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Long Weekend in Iceland – Perfect Itinerary & Top Tips!

reykjavik colourful houses view from church

The beautifully wild country of Iceland is the perfect place to spend a long weekend in, regardless of the season. The landscapes are mind-blowing with stunning waterfalls and geo-thermal pools and there are so many unique things to see and do! For these reasons as well as due to social media, in the last few […]

Mount Ngungun Hike – Glasshouse Mountains

mount ngungun glasshouse mountains

One of the best hikes in Queensland’s Glasshouse Mountains is the Mount Ngungun hike. Mount Ngungun (pronounced ‘noo noo’ or sometimes ‘gun gun’) is a fairly easy hike and offers fantastic views over the distinctive peaks of the Glasshouse Mountains. The Glasshouse Mountains are a cluster of 12 very uniquely shaped mountains. They stand out […]


Etihad cabin crew blog

Welcome to the Diary of a Flight Attendant blog! Here you’ll get a glimpse into what the flight attendant life is really like, including the most bizarre things both passengers, cabin crew and Pilots do! You’ll also find a collection of genuinely funny, strange and downright shocking stories as well as some useful information if […]


Etihad cabin crew blog

Flight Attendant hairstyles always need to be neat and presentable for work. Not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also from a hygienic and safety point of view. There are several hairstyles that Flight Attendants often use. Note that each airline has specific requirements and some hairstyles may be allowed in some airlines […]

Things To Do In Mount Gambier – South Australia

mount gambier blue lake

Mount Gambier in South Australia is a very unique place to explore, with lots of great things to see and do here. It makes a really nice overnight stop and is a must-see for those doing a road trip between Adelaide and Melbourne or vice versa. Here you’ll find enchanting sunken gardens, a magnificently blue […]

Great Ocean Road Drive – Self Drive from Melbourne

the 12 apostles great ocean road

The drive along The Great Ocean Road is one of the greatest and most scenic drives in Australia, if not the world. You can visit The Great Ocean Road as a day trip from Melbourne, or you can drive along it as part of a road trip between¬†Melbourne¬†and Adelaide. Below I have listed all the […]