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White Sands Walk Jervis Bay – From Hyams Beach To Huskisson!

The White Sands Walk is a must-do when in Jervis Bay, full of – you guessed it, beautiful white sandy beaches!

From Hyams Beach up to Greenfield Beach, plus you can also extend the walk up to Nelsons Beach or even Huskisson, this is one of the best scenic coastal walks in the whole of Australia. 

The beaches in Jervis Bay are undeniably stunning, and with their crystal clear waters, the whitest sand in the world (according to The Guinness Book Of World Records!), dolphin spotting from the shores (plus whale watching in the winter months), and the most incredible natural backdrop, the White Sands Walk connecting the Jervis Bay beaches makes for a truly stunning walk.

Here’s all you need to know about the White Sands Walk from Hyams Beach up to Greenfield Beach, as well as the extended walk up to Nelsons Beach and Huskisson!

Blenheim beach Jervis Bay best beaches NSW

What Is The White Sands Walk In Jervis Bay?

The White Sands Walk connects some of the most famous and beautiful white sand beaches in Jervis Bay along a stunning coastal walk. 

The walking track is very straightforward and goes directly from beach to beach along the coast. Therefore it is actually often quicker to walk between the beaches as opposed to driving between each one, due to the layout of the roads.

Plus, on a warm sunny day, finding a parking spot can be very difficult at each beach, especially in the busy summer months! 

Jervis Bay is blessed with many beaches, and The White Sands Walk is a great way to enjoy a handful of its best beaches!

Greenfield Beach White Sands Walk Jervis Bay

You can do the White Sands Walk all in one go, or stop off at each beach, have a sunbathe and go for a swim before continuing on to the next beach! Along the walk there are also stunning viewpoints and rock platforms that provide fantastic views.

Officially the White Sands Walk is the walk from Hyams Beach to Greenfield Beach.

However you only get to see 4 beaches out of the many beaches Jervis Bay has on this walk, lots of people like to extend the walk up to Nelsons Beach/Plantation Point or even to Huskisson so they get to experience more of the great beaches Jervis Bay has to offer.

It is such a lovely walk, it’s great exercise – and you get to see a real variety of stunning beaches.

If you don’t fancy doing the walk however, you can drive to each beach – they all have car parks!

hyams beach Jervis Bay passage boat trip cruise

How Long Is The White Sands Walk?

The official White Sands Walk between Hyams Beach Village and Greenfield Beach is 2.5km return (1.25km each way).

If you extend the walk further north to Nelsons Beach/Plantation Point, the White Sands Walk from Hyams Beach to Plantation Point is just under 4km one way.

It should take you less than an hour to walk that if you do it without stopping.

However, you’ll definitely want to take your time and enjoy some time at the beaches and check out the views at the lookouts, so allow at least a couple of hours or half a day to really enjoy all the White Sands Walk has to offer. 

If you choose to carry on the walk up to Huskisson it’s around a 9km walk in total one-way, and should take a couple of hours if you’re not stopping.

If that’s too long for you to walk, you can always just do part of the walk and then just drive to the rest of the beaches!

There’s also the option to do the walk and then get the bus back to your car so you don’t have to walk back on yourself to get back to your car!

The 104 bus operated from Hyams Beach to Woolworths Vincentia, then the 102 bus operates from Woolworths Vincentia to Collingwood Beach and up to Huskisson Town Centre.

The White Sands Walk is relatively flat and suitable for all ages and fitness levels, so it’s a great walk for all the family – young and old!

Blenheim beach Jervis Bay best beaches NSW

Where Do You Start The White Sands Walk?

You can start the White Sands Walk in either direction – from Hyams Beach or from Greenfield Beach (or starting/finishing in Nelsons Beach/Huskisson if you want to continue the walk and visit some more stunning beaches).

Many people prefer to do the walk going south and ending the walk at Hyams Beach, but it is personal preference and really doesn’t matter.

