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2 Days in Zion National Park – Or Is 24 Hours In Zion Enough?

If you’ve got 2 days in Zion National Park, or only 24 hours, you can see a lot and go on some incredible hikes. Zion was once home to the ancient Native Americans and then Mormons settled here in the 1860’s and renamed it Zion (meaning a place of peace and refuge). Zion is one […]

What To Do In Langkawi For 3 Days – Langkawi Malaysia Itinerary!

Are you heading to Langkawi and wondering what to do in this beautiful island for 3 days? The archipelago of Langkawi, Malaysia is a paradise made up of 99 islands just a half hour boat ride from Thailand (one of the most famous places nearby in Thailand is the James Bond Island in Phuket). Langkawi […]

20 Sardinia Pictures Of Beaches That’ll Make You Want To Visit Sardinia!

10 pictures that will make you want to visit Sardinia

If you are looking for some beautiful pictures of Sardinia and it’s beaches, look no further. I spent 6 weeks on the picturesque Italian island of Sardinia in summer 2015. Sardinia is like paradise: beautiful but wild, authentic but mysterious. White sandy beaches surround the island and life here is very laid back.¬†Here are my […]