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40 Best Perth Photography Locations & Perth Instagram Spots!

Perth is full of lovely photography locations and Instagram spots that offer many opportunities to get some great photos!

Whether you’re in town for a flying visit and want to capture all the popular Instagrammable places in Perth, or whether you’re a local who lives in Perth and you’re searching for some lesser-known spots to get some inspiration for photo shoot locations, you’ll find it all here!

Instagrammable places in Perth University of WA

This detailed guide features 40 of the best spots in Perth to capture some amazing photos.

As the capital city of Western Australia, Perth boasts many stunning locations that are perfect for Instagram-worthy shots.

kings park perth photography instagrammable spots

From stunning beaches to scenic vineyards and magical waterfalls, there is no shortage of options to choose from. Having recently moved to Perth, I have compiled this selection of my favourite photography spots in the city.

kings park war memorial perth best photography spots

Whether you’re a professional photographer in search of some different shooting locations or you simply just love strolling round and taking photos, this guide has something to offer for everyone.

Get ready to explore the beauty of Perth with these Instagrammable photography locations!

photography locations st Georges terrace

Perth’s Best Photography Locations – 40 Stunning Instagram Spots in Perth

1. Elizabeth Quay

Elizabeth Quay is one of the most famous photography locations in Perth. It’s an absolute gem and makes for some fantastic photos, so make sure it’s top of your list when you visit Perth!

Located on the Swan River right next to Perth CBD, this vibrant waterfront area is popular for both locals and visitors, with a lovely relaxed atmosphere and stunning views. 

Elizabeth quay Perth CBD best photography locations

With a combination of modern architecture, green spaces and the tranquil Swan River there are a few picturesque spots around the quay where you can get some amazing shots from several different angles.

But make sure to come here first thing in the morning if you want photos without other people in!

Ideas for photos include the big white curved Spanda sculpture, the curved bridge, the CBD skyline behind and the Elizabeth Quay carousel.

Elizabeth Quay Carousel Perth CBD photography instagammable locations

There are also several really nice bars and restaurants here at Elizabeth Quay that make for the ideal place for some sunset drinks and admire the city skyline turn from day to night.

Head to The Island and sit out the front to get the best views of the skyline, or go to The Reveley – a popular rooftop bar that overlooks the river.

Elizabeth quay Perth CBD best photography locations

2. Kings Park

Kings Park is the best place in Perth to get photos of the Perth city skyline!

Sitting on top of a hill next to the CBD, Kings Park offers stunning panoramic views of the Swan River and the city skyscrapers, making this one of the best and most iconic places to visit in Perth. 

kings park war memorial perth best photography spots

Kings Park is also one of the largest inner-city parks in the world – it’s even bigger than New York’s Central Park! There are many nice viewpoints in Kings Park but you’ll find the best viewing location is by the War Memorial.        

If you only manage to see one sunrise when you’re in Perth – make sure it’s from Kings Park!

kings park war memorial perth best photography spots

During the day and weekends it can get busy here with lots of people having picnics and relaxing so it’s nice to get some early morning shots without the crowds.

kings park perth photography instagrammable spots

3. Botanic Garden

Located inside Kings Park is the WA Botanic Gardens. They are free to enter and there are some nice walks you can do.

You can also get some nice pictures including of the treetop walkway and the DNA Tower that’s in the shape of a DNA helix that both provide stunning views.kings park perth photography instagrammable spots DNA helix stairs

In the Botanic Garden you’ll find around a quarter (3,000 species) of Western Australia’s 12,000 species of spectacular flora, from ancient boab trees to rare orchids and more!

Spring is a lovely time to visit, when you can see the stunning kangaroo paw and everlasting daisies at the Western Australia Botanic Gardens in full bloom!

everlasting paper daisies kings park western australia botanic garden

4. Perth CBD

You’ll find lots of great photography locations in Perth’s city centre (CBD). 

Some of my favourite spots are: the kangaroo sculptures in front of Government House on St Georges Terrace, the Town Hall and the 19th Century Barracks Arch.

kangaroo statues st Georges terrace government house perth instagrammable spots

I also love strolling down St Georges Terrace and marvelling at the 19th-century buildings scattered amongst the tall skyscrapers. They make for some really interesting photos!

town hall instagammable perth photography locations

Stroll around and explore, you’ll be surprised at the amount of lovely buildings around.

