Monthly Archives: September 2019

Visiting the Palm Tree Rope Swing at Dalawella Beach, Sri Lanka

Dalawella beach rope swing Sri Lanka

The palm tree rope swing at Dalawella Beach in Sri Lanka literally went viral overnight and became a serious tourist hotspot thanks to social media! Many tourists to Sri Lanka now put it high on their list of things to do when visiting the country. Read on to discover how to find the palm tree […]

How to find the salt island tree in the Dead Sea, Israel

Dead Sea salt tree Israel

Seen pictures of this mysterious tree in the middle of The Dead Sea but wondering how to find it?! I actually stumbled upon this unique beauty by total chance, and only later discovered that many people go to The Dead Sea in search of this salt island tree and it is slowly gaining popularity on […]

How to visit a gold mine for free in Johannesburg!

Johannesburg is known as the gold capital of the world. Buried below the surface of this vibrant South African city is the world’s largest and richest gold reef. When gold was discovered here just 130 years ago, so many mines sprung up in and around Johannesburg in the rush for gold. Whilst nowadays it is […]