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FLIGHT ATTENDANT FEET – Smells, Fetishes & More!

flight attendant feet fetishes smells high heels

Why you should never go barefoot in the airplane, embarrassing foot problems some Flight Attendants suffer with, and why do some people have a fascination with Flight Attendant feet?? Find all the answers here! What a Flight Attendant thinks of passengers with bare feet A Flight Attendant is always going to judge you if you […]

Box Head Walk – A perfect day trip from Sydney NSW!

tallows beach box head NSW

The walk around Box Head is one of the best hikes along the Central Coast of NSW. It offers stunning panoramic views and also encompasses the secluded beaches of Tallow Beach and Lobster Beach. Visiting Box Head is a great way to escape from the city and makes for the perfect day trip from Sydney […]

Manly Wormhole (Queenscliff Tunnel) Freshwater to Manly

manly wormhole Queenscliff beach Sydney

The Freshwater to Manly walk via Queenscliff Tunnel (more commonly known as the Manly Wormhole) is a great walk if you are up for an adventure! It is important to know what to expect on the walk however, and to come prepared as it definitely isn’t your average Sydney coastal walk! Prior to doing the […]