You may actually wish to get to Hyams Beach early in the morning to enjoy it before the crowds arrive! The walk is pretty well signposted and it’s easy to follow in either direction.

Whichever direction you do the walk in, I would just say to not start the walk too late in the day. Like all of the eastern-facing beaches in Australia, in the afternoon the sun goes behind the beach and so the beach starts to get in the shade.

The White Sands Walks is best enjoyed in the morning or early afternoon to ensure you get to see the beaches in all their glory!

white sands walk Jervis Bay Huskisson Hyams Beach

Is The White Sands Walk In Jervis Bay Pram Friendly?

You can bring a pram along on the White Sands Walk if you wish. However, it’s not the easiest as lots of the walk goes through coastal heathlands, and there isn’t a path along the beaches, so it may make pushing a pram difficult in parts.

Is The White Sands Walk In Jervis Bay Dog Friendly?

Dogs cannot do the White Sands Walk as it passes through National Park, and domestic animals are prohibited in all National Parks in Australia.

If you do want to take your dog to the beach, dogs are allowed off-leash at Nelsons Beach and Huskisson Beach during certain hours, and dogs are allowed to visit Hyams Beach at any time of day providing they have a leash on.

Greenfield Beach White Sands Walk Jervis Bay

White Sands Walk Jervis Bay

Here are all the beaches along The White Sands Walk, starting from Hyams Beach and going north all the way up to Greenfield Beach, Nelsons Beach and finally Huskisson.

Hyams Beach (Seamans Beach)

What most people think of when they think of the endless stretch of white sand known as Hyams Beach is actually not Hyams Beach – it’s actually correctly known as Seamans Beach! Hyams Beach is actually the beach just north of it.

We will however start the walk here at Seamans Beach as it is simply spectacular and absolutely worth a visit, plus it is the beach you’ll most often see in pictures of Jervis Bay as it is the most famous stretch of sand in the area.

The setting of Seamans Beach is incredible – backed by forest and the National Park. It is literally ‘bush meets beach’ and it has a lovely natural and rugged feel to it. The colour of the clear turquoise water is just magical too.

You can walk for ages all the way down the beach to Booderee National Park if you want to get away from the crowds at the northern end of the beach.

There are often crowds here at this beach as it is here that the whitest sand in the world is, according to The Guinness World Book of Records! The sand here is so white here that you’ll honestly need your sunglasses! 

best beaches in Jervis Bay Hyams Beach NSW

If you arrive early in the morning or outside of peak seasons and weekends, you’ll easily be able to get a parking spot somewhere along the southern end of Cyrus Street, or if you’re lucky within the Hyams Beach car park.

Always check the signs before you park for any parking limitations.

Little Hyams Beach

Officially known as Hyams Beach but often called Little Hyams Beach so as to distinguish between the two, Little Hyams Beach is the beach that lies just in front of Hyam Road.

You can get to Little Hyams Beach simply by strolling north of Seamans Beach (“Hyams Beach”), past the rocky area that turns into rock pools at high tide.

Check out the picture below, with Seamans (“Hyams Beach”) at the bottom, and then Little Hyams Beach just above the rocky area.

The picture shows below all the beaches in the White Sands Walk – from Nelsons Beach at the top to the start of Seamans /Hyams Beach at the very bottom. Don’t the beaches just look incredible?!

best beaches in Jervis Bay Hyams Beach NSW

The village behind the beach is also called Hyams Beach and it’s a lovely area, mostly filled with holiday rental homes so not many people actually live here any more!

If you want to park close to Little Hyams Beach, park on or around Hyam Road, which is close to the lovely coloured Hyams Beach Seaside Cottages.

Chinamans Beach

Chinamans is another stunning beach along The White Sands Walk, again with crystal clear turquoise waters and incredibly white sand. After you’ve walked past the beach heading north you’ll go up some stairs.