5. London Court, Perth

Also located in Perth CBD but definitely worth its own mention is London Court. London Court is a Tudor style shopping arcade street built in 1937 that was built to replicate an old English street.

With several dozen artisan shops and cafes inside the arcade, it’s a lovely place and an absolute must-visit when in Perth. You’ll need to get here very early if you don’t want to get people in your photos!

London Court Perth CBD instagrammable places

6. South Perth Foreshore

For some stunning Instagrammable photos of the Perth skyline, head across the river to the South Perth foreshore.

Reached in 5 minutes on the ferry from Elizabeth Quay, or a 30 minute stroll via the Narrows Bridge, it’s a lovely relaxing spot to watch the sunset and the views are just magnificent.

South Perth foreshore photography locations

7. The Old Mill, South Perth

Very close to the South Perth Foreshore and Perth Zoo you’ll see The Old Mill – a gorgeous windmill that is absolutely worth a visit!

Located right next to the Mitchell Freeway, this historical landmark was built in 1835 and used to produce 680kg of flour per day during its peak!

Guided tours are available for $2 per person (book beforehand), and it closes at 4pm. If you get there after it’s closed you can still see it from the outside from behind the fence.

the old mill windmill perth foreshore photography locations

8. Blue Boat House (Crawley Boat Shed)

Over recent years the Blue Boat Shed (also known as the Crawley Boat Shed) has become one of the most iconic and Instagrammable photo spots in Perth.

Located along the Swan River just past Kings Park, the small blue boathouse sits at the end of a jetty. Surrounded by water it offers a really unique photography spot. 

blue boat shed Crawley boat house instagammable perth photography locations

Sunrise is a great time to visit, not only because the lighting is better and you may get some amazing sunrise colours, but also because if you visit during the day (especially on weekends!) there will most likely also be several people here trying to get their photo as it’s a popular photo spot!

blue boat shed Crawley boat house instagammable perth photography locations    

9. Matilda Bay

Just a little further along the river from the Blue Boat House is the picturesque Matilda Bay. You can get some lovely views and reflections of the city skyline in the river from the sandy shoreline.

Matilda Bay Perth

10. University of WA

Just a 5 minute stroll past the Crawley Boat Shed is the University of Western Australia.

The University of WA campus is home to several Instagrammable spots, including the Sunken Garden – located near the Lawrence Wilson Art Gallery, as well as the Tropical Grove and Winthrop Hall.

Instagrammable places in Perth University of WA

The most Instagrammable part, however has to be the iconic Winthrop Arches!

Instagrammable places in Perth University of WA

You’re free to walk around and enjoy these beautiful spots even if you’re not studying at the University. 

Instagrammable places in Perth University of WA  

11. Matagarup Bridge

Hop on the free Red CAT bus to take you to the Matagarup Bridge in East Perth.

The pedestrianised Matagarup Bridge opened in 2018 and crosses the Swan River to Perth’s Optus Stadium. It makes for a really interesting photo location.

Whether you visit during the day or after sunset when the bridge is lit up, you’ll be able to get some nice photos! There are so many different spots where you can get a unique angle or perspective of this uniquely shaped bridge.

matagarup bridge nighttime perth photography

12. Swan River Foreshore

The whole of the Swan River Foreshore is really a delight to walk, but the part that goes from Elizabeth Quay towards Heirisson Island is particularly beautiful.

Going alongside the palm-tree lined Riverside Drive, the views are stunning and you can get some lovely photos.

If you have the energy and time you can walk or cycle a 10km loop – from Elizabeth Quay across Heirisson Island, across to South Perth Foreshore and then back to Elizabeth Quay.

13. Heirisson Island

Of course, no list of best photography locations in Perth is complete without mentioning Heirisson Island! Located less than 1km from Perth CBD you will find several lovely kangaroos at Heirisson Island!

