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From companies I have collaborated with:

“We had the opportunity to collaborate with Catrina during her recent trip to Istanbul, as she stayed in one of the hotels we represent. We were impressed by the engaging content, photos, insta-stories she created, not only about the hotel but also about its interesting and distinct neighbourhood. She posted the blog and social media content as she was experiencing the facilities…we didn’t have to wait or follow up at all. Can’t wait to collaborate with Catrina again in the near future. Thanks, Laura”

Laura Perez
General Manager PR & Senior Communications Consultant


Catrina got in touch with us and expressed an interest in our product range with a view to reviewing it and blogging about it.
We get approached on a daily basis by bloggers and social media experts asking for free samples etc and sometimes, the level of coverage on offer is less than ideal. However, it was obvious to us from the start that Catrina is not your average blogger. Her Instagram account is highly professional, and she obviously takes it very seriously. It was also clear to us that she has a passion for what she does, so we agreed to send her a box of samples to review.
After receiving our products, Catrina provided us with excellent coverage on her Instagram account and website.
She has been a real pleasure to deal with and we have no hesitation in recommending her on a professional basis. Catrina pays attention to detail and we feel that she has done a really great job for us.

Tommy Crooks
Managing Director – The Edinburgh Skincare Company


We are a travel agency in Iran and for our website I needed new pictures and new social media advertising so I decided to invite Catrina to come to Iran and collaborate with my business to help me achieve this. I had previously discovered her on Instagram during her first trip to Iran: her vibrant and professional pictures really caught my eye and I knew she would be the right person to help me. Before, during and after the trip she was promoting my company on her Instagram and always remained very professional and polite. She was very creative with her photos and updated them onto social media in a timely manner. She uploaded many photos onto her Instagram feed and videos on her Instagram story promoting my company and tagging the company, which I am very grateful for. We did several hotel collaborations during the stay and she uploaded photos and videos promoting the hotels in a very positive way. All the hotels were very pleased with the exposure she had given them. She also helped me to re-write a part of my website which I am very grateful for. Being a native speaker, it was great she was able to correct any errors in my writing and rewrote it perfectly.
I am very happy with the work Catrina did for me and I want to invite her back to Iran again next year for another future collaboration. Since she has been advertising my company on her Instagram, I have received many emails from other influencers looking to collaborate with me, but I have politely declined them all as I only want to work with Catrina in the future. She was really very passionate to help me grow my business and was really a pleasure to work with.

Farzad Kouhbor
Manager of Inbound Persia



From my dedicated readers:


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