Look for the signed detour that takes you to a great viewpoint out onto the rocks that offers a lovely aerial view back over the beach.

If you want to park at Chinamans Beach, park at the northern end of Cyrus Street. At the corner of Cyrus Street and Aster Street you’ll see the track going down to the beach.

best beaches in Jervis Bay

Continuing along the White Sands Walk from Chinamans Beach to Greenfield Beach you’ll walk along the path through the forest for 500 metres or so.

It’s a lovely walk with stunning views out towards the sea, and you’ll also see the turn-off for the Scribbly Gum Track.

Aussies like to keep things simple when they are naming things, so a scribbly gum tree is called so because it literally looks like someone has scribbled on the bark of the gum tree! The patterns are amazing to look at!

scribbly gum track white sands walk Jervis Bay NSW

Greenfield Beach

Greenfields Beach is another stunner of a beach – another jewel of Jervis Bay, with the classic Jervis Bay white sand, turquoise water and gum trees surrounding the beach.

It’s great to spend some time here relaxing on the sand or going for a dip in the little bay.

There’s a fairly big car park here at Greenfields Beach, at the end of Sutton Beach, as well as a nice picnic area with barbecues, picnic tables and toilets.

white sands walk Hyams beach Greenfield beach Chinamans Beach Jervis Bay best beaches

The White Sands Walk officially ends here, although I definitely recommend you to continue the walk up to Nelsons Beach and even Huskisson as the beaches further up are just as stunning.

Blenheim Beach

My personal favourite beach along the White Sands Walk is Blenheim Beach! The beach is small, it never gets too busy and has a lovely rugged secluded vibe about it.

It backs onto the forest and there’s a small tannin creek at the back of the beach. In addition, this is a great spot for snorkelling – we saw some baby stingrays here at Blenheim Beach – on the southern end by the rocks!

Behind Blenheim Beach there is a picnic area with barbecues as well as toilets and a children’s playground. There is also a car park at the end of Frederick Street.

Blenheim beach Jervis Bay best beaches NSW

From Blenheim Beach you’ll then go along a formed track and boardwalk to get to Nelsons Beach.

Nelsons Beach

Nelsons Beach is a lovely long beach that is perfect for sunbathing and swimming. As the beach is so big there is plenty of space here to get away from everyone.

To the north of the beach is Plantation Point Reserve, a popular shaded spot for picnics. There are also toilets, showers and a children’s playground here.

Plantation Point Nelsons beach Jervis Bay best beaches NSW     

There are lots of parking spots on the section of Plantation Point Parade behind Nelsons Beach.

Barfleur Beach

A small and isolated beach that disappears significantly when the tide comes in is Barfleur Beach, just to the west of Plantation Point. It’s a great spot to sit and watch the humpback whales during the winter months.

There’s parking at Plantation Point by the Vincentia Sailing Club.

Orion Beach

Orion Beach is another really nice beach in Vincentia. It sits to the west of Barfleur Beach and has some rocky sections. The calm waters are great for going for a dip, and there’s lots of shade on the beach.

There’s parking on Elizabeth Street, as well as at the top of Plantation Point Parade (walk through the beach paths to the beach).

Orion Beach jervis Bay

Collingwood Beach

Another personal favourite of all the Jervis Bay beaches is Collingwood Beach. This lovely white sandy beach stretches for over 2km and it’s never crowded!

It offers perfect views across to Point Perpendicular Lighthouse and goes from just behind the Vincentia shopping centre all the way up to the mouth of Moona Moona Creek on the northern end. 

Collingwood Beach Vincentia Jervis Bay NSW Australia

There’s lots of kerb side parking on Ilfracombe Avenue, on the northern part of Collingwood Beach.

If you haven’t got the car and don’t have the energy to complete the remaining 3.5km of the walk, you can always get the local 102 bus from Vincentia Shopping Village all the way to Huskisson Town Centre. Just pay when you get on the bus.

