour Bridge from here are stunning and the floral interiors here are very cute!

Cuppa Flower Sydney

Cuppa Flower in Waterloo is a cafe and a flower shop all in one! It is full of flowers and its flower wall makes for the most incredible backdrop for your pictures!

cuppa flower instagrammable cafe waterloo sydney

Also, the food here is incredible and presented extremely well – it’s like this place was made for Instagram!

Social Hideout

If Instagrammable walls are what you’re after, then Social Hideout is the place for you!

social hideout waterloo you are truly breathtaking high tea instagrammable flower wall     

Located in Waterloo right next to Cuppa Flower – here you’ll find the flower wall with ‘You are breathtaking’, and also the ‘Wish you were here’ flower wall with a cute bike included for your Instagram pictures!

social hideout wish you were here instagrammable flower wall sydney

The Grounds of Alexandria

The Grounds of Alexandria is a must-visit in Sydney – located in an old 1920’s industrial precinct!

the grounds of alexandria instagrammable car sydney

Now it houses a restaurant, cafe, bar, and florist and always has cute Instagrammable pop-up themes and vintage decorations that change almost every month!

the grounds of alexandria sydney instagrammable fountain

the grounds of alexandria christmas instagrammable display sydney

There’s also a really cute lemonade stand and doughnut stand where you can get some cute pictures!

the grounds of alexandria lemonade stall instagram sydney

The food is also amazing and very healthy here – there are a few places to eat, but my favourite is The Potting Shed – full of plants everywhere, plus you can even drink cocktails out of plant pots!

the potting shed restaurant the grounds of alexandria sydney

Camp Cove Kiosk

Camp Cove Kiosk is a cute little no-frills cafe located at Camp Cove Beach in Watson’s Bay.

camp cove kiosk Sydney instagrammable cafes

With the pastel coloured towels hanging outside, tropical vibes and fresh fruit on display, it makes for one of the lesser well-known Instagram spots in Sydney. Enjoy stunning Harbourside views from the kiosk on the beach.

camp cove Sydney


Most Instagrammable hotels in Sydney:

  • Pier One Sydney Harbour
  • Park Hyatt Sydney
  • Four Seasons Sydney Harbour
  • Sofitel Sydney Darling Harbour
  • Watson’s Bay Boutique Hotel

Best Instagrammable places to see the cherry blossoms in Sydney in spring:

Auburn Botanic Gardens:

The cherry blossoms in Sydney bloom from mid-August to September.

The main arbour tunnel at Auburn Botanic Gardens makes for a stunning Instagrammable shot when the cherry blossoms are in full bloom.

auburn botanic gardens sydney torii gate cherry blossom

Make sure to arrive first thing (9 am) as the Auburn Botanic Gardens get very busy during this time of year.

The Auburn Botanic Gardens are located in west Sydney, not far from Parramatta. It will take you around 40 minutes to drive here from the CBD.

auburn botanic gardens sydney instagrammable places

Best Instagrammable places to see jacarandas in Sydney in spring:


The jacaranda season is one of the most beautiful blooming seasons in Sydney and lasts for a couple of weeks: from the last few days of October to the first two weeks in November.

During this time many streets become completely awash with purple, in particular in the upmarket neighbourhood of Kirribilli.

Kirribilli is located just north of the Harbour Bridge and is the best place to see jacaranda flowers in full bloom in Sydney

macdougall street kirribilli jaguar jacarandas 

MacDougall Street next to Milson Park is the best place to photograph the flowers as the blooms are heaviest here. Please bear in mind these are residential streets so please be respectful of the people living here.

You will also want to get here early (around 7 am!) if you want to get pictures without other people in! Do watch out for the cars when you are here.

jacaranda Kirribilli Sydney 2020 year in review

To get to Kirribilli you can take the ferry to North Sydney wharf or take the train to Milson’s Point.

Best Instagrammable places to see street art in Sydney:

The alternative neighbourhood of Newtown, located in Sydney’s inner-west, is covered with colourful street art and wall murals.

newtown sydney graffiti sign wall art mural

King Street is the main street, in which you’ll find lots of art walls, including the famous ‘I Have A Dream’ mural, but if you head onto the back streets and parking lots you’ll find many impressive pieces of art on the sides of buildings too!

cockatoo galah street art wall mural newton sydney 

Most Instagrammable walks in Sydney:


Palm Beach

Palm Beach, Sydney’s most northern beach, is a beautiful place and makes a change from the crowded beaches in Sydney.

Luckily Palm Beach remains one of those secret Instagrammable places in Sydney for locals to enjoy as many tourists don’t even know about it!

Palm Beach is located about 50km north of Sydney CBD (so it will take you at least an hour to get here due to traffic), and for this reason, many tourists don’t venture up this far.

It is, however, incredibly stunning and there are some really Instagrammable places in Palm Beach. Plus it is the location where Home and Away is filmed!

You can really make a day of it, hiking up to the Barrenjoey Lighthouse, go swimming in the sea, taking the ferry to the nearby Ku-Ring-Gai Chase National Park, hire a boat on Pittwater or even walking down the peninsula from Palm Beach to Avalon and the other nearby beaches.

Barrenjoey head lookout palm beach Sydney

Blue Mountains

Head to The Blue Mountains for the day to escape from the city and experience some hiking and incredible mountain views.

The Blue Mountains are located 1.5 hours west of Sydney and can easily be reached by car or train.

Popular hikes in The Blue Mountains are to Wentworth Falls, The Three Sisters, Zig-Zag railway and to my favourite – Hanging Rock.

 hanging rock blue mountains Sydney

Hanging Rock in the Blue Mountains is very Instagrammable but it can be a little tricky to find, but the views are definitely worth it!

hanging rock blue mountains Sydney

Royal National Park

South of Sydney is Royal National Park. This is Australia’s oldest National Park and the second-oldest National Park in the world!

Here inside The Royal National Park, you can find the Instagrammable Figure 8 Pools and the Wedding Cake Rock.

figure 8 pools royal national park Sydney NSW

Wedding Cake Rock however is no longer open to the public due to the fragility of the land here. It has been closed off to protect the land.

Jervis Bay

Almost a 3-hour trip south of Sydney is the stunning Jervis Bay and Hyams Beach – home to the whitest sand in the world! There is a lovely laidback vibe here and it makes for a perfect place to go for a weekend away!

currumbene creek Jervis Bay

Getting around Sydney

It is fairly easy to get around Sydney as many of the main tourist spots are within easy reach of each other.

You can use the ferries, trains and buses (use the Transport NSW app to plan your trip on public transport) or to make things quicker and more convenient you can download Uber, Ola or Didi taxi apps for cheap rides.

I recommend getting an Opal card (you can get them for free, you just have to top up $20 on them the first time you use them). This will make your public transport costs cheaper.

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