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Our Story

Our Story

Hi and welcome to Dronecean! We are Catrina (British/Irish) and Sergio (Colombian), a couple in our early 30’s who have been calling Sydney home for the past two years. We are lucky enough to live right on the beautiful Bondi Beach, and whenever we can we love taking our drone and DSLR camera out and about around Bondi for sunrise, sunset, or to catch the surfers in action, the dolphins playing or the giant humpback whales swimming right past us! This suburb of Sydney is an absolute dream and we are so grateful to call it our home.

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Photography is a passion rooted deep within us and something we both pursued individually for many years before we met. And as it happens, it was this shared love for photography that actually brought us together in the first place as we met whilst taking photos at Palm Beach!

Sergio is an Electromechanical Engineer by trade, but also has worked extensively in photography printing services. Catrina has excelled in several careers over the years, including working as a Senior Radiographer (x-ray nurse), an English Teacher, a Flight Attendant, a Neonatal Nanny and a Travel Blogger, where she collaborated with many well-known international brands to provide them with photography and written content.

Whilst we both love getting behind the camera, we both take on different roles in Dronecean. Sergio is the master of the drone and specialises in landscape and marine content, whereas Catrina works more behind the scenes in bringing our photography to life – by editing our photos with our unique presets, by designing and bringing new products, and by sharing valuable information about droning in articles and in our YouTube channel.

We hope you enjoy our photography and seeing the world through our aerial lens!

Follow us on our Instagram @dronecean for all the latest shots – thank you!

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