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Dronecean Digital Files

Digital Downloads

We are so happy to announce our images and videos are now available as digital downloads for you!

Our drone is always in the air, keen to capture the best shots and marine life around our local area! We don’t want you to miss any unforgettable memory, so if we have captured a special moment of you, whether you’re out surfing or swimming with local wildlife, we have the perfect for you. We are now giving you the rare opportunity to be able to own this footage and treasure these special memories forever!

As you’re the superstars of these images and videos we have an exclusive set of discounted prices available for you – please see the prices below!

If we haven’t featured you in one of our photos or videos but you would like to be, please let us know! The prices listed here are for images/videos we have incidentally captured. Please contact us for footage on request.

Please note these photos/videos should only be used for personal use. Please read the Conditions Of Use below for more information.

dronecean pricing list

Conditions of Use

This price list is available solely for people who are featured in any of our photos or videos.

The price list is exclusive for the use of images or videos used for personal use only. Any other use will be in violation of these Terms & Conditions. Please make sure to always credit Dronecean and tag us in the caption and photo/video when used on social media.

If you intend to use these images or videos to promote your business or a service/product, or for any other commercial manner (whether it is for commercial or personal gain ) please feel free to get in touch with us! This also includes the sale of prints.