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The best way to see Lake Titicaca’s floating islands

homestay islas flotantes uros Khantati lake Titicaca

On the Peruvian waters of Lake Titicaca live the indigenous Uros people. Their way of life is very unusual and fascinating – they live on islas flotantes: floating islands they have created themselves. In recent years they have opened up their islands to welcome tourists to come and experience their way of life. There are […]


tokyo capsule hotels

Ever thought about spending the night in one of the capsule hotels in Tokyo? Spending the night in Tokyo can be pretty expensive as hotels are quite pricey here in the world’s largest city. However don’t let this put you off! A cheaper and actually a really authentic Japanese alternative is to experience staying in […]


the pyramids of Giza Cairo Egypt

Think Cairo is just about seeing The Pyramids? Think again! I spent two days in this bustling capital and still didn’t get to see everywhere (but that’s also probably due to the insane amount of traffic there!). Come on a journey with me and discover 10 things to do in Cairo! 10 THINGS TO DO […]

10 things you need to know before you visit Iran!

Nasr ol molk mosque shiraz iran pink mosque

Often I just rock up to a country without much prior planning. No accommodation booked, no currency, nothing – I just wing it when I get there. Yes sometimes I even forget to check if I need a visa to enter a country, this is how laid-back/disorganised I am when it comes to travel!! But […]