Take a selfie with them, or catch a shot of them with Perth’s skyline in the background. It’s a great place to go in the late afternoon – they are more active just before sunset compared to the middle of the day.

kangaroo city CBD Perth skyline australia 

14. Perth City Rooftop Bars

There are plenty of nice rooftop bars such as The Aviary, Mechanic’s Institute, Prince Lane, Bob’s Bay and The Reveley that offer stunning panoramic views of the Perth skyline. 

15. Perth Street Art

Perth is also known for having some really great street art.

Particularly inner city suburbs such as Northbridge, Subiaco and Leederville are known for their colourful and creative eye-catching wall murals, and you can get some epic Instagram shots here!

perth street art photography locations st Georges terrace humpback whale 

Some of the most popular street art in Perth includes:

  • Humpback whale & turtle on St Georges Terrace opposite the Perth Concert Hall (now painted over sadly).
  • Kangaroos and koala in the Forest Square carpark in Subiaco.
  • Pink and grey galahs on the side of Mint Street Deli in Victoria Park.

galah wall victoria park perth

  • Black cockatoos on Newcastle Street in Northbridge.
    perth street art northbridge black cockatoos
  • Pink-haired lady near Ria Malay Kitchen, just off Oxford Street in Leederville.
  • Pink wall near the TAFE in Leederville.
  • Wolf Lane in the CBD has several interesting wall murals.

perth is the new Melbourne instagammable street art

16. Cottesloe Beach

Along with Scarborough Beach, Cottesloe is one of the most well-known beaches in Perth. With pristine clear waters and lovely golden sand, the popular beach is extremely beautiful and is a firm favourite with locals and visitors.

This iconic spot definitely deserves a place in the list of best Perth photography locations and is a must-visit when in Perth. 

Cottesloe Beach Perth aerial view from above drone

Cottesloe Beach is a great place to spend the afternoon swimming and sunbathing, plus it’s a great place to head with a picnic and watch the sunset!

There’s also a nice grassy area behind the beach so you can sit here with a picnic, or get some delicious fish and chips nearby! 

Right on the beach you’ll find the charming Indiana Tearooms Building. Head to the Indigo Oscar restaurant here for some great food and incredible views, or enjoy the kiosks and cafes downstairs.

You can get some really lovely views of the beach and the Indiana Tearooms Building if you walk along the jetty on the left-hand side of the beach. Especially at sunrise and sunset, you can get the best photos.

Perth Cottesloe Beach

There is a lovely vibe here at Cottesloe and it’s a great place for young and old to relax.

If you visit during March you’ll be able to experience the “Sculpture By The Sea” free exhibition that features impressive art on the beach!

sculptures by the beach cottesloe perth western australia

17. Coogee Beach

Located 30 minutes south of Perth, not far from Fremantle is Coogee Beach – another must-visit photography location, especially if you have a drone!

Featuring crystal clear waters, perfectly white sand and the Omeo Shipwreck, it’s the ideal place to spend a hot summer’s day!

The Omeo Shipwreck is located just off the beach so it’s very easy to swim to.

Next to the shipwreck there is also an underwater dive and snorkelling trail – the first of its kind in Western Australia, so be sure to pack your snorkel as this is certainly one of the best snorkelling spots in Perth!

Here you can see a detailed map of the snorkelling trail. 

18. Rottnest Island

When in Perth, taking the short ferry ride over to Rottnest Island is a must! Rottnest is known for its incredibly stunning beaches as well as its native quokkas – the smiliest animals in the world!

Make sure to take a quokka selfie with one of these cuties! There are many spots on Rottnest Island where you can see quokkas.

Rottnest island quokkas 

Rottnest is a seriously picturesque island, and the best way to explore all the stunning beaches Rottnest has to offer is to hire a bike on the island and cycle around, stopping off at the beaches as you go.

Rottnest island bicycle hire is it worth visiting

The aqua-blue water against the white sand looks fantastic in pictures! If you’re looking for some of the most Instagrammable spots on Rottnest Island head to Little Salmon Bay, Parker Point and The Basin.

pinky beach rottnest island Western Australia

A trip to Rottnest Island is definitely worth it whatever time of the year you visit. It truly makes for the ideal day trip from Perth!

