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Travel Resources

Hi travellers!

Below is a list of helpful travel websites I use to plan all of my trips.

Feel free to bookmark this page, so when you’re planning your next trip you’ll have all the links in one place which will save you time so you can find the best deals on cheap accommodation, the best flight deals, the best tours and more!



Booking accommodation online is one of the first things to do when planning a trip. I love staying in comfortable accommodation and always prefer to book in advance to make my trip go smoothly.

Here are my favourite websites I use to find the best deals on accommodation: has the largest collection of hotels and is the most popular hotel booking website. It’s not just hotels here though – you can also find apartments, resorts and hostels.

Plus, the more you use the platform, you’ll also become eligible for discounts!


Staying in hostels is a great way to connect with other travellers and save money when travelling.

Hostelworld is the largest online booking platform for hostels worldwide.

There are lots of options available for all types of travellers, from budget backpackers looking to find a bed in a shared dorm room, to travellers who are after a private room at a great price.

Trusted Housesitters

Pet sitting is a great way to get accommodation for FREE! If you love animals you can look after people’s pets and homes whilst they go away – in exchange for living in their home!

Their animals and home get looked after, and you get free accommodation plus some furry friends. Win-win!

Finding Cheap Flights

Flight tickets account for a big percentage of your travel budget. Saving money on flights definitely helps your money go further.

The sites I recommend to search, compare and book the cheapest flights are:


My go-to website for booking a flight! Skyscanner compares all platforms and airlines so you can find the cheapest flights.

Especially if you are flexible with your travel dates, you can see which days have the cheapest flights and save a lot of money!


I love Wayaway as it gives you cashback for flights straight into your Paypal account!

It’s similar to Skyscanner, so I will often compare the prices on both Skyscanner and Wayaway when I’m searching for flights and book whichever one is cheapest that day!

Travel Insurance

When you’re travelling, things can and do go wrong, so travel insurance is an absolute must-have when going on any trip.

It costs literally just a few dollars per day and it can really save you thousands if something goes wrong or you have an accident.

Especially if you’re travelling with any expensive equipment or you get hospitalised abroad (happened to me and saved me tens of thousands of dollars!) you’ll be very glad you got your travel insurance.

Here is the travel insurance provider I recommend:


A trusted insurance provider that provides great low-cost insurance, I’m a big fan of Heymondo’s Annual Multi-trip Insurance.


I love to travel around a new destination by either rental car, train or bus and always like to have this organised in advance so my trip is stress-free.

Here are the best transport booking platforms to make your travels easier:

Rental cars:

Renting a car offers you the most flexibility to explore, plus sometimes it’s the only option to get around if you’re in a location where public transport is limited or non existent!

Discover Cars is my favourite site for finding the best rental cars deals worldwide!


Public Transport:

If you’re looking for the best public transport options, Bookaway is one of the best platforms to compare and book trains, buses and ferries worldwide.


Public Transport in South East Asia:

12GO Asia is the first place I go to purchase tickets for trains, buses, boats, private shuttle and even flights when travelling around Southeast Asia & Oceania!

It’s really handy to book everything on the one platform and keep all your bookings in the same place, and it helps you stay organised.


Tours & Experiences

Booking day trips, tours and experiences online before your trip is always a good idea. There’s nothing worse than arriving somewhere and trying to plan a day trip, only to find it’s all booked out!

Booking your trips and experiences beforehand online will make your travels stress-free and will often mean you can get a better deal.

These are the tour booking sites I use and love:

Get Your Guide

Get Your Guide is one of the most popular tour booking platforms, with so many tours and experiences all around the world!

This is always the first platform I go to when looking for day trips in a new destination.


Viator is another great tour booking platform where you’ll find lots of tours and attractions – sometimes with discounted entrance!

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