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24 Hours Layover Flight Attendant travel blog features invaluable information about flying and the flight attendant life, as well as 24 hours guides to destinations, advice on living abroad, solo travel, writing blogs and how to save money when you are travelling. Click on the below pictures to read the Cabin Crew related blog articles:

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Why I started my Flight Attendant Blog

Prior to working as a Flight Attendant in The Middle East I was living in Sicily and I had always really enjoyed reading travel blogs. I was often thinking to create a blog myself  – I felt I had so much information and experience to pass on to people. I also felt some blogs online were so basic and I would love to give more information to people. The idea of blogging always stayed at the back of my mine for a few years – but I just didn’t have a clue where to start.

Fast forward 3 years later, I had been messed over by some guy who quite frankly was just not deserving of my time and I thought no more. I don’t want to waste any more time in my life. I vowed to focus on myself and do something for me. Learn a new skill. Challenge myself. Create something for myself that I was proud of. So I bit the bullet and started the long overdue blog.

I was travelling so much and getting to visit some really unique and interesting places that I really loved sharing my experiences from these places. I slowly started writing articles in between flights. It took a lot of time as I was constantly jet-lagged, planning my next trip and trying to keep in touch with friends. But slowly I was getting there.

I started getting lots of people asking me questions about flying, so I started writing articles to help prospective flight attendants, current cabin crew and those wanting to understand our flight attendant lifestyle. My goal was and always will be to help people, and I hope through this blog I will help you in some way.

Any questions, just hit me up below!

Love, Catrina x

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