Rottnest island beaches

You can get the ferry from Fremantle, Perth CBD or Hillary’s – north of the city (handy if you’re staying around Scarborough or any of the other beaches north of the river).

The ferry to Rottnest Island takes 25 minutes if coming from Fremantle. If coming from Hillarys it takes 45 minutes, and it takes 90 minutes if taking the ferry from Barack Street Jetty in Perth CBD.

Book your Rottnest Island ferry and bike hire here!



19. Fremantle

The vibrant port city of Fremantle is located just 30 minutes from Perth CBD and is another must-visit when in Perth.

There are lots of great photo locations and things to see in Fremantle – a trendy city full of history, character and charm.Fremantle Market Western Australia

From visiting the world-famous Fremantle Markets to the UNESCO World-Heritage Site Fremantle Prison, the colonial Roundhouse building, the colourful Rainbow Containers sculpture, the historic buildings, all the street art, the lighthouse and more!

green mole lighthouse fremantle WA 

20. Esplanade Park

Esplanade Park is a large park separating Fremantle City from the waterfront in Fremantle. At Esplanade Park you’ll find the iconic Skyview Ferris Wheel – one of Fremantle’s most Instagrammable sights!

You can ride in one of the red gondolas for $12 each to get some stunning panoramic views over Fremantle and Rottnest Island, or you can just get some nice photos of the Ferris wheel from down below! 

Esplanade Park Ferris wheel Fremantle Western Australia

21. Rainbow Containers

Another really Instagrammable place in Fremantle to take photos is by the unique Rainbow Containers art installation.

Also known as ‘The Containbow’, the structure is made up of nine recycled shipping containers painted in different colours of the rainbow in a curved shape.

rainbow container perth Fremantle the Containbow shipping containers artwork

It serves as a welcome to Fremantle for those driving in on the side of the Canning Highway, and makes a colourful addition to any Instagram feed!

Planning to stay in Fremantle? Find accommodation here!

22. The Purple Art Studio in Cottesloe

Located very close to Cottesloe train station at 84 Forrest St, Cottesloe, is the an art studio in a really Instagrammable purple building. 

It used to house the famous pink flower shop – a very cute little flower shop but it’s still just as Instagrammable!

Pink Flower Store 84 Forrest St, Cottesloe art studio purple

23. Hyde Park

Whether you’re visiting in the autumn to see the fall foliage of all different shades of red, orange and brown, or if you’re visiting in late spring to see the purple jacaranda trees, Hyde Park is a beautiful inner-city park to take photos of, whichever season you visit. 

Located between Northbridge and Highgate, you can walk to Hyde Park from the CBD in around 30 minutes. There are two lakes in the park that are nice to stroll around.

24. Billie Bob Giant in Subiaco

If you can’t make it down to Mandurah to see the famous Giants of Mandurah, or if you’ve visited them and want to see the final one, head to the Perth suburb of Subiaco where you’ll find the giant Billie Bob!

Located in Theatre Gardens on the western side of the park next to the Subiaco Arts Centre, Billie Bob giant is lying down on his side on the grass asleep!

You’ll find him close to lots of trees – he’s 6 metres long and 2 metres high, so not too difficult to find!

There are BBQs, a playground and toilets here, so it’s a popular place to bring young children too!

Giant Billie Bob Subiaco Perth Giants of Mandurah

25. Applecross – Jacaranda Trees

Mid-October to mid-November (springtime) is when you’ll see the beautiful purple Jacaranda trees in full bloom around Perth!

There are several locations where you can get lovely photos of the jacarandas, however Applecross is the suburb to be – there are so many jacaranda trees here!

Nisbet Road is the most popular place to get those Instagrammable shots! Similar to Sydney’s jacaranda street McDougall Street, the jacarandas frame the street and just look incredible.

Nisbet Road Applecross jacarandas perth

The purple jacarandas make for a fabulous backdrop for photos, however as this is a very popular spot, you’ll want to make sure you arrive first thing in the morning to avoid the crowds of Instagrammers and photographers, as well as the traffic, as much as possible!

