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The Most Instagrammable Places in Washington DC

capitol building Washington DC sunrise

If you only have a short time in Washington DC you can still make the most of it and manage to see all the Instagrammable places in the city. Washington is famous for it’s history, monuments and museums, meaning there are lots of photo spots to discover here! One great thing about Washington is that […]

YEAR IN REVIEW 2019 – My Best Travel Moments!

2019 was another year of adventures! It was also a year of change, growth, stepping outside of the comfort zone and learning! Let’s take a look at my year in review 2019 here: January Celebrating New Years in Dublin My New Year started in Dublin. Despite having to operate the 09.30am flight from Dublin back […]


flight attendant blogs you need to read

24 Hours Layover Flight Attendant travel blog features invaluable information about flying and the flight attendant life, as well as 24 hours guides to destinations, advice on living abroad, solo travel, writing blogs and how to save money when you are travelling. Click on the below pictures to read the Cabin Crew related blog articles: […]

Most Annoying Things Passengers Do According to Flight Attendants

Ever wondered what are the most annoying things that passengers do on an airplane according to Flight Attendants? As a former Flight Attendant myself I’ll tell you first hand – some passengers can be pretty annoying! It’s often like they left their common sense at the aircraft door. They do some strange things, some quite […]

Lisbon Photography: The Best Photo Spots in Lisbon!

Lisbon yellow ascension tram

So you want to find the best photo spots in Lisbon? You’re in the right place! Lisbon is a city that is totally full of Instagrammable places! There are literally hundreds of photo-worthy spots in Lisbon, so to make life easier for you I put together a compilation of the most popular photography spots. During your time […]