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Top 11 Best Things To Do In Mong Kok – Hong Kong

Mong Kok, situated in the heart of Kowloon, is a lively and dynamic district of Hong Kong that’s popular with visitors due to its eclectic blend of tradition and modernity – plus there are so many things to do and see here! It’s also one of the most populated places in the world!

Renowned for its bustling markets, vibrant street life, and a myriad of cultural attractions, Mong Kok offers the perfect experience for those seeking a taste of authentic Hong Kong.

Here is a comprehensive guide to the best things to do in this vibrant neighbourhood – a must-visit when you’re exploring Hong Kong!

mong kok Hong Kong


Mong Kok Markets:

Mong Kok is famous for its markets, so make time to experience its two most famous night markets: the Ladies Market and Temple Street Night Market.

Both markets are located just off Nathan Road, and are great places to buy souvenirs and clothes, or just soak up the atmosphere!

1. Temple Street Night Market:

Temple Street Night Market comes alive after sunset. Stretching across Temple Street, this buzzing market offers a variety of goods, from affordable clothing to local street food.

Make sure to sample some food here: Temple Market is known for its great seafood restaurants and street food stalls.

The lively atmosphere, vibrant lights, and street performers at Temple Street Night Market really make it a must-visit in the evening!

To get to Temple Street Night Market, get off at Jordan MTR and follow signs for Temple Street at exit A. Turn right at Jordan Road and then right onto Temple Street.

Top tip: keep walking along Temple Street, through the park, and you will find more stalls where everything is half the price that it is in the busy touristy part of the market!

2. Ladies’ Market

Ladies Market is another market with a vibrant atmosphere worth visiting when you’re in Mong Kok. It’s located about a mile from Temple Street Night Market – and it’s a lot bigger! Plus it’s open during the daytime too!

Spanning Tung Choi Street, Ladies’ Market is a shopper’s paradise, featuring over 100 stalls offering trendy clothing, accessories, and trinkets. Bargaining is expected!

You can find a lot of similar products at both markets, but the Ladies Market focuses more on clothes and accessories.

The closest MTR station is Mong Kok station: follow the signs at exit D for Tung Choi Street.

3. Sneaker Street (Fa Yuen Street Market)

Next to the Ladies Market is Fa Yuen Street, commonly known as Sneaker Street – a bustling market that’s an absolute haven for sneaker lovers. Here you can buy trainers/sneakers at discounted prices from almost any brand!

4. Goldfish Market

And for a really unique experience, visit the Goldfish Market on Tung Choi Street North. There is a colourful array of tropical fish and exotic pets here, with hundreds of bags of tropical fish at insanely high prices.

Personally I don’t support animals to be sold this way, but it provides an interesting look into local life.

5. Langham Place

If you prefer shopping centres as opposed to markets, head to the huge Langham Place shopping complex where you’ll find over 200 stores, including international brands, trendy boutiques, and a diverse range of dining options.

6. Try The Street Food

Mong Kok is a haven for foodies, and its streets are adorned with stalls offering delicious food!

Make sure to try the local favourite egg waffles, plus – fish balls and stinky tofu if you’re brave enough! Mong Kok’s Fa Yuen Street is particularly famous for its array of street food options.

7. Eat At The World’s Cheapest Michelin-Starred Restaurant!

This is a great bucketlist activity to do when in Asia: experience dim sum at Tim Ho Wan, the world’s cheapest Michelin-starred restaurant! Their renowned barbecue pork buns are delicious!

8. Yuen Po Street Bird Garden

The Yuen Po Street Bird Garden is a charming traditional garden where locals gather with their pet birds. It’s a great place to escape the hustle and bustle, and really reminded me of the bird club at Culture Park in Saigon (one of the most unique things to do in Saigon)!

I just love watching the locals in Asia going about their everyday life, I find it so fascinating!

Admire the birds and their owners, explore the garden’s architecture, and enjoy the calm away from the busy city!

9. Mong Kok’s Cat Cafés:

If you enjoy cat cafés, be sure to check out Urban Cafe on Nathan Road, or Cat Jungle, located on Sai Yeung Choi St South. They are both excellent cat cafes, full of lots of gorgeous cats (sometimes even kittens!).

Not only do you get to cuddle the cats, but they have some delicious cakes, coffees and meals for you to enjoy in between your sightseeing.

10. Street Performances at Sai Yeung Choi Street

Stroll down Sai Yeung Choi Street and enjoy the lively street performances of musicians, dancers, and other artists. There is such a vibrant and energetic atmosphere here!

11. Nathan Road At Night

If you’ll be visiting Mong Kok during the day, make sure to also come back or stay until sunset to experience Nathan Road at night. At night time the streets become so vibrant, full of old bright illuminated Mandarin signs and neon lights, and you can feel the atmosphere of old Hong Kong.

There are plenty of restaurants and street food options too!



Hopefully you will enjoy exploring Mong Kok as much as I did! With its diverse array of attractions and its blend of traditional and contemporary Hong Kong, it’s a fantastic place to visit.

Whether you’re here for the food, the shopping or the culture, this vibrant district really has something to offer everyone!