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How to explore Singapore on a budget!

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So you want to explore Singapore on a budget? But what words come to mind when you think of Singapore? Futuristic architecture, clean, safe, modern, pricey alcohol, world’s best airport, but above all, you probably think it is expensive. Whilst Singapore IS a lot more expensive than the rest of south-east Asia, don’t let it put […]

Finding Choi Hung Basketball Court, Hong Kong

choi hung basketball courts hong kong

Ok so you may not have heard of Choi Hung, but chances are you’ve seen pictures of this somewhat famous basketball court in Hong Kong on Instagram! It has quickly become an Instagram hotspot in Hong Kong, but hey I’m guessing you’re wondering why it’s painted in rainbow colours right? Read on to find out […]

Discover Hong Kong – Best Things To Do In 24 Hours!

There is so much to discover in Hong Kong: one of the world’s most vibrant cities, overflowing with people and eternally short on space. It is a modern futuristic city – one of the busiest and most developed cities in Asia, with a perfect blend of east and west whilst still retaining its culture. Tourists automatically associate […]