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about 24 hours layover your guide to female solo travel


Hi! I’m Catrina, a 31 year old girl of Irish blood who left my successful healthcare career in London 4 years ago and booked a one-way flight to Italy with just €100 in my back pocket and no solid plan. I embarked on a journey of self-discovery that would forever change my direction in life.

Growing up I was always taught to focus on my education, get a degree, climb the career ladder, save money to buy a house, get married, have kids, boom: success and happiness guaranteed!

I got about halfway through this ‘checklist’ before I realised that it didn’t always work like that for everyone: this was one way to happiness, not the only way! So in 2009 I packed my backpack and travelled with some friends around Chile, Peru and Bolivia for a few weeks. This trip changed how I viewed the world and other cultures, made me think about my values, and it exposed me to my greatest love: travelling.

Since that South America trip, I could feel there was just something more out there for me. Every year I would take all of my annual leave in one go and backpack to far-away exotic countries with my best friend. I would always be inspired by people we met along the way who had relocated to different countries or were full-time travellers, and I longed to have that freedom life. Eventually I realised I had the power to turn my dreams into reality and so I decided to move to Italy.

After one year living in and travelling around Italy and experiencing the feeling of empowerment from solo travel, I relocated to The Middle East, where I am currently based. I have managed to travel to over 70 countries and I am sharing my travel experiences, journey and tips on this website with females all over the world. I hope to give you some inspiration to pursue your dreams and love the life you live.


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