Nisbet Road jacarandas Perth APPLECROSS

Please always be aware cars need to pass so don’t block the traffic or step out onto the road without looking!

There are honestly so many other streets in Applecross that are full of jacaranda trees too, one of my favourites is Armstrong Road!

jacaranda trees armstrong road applecross perth western australia

26. Fruit Orchards In The Perth Hills 

The Perth Hills are a 30 minute drive east of Perth CBD and are a fantastic photoshoot location to get stunning photos. You’ll find lots of orchards up in the Hills, with many of them letting you pick your own fruits!

During the autumn months of May and June you’ll also be able to admire the warm autumn colours in the Perth Hills!

During this time the leaves transform into vibrant red and orange shades and you’ll be able to get some fantastic photographs.

Raeburn Orchards and S&R Orchard in particular are great for the autumn colours in May, as well as being popular places to see the blossoms in spring.

S&R Orchard autumn festival Perth Hills Instagrammable places

27. S&R Orchard

Located at 36 Halleendale Road, Walliston, S&R Orchard is a great place to visit in spring and autumn to admire the colours.

In September they have the Cherry Blossom Festival, where you can get stunning photos of the pink cherry blossom trees.

And in May/June they have the S&R Autumn Festival where the orchard becomes awash with bright autumnal colours.

S&R Orchard autumn festival Perth Hills fall foliage leaves

There are also plenty of Instagrammable props here during the festivals, so you can get lots of colourful pictures – it’s one of the best photo spots in Perth!

cherry blossom festival perth S&R Orchard

S&R Orchard is a really popular place for photoshoots, and you can easily spend a couple of hours here enjoying the atmosphere after taking your photos.

S&R Orchard autumn festival Perth Hills fall foliage leaves

Entrance for adults is $12 and there is plenty of food and drink available to purchase on-site.

28. Core Cider House – Bickley Valley

Another picturesque photography location in the Perth Hills is Core Cider House in Bickley Valley. You can get some nice photos of the wall mural and the row of trees near the entrance, then enjoy a cider tasting here! 

29. Zig Zag Sunset Viewpoint

The Perth Hills are home to some fantastic sunset photography locations. They are a particularly great place to watch the sunset as they give you an elevated view of the sun going down over the city skyline – the views are just spectacular.

The Zig Zag Scenic Drive is an especially nice place in the Hills to watch the sunset. As the name suggests, it’s a zig-zag road with several tight switchbacks.

The road is one-way and there are designated spots to stop your car and admire the sunset.

If you’re looking for another picturesque sunset spot in the Hills besides Zig-Zag Scenic Drive, head to Lions Lookout.

30. Mundaring Weir

Also located in the Perth Hills is a large dam called Mundaring Weir.

Take photos of the weir and the ornate observation building on the dam, and drive up to the Golden View Lookout platform to enjoy the stunning aerial views of the forest and weir.

31. Araluen Botanical Gardens

Located in Roleystone – also in the Perth Hills, are the Araluen Botanical Gardens.

tulip festival perth araluen botanic park WA

The best time to visit Araluen Botanical Gardens is from mid-August until late September when they have the annual Springtime Tulip Festival in Perth, featuring over 150,000 colourful tulips!

tulip festival perth araluen botanic park WA

32. Swan Valley

In addition to the fruit orchards in the Hills, Perth is known for the beautiful Swan Valley – also a 30 minute drive from Perth CBD. The Swan Valley is the closest wine region to Perth and has over 40 stunning vineyards.

It’s great for getting some great Instagrammable pictures of the vineyards, as well as popping into some cellar doors afterwards for some wine tasting! There are even some great cider houses here like Funk that do cider-tasting paddles!

funk 2.0 cider house swan valley

The Swan Valley makes for a great day trip from Perth, and whilst you can of course drive there if you prefer, the most popular way to visit is to book a full-day tour or river cruise from Perth so you can have some wine and don’t have to worry about driving back! 

The boat takes you on a scenic boat journey along the Swan River, and then you’ll be taken to some of the best wineries and breweries in the area for tastings!

In addition to the wine and beer tastings you’ll also do some chocolate tasting and have a cheeseboard – it’s a great way to spend a relaxing day and getting some fun pictures! Book your tour here!



