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24 Hours in…

Whilst it’s not ideal to only have one day to explore somewhere, and it is certainly not enough time to see all the sights in big cities, sometimes it’s the only option we have! If you only have a short amount of time to see somewhere, use my 24 Hour Guides below to help you decide what to see!

I created my “24 Hours in…” guides because when I was on layovers as a flight attendant, I quickly realised just how fast 24 hours goes and that it is so easy to waste this time and not actually have time to see all the things you wanted to see! So before each layover I would read about the city, write down the places I wanted to see, look at a map to see where places were, and then I would plan my itinerary!

You can either follow my itineraries literally, spread them out over a couple of days, or even just pick and choose places you want to see from them! As long as they help you in some way! Please note this is just my “24 Hours in…” series and I have a large selection of general guides on other destinations: click on “Destinations” in the top menu for more!


24 hours in Casablanca, Morocco

24 hours in Lagos, Nigeria

24 hours in Nairobi, Kenya




24 hours in Mandalay, Myanmar

24 hours in Mui Ne, Vietnam

24 hours in Phuket, Thailand

24 hours in Tokyo, Japan



24 hours in Brisbane

24 hours in Melbourne

24 hours in St Kilda




24 hours in Munich

24 hours in Dublin

24 hours in Paris

24 hours in Zurich









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24 hours in New Orleans

24 hours in Zion National Park