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How to get a cheap private abra boat ride through Madinat Jumeirah to see the Burj al Arab!

Would you like to have a private boat ride through Madinat Jumeirah to see the Burj al Arab but simply cannot afford to pay to rent a whole boat out? On my most recent trip to Dubai I discovered how you can get a whole boat all to yourself to take you around the canals […]

The World’s Best Desert Resort – Bab al Shams Dubai

bab al shams desert resort dubai

As my 3.5 years living in the UAE came to a close, I thought it only right to spend my last few days there doing something fabulous! I always loved going to the desert and experiencing it’s beauty and tranquility – it was one of my favourite places to visit in the UAE. So what […]

Restaurants at Bab al Shams Desert Resort, Dubai

masala indian restaurant bab al shams dubai

Dubai’s famous Bab Al Shams Desert Resort & Spa – often voted the world’s best desert resort, has several utterly fantastic restaurants all offering a different cuisine and all in a unique setting. From Indian to Italian, to Arabic to rooftop lounges, there is something for everyone here! Al Hadheerah (Arabic food) Al Hadheerah specialises […]

How to make money from Amazon affiliate links on your website

How to make money from Amazon affiliate links on your website

Adding Amazon affiliate links to your website is a really easy way to start making money online. When I wanted to start adding affiliate links to articles in my website, I could barely find any helpful information online about how to set them up, so I’ve broken it down for you in this guide, focusing […]

What to expect when visiting Wadi Shab, Oman

wadi shab oman

No trip to Oman is complete without visiting a wadi. Many people head to Wadi Shab, which is probably Oman’s most famous wadi, however it’s important to know what is involved beforehand so you are prepared as it is a little different to other wadis in Oman (and has an amazing surprise at the end!). […]

Muscat Hills: luxurious beach hut accommodation!

muscat hills resort oman

Ever fancied staying in a luxury beach hut? Where in just a few steps you can go from your bed to the crystal clear warm sea water? Well in Oman you totally can! Introducing Muscat Hills Resort – Oman’s most elegant beach hut experience! A stay at Muscat Hills Resort gives you the unforgettable opportunity […]