Similar to the orchards in the Perth Hills, in the winter the leaves at the vineyards will turn orange, so it is best to visit them during the summer when the leaves are green and the vineyards look the most photogenic!

33. Hidden Waterfall at Bells Rapids

For something a bit different, head to the nearby Upper Swan, where you’ll find the Hidden Waterfall at Bells Rapids. Enjoy the views from the viewpoint, plus you can go down to get some lovely Instagammable photos on the rope swing!

34. Millbrook Winery

Just under an hour’s drive south-west of Perth CBD, near the historic town of Jarrahdale is the stunning Millbrook Winery. Millbrook Winery offers such fantastic views and is a real hidden gem.

Enjoy a bottle of wine whilst soaking up the views, and feel free to even bring your own picnic (or book one online!). 

Nearby you’ll also find the picturesque Serpentine Falls. On a hot summers day, Serpentine Falls is a very popular place to go for a swim and cool off and enjoy a picnic.

There are lots of nice walking trails around here, plus often you’ll see kangaroos here relaxing too!

35. Yanchep Lagoon

A 45 minute drive north of Perth CBD will take you to Yanchep, another great place to visit on a day trip from Perth.

In Yanchep not only can you visit the stunning Yanchep Lagoon with its incredible calm turquoise waters (great for snorkelling and swimming!), but the Yanchep National Park is nearby, where you can see kangaroos, koalas and even a cave!

Stop off for a delicious pub lunch afterwards at the Yanchep Inn and enjoy the views over the lake from the beer garden.

36. Lancelin Sand Dunes

Another absolute must-do day trip from Perth is to the Lancelin Sand Dunes. Located a 1.5 hour drive north of Perth, these are Western Australia’s largest set of sand dunes!

They make for an incredible photography location, with the crisp white sand dunes contrasting against the sky and the ocean in the background.

Lancelin Sand Dunes Western Australia 

You can get some great photos walking along the sand dunes, sand boarding down the dunes, or driving your 4wd on the sand dunes!

The sand dunes are open from 8am until 7pm, and entrance is free.

Make sure to explore the lovely seaside town of Lancelin afterwards before heading back to Perth (or even continue your journey to see The Pinnacles in Nambung National Park and the sea lions in Jurien Bay!).

sea lion blowing bubbles in Jurien Bay WA

You can visit the Lancelin sand dunes independently or you can go on a guided tour if you’d prefer not to drive.

Book a day trip to Lancelin & The Pinnacles from Perth!

37. Caversham Wildlife Park

Caversham Wildlife Park is a great place to get some Instagrammable pictures of kangaroos, koalas, wombats and many more Australian native animals!

You can get photos of you cuddling koalas, feeding kangaroos and sitting next to wombats, plus you can watch the little penguins feeding! This is a great place for young and old to get some great photos!

38. Lake Clifton Thrombolites

Just over an hour’s drive south of Perth will take you to the Lake Clifton Thrombolites, near to Mandurah (where you’ll find the rest of the Giants!).

The Lake Clifton Thombolites are fascinating rock formations that date back almost 2000 years!

They are some of the oldest living organisms in the world! Walk along the boardwalk to admire the thrombolites, and if you have a drone you can get some incredible aerial photos!

This is definitely a day trip or even a weekend trip destination, so make sure to also stop off at Rockingham and explore the lovely beaches here before continuing your journey!


If you are looking for some other less-known photography locations in and around Perth you can also check out:

  • 39. The Pink Church in Subiaco: Earthwise Community Association at 315 Bagot Road, Subiaco. 
  • 40. Reabold Hill, Floreat: stunning views at the summit across to the city skyline in one direction, and the ocean in the opposite direction. A popular spot for local photographers to capture the full moon over the city!

And if you’re looking for another Instagrammable spot near to Perth, check out the Canola Fields at Pet Teet Park, York – 100km east of Perth CBD. August is the best time to see the seasonal yellow canola in bloom!

Perth Photography Locations Summary

And there are the 40 best photography locations in Perth! Hopefully you’ll get to visit some of these photography locations and get some great Instagram photos when you’re in Perth!

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