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Eating Alone At A Restaurant – 10 Tips On How To Dine Alone & ENJOY IT!

One of the reasons that holds many people back from travelling by themselves is the thought of eating alone at a restaurant at mealtimes. And for many people that do manage to travel alone, dining solo can indeed be one of the most hardest parts at first. It doesn’t have to be though! Whilst for […]

Housesitting enabled me to give up my job & travel!

Because of housesitting, I have been able to give up my job and travel the world, with all my accommodation costs paid for! Want to learn how you can do the same? What is housesitting? First off, what is house sitting? Read here all about housesitting, the advantages of it, which people it is suited to, and […]

Why become an au-pair in Italy?

cucina italiana

With it’s incredible history, beautiful landscapes and delicious food, Italy is always a popular choice for au-pairs. If you’re thinking about becoming an au-pair look no further: these are the top 8 reasons that will definitely convince you to become an au-pair in Italy! 1. Italy is STUNNING There is quite literally beauty around every […]

How I got my first press trip with only 6k Insta followers!

lotus guesthouse boutique hotel shiraz iran traditional houses

Think only a big ‘influencer’ can get a collaboration or an all-expenses paid press trip? No this is NOT the case! I scored my first collaboration (and a pretty awesome one at that – a 9 day press trip round Iran!) when I only had 6,000 followers on Instagram! And I didn’t even reach out […]

What is house sitting & how it enables me to travel!

Ever wondered what is house sitting? Because of housesitting I am living abroad and travelling around the world without paying for accommodation. House sitters look after someone’s pets and their home whilst they are away on holiday. House sitting is beneficial to both the house sitter and the home owners. It benefits the house sitter […]

How I got free accommodation around the world for 5 years whilst travelling!

A significant amount of everyone’s travelling budget always goes on accommodation, especially if you want somewhere half decent to stay. But what if I told you there are several ways you can get free accommodation whilst travelling or living abroad? This is actually how I have been able to afford to live abroad and travel […]

How to make money from Amazon affiliate links on your website

How to make money from Amazon affiliate links on your website

Adding Amazon affiliate links to your website is a really easy way to start making money online. When I wanted to start adding affiliate links to articles in my website, I could barely find any helpful information online about how to set them up, so I’ve broken it down for you in this guide, focusing […]

Why you should stay in independent boutique hotels!

boutique hotels

If you read my article on Why you should always support local independent businesses (CLICK HERE to read), you’ll know I am not a massive fan of big chain companies and global brands, and given the choice I always pick the smaller independent businesses over the larger global ones every time. Whether out shopping, looking for […]