Alternatively, if you would like to finish the walk and head back to your car at Hyams Beach, you can get the 102 bus from the Vincentia Shopping Centre to the Woolworths in Vicentia, and then the 104 bus back to Hyams Beach.

This is a great way to ensure you get to see as many beaches as you can on the walk, but you don’t have to walk all the way back to your car!

Remember to check timetables as the buses around Jervis Bay aren’t very frequent.

Moona Moona Beach

Located on the side of Moona Moona Creek, this is an absolutely lovely area to visit. The water here is especially calm and shallow here, so you’ll often see people paddleboarding and young children swimming.

Moona Moona Creek is much better to visit at mid to high tide as opposed to low tide, and it’s great as it’s never really crowded.

The grassy reserve behind the beach has barbecues, picnic tables, toilets and a children’s playground. Moona Moona Becah is definitely a great place for families to spend a few hours.

There’s parking on Beach Street next to the reserve.

Moona Moona Creek Jervis Bay NSW Huskisson

Huskisson Beach

By the mouth of Moona Moona Creek, following on from Moona Moona Beach around the corner is Huskisson Beach. There’s a couple of holiday parks just behind Huskisson Beach so it’s a popular spot with families.

This beach is really long so there’s lots of space to spread out. In the late afternoon Huskisson Beach is a popular place for people to bring their dogs.

white sands walk Jervis Bay Huskisson Hyams Beach

You can find parking on Beach Street.

Shark Net Beach

The final beach on the walk from Hyams Beach to Huskisson is Shark Net Beach.

Shark Net Beach is the closest beach to Huskisson town centre, and if you follow it all the way round (you may choose to just walk along the footpath) it will lead you to the Huskisson Sea Pool and Currambene Creek.

There’s also a children’s playground behind the beach, as well as toilets and barbecues.

There is lots of parking in Huskisson Town Centre, both street parking and a couple of car parks. Remember to always check the signs for any parking restrictions.

shark net beach Jervis Bay NSW       

Huskisson Town Centre

Once you’ve completed the long walk from Hyams Beach to Huskisson make sure to spend some time enjoying the lovely town of Huskisson!

Go for a beer at The Huskisson Hotel, or have a nice meal at Club Jervis Bay, which offers stunning views over Currambene Creek if you get a window seat!

Huskisson has some lovely shops, cafes and restaurants, plus it is from here you can take a whale watching or dolphin watching boat!

currumbene creek Jervis Bay 

Alternatives To The White Sands Walk

If you feel like taking it really easy and don’t want to do any walking, you can take a cruise on a boat that goes past all the beaches on the White Sands Walk!

The Jervis Bay Passage Cruise is a great way to see the beaches from a different perspective, you can get great photos, enjoy the ride and even spot some dolphins too!

How To Get To Jervis Bay

Travelling by car is deinitely the quickest and most convenient way to get to Jervis Bay.

You can get to Jervis Bay from Sydney using public transport, just check timetables beforehand, especially if you’ll be travelling on a Sunday, when trains are often every 2 hours!

From Sydney take the train to Bomaderry (changing in Kiama) and then take the 102 bus from Bomaderry Train Station to Huskisson Town Centre (it also goes through Vincentia if you’ll be staying there).

Huskisson is the main town in Jervis Bay so it’s the most convenient place to base yourself when in Jervis Bay as there are lots of cafes, shops and restaurants here.

More Beaches In Jervis Bay

If you are looking for more stunning beaches in Jervis Bay to visit, check out Honeymoon Bay as well as Green Patch Beach and Caves Beach. Not only are these stunning beaches but they are some of the best places to see kangaroos in Jervis Bay!

White Sands Walk From Hyams Beach Summary

Overall the White Sands Walk is an absolutely stunning walk, and a must-do for anyone visiting Jervis Bay.

There is so much beauty on the walk, plus if you aren’t up to doing the whole walk you can drive between the beaches – perfect!

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