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Angourie Green Pool & Angourie Blue Pools – Complete Guide!

The picturesque Angourie Green Pool & Blue Pool, a short drive from Yamba NSW are popular swimming spots, and a great place to spend a sunny afternoon!

Go for a swim in the freshwater swimming holes, jump off the cliffs, walk around to the ocean and watch the waves hitting against the rock shelf, or just relax by the water’s edge with a picnic.

Here’s all you need to know about the Angourie Green & Blue Pools.

blue pool Angourie NSW  

History Of Angourie Green & Blue Pools

Both Angourie Green Pool & Angourie Blue Pool were once rock quarries. In 1899 whilst the miners were working on the quarries, they incidentally hit underground freshwater springs.

The next day, the underwater spring had flooded the large, deep dug-out quarry areas with water, and the quarries became abandoned for mining.

Instead, they started to become a popular swimming hole attraction, and this is how they came to be the Blue Pool and Green Pool that they are today! 

The pools were named the Green and Blue Pools due to the colour of water in them.

Angourie Green Pool NSW

Where Are The Green & Blue Pools In Angourie?

The Angourie Green & Blue Pools are located in the Clarence Valley, a 10 minute drive south of Yamba. Here is the Google maps location of the Angourie Green & Blue Pools.

The pools are located just a few metres away from each other, and both of them lie a few metres from the ocean and the thrashing waves. The pools are both a safe and exciting place to swim.

How Deep Are The Green Pool & Blue Pool In Angourie?

The blue pool is around 14 metres deep and the green pool is roughly 5 metres deep.

How High Is The Cliff Jump At Angourie Blue Pool & Angourie Green Pool?

Adrenaline-junkie adults and children alike love jumping off the cliffs and into the magnificent Angourie Green and Blue Pools. Jumping into the pools is very refreshing, and as the pools are deep, cliff jumping is popular here.

blue pool Angourie NSW

The cliffs are very steep, and it is much easier to get to the top of the cliff on the Blue Pool as opposed to the Green Pool.

At the Blue Pool, there is a walkway at the side to get up to the cliff, but at the Green Pool you have to climb up the cliff face so it is a bit more difficult.

The cliff jump at Angourie Blue Pool is around 6 metres high, and then there is a higher one at around 12 metres high, which is more difficult to get to. The first one is definitely more popular as it is more accessible.

Please be careful if jumping from these cliffs.

If you don’t fancy jumping off the cliffs you can just hop into the pool from the side! 

When Are The Angourie Green & Blue Pools Closed?

At times during the warmer months the Green & Blue Pools can be closed due to algae blooms. This is bound to happen from time to time as they are freshwater pools.

The water in the pools gets tested weekly during the warm months for algae, and if it is contaminated the Council will put signs up informing people of the closure as the algae makes it unsuitable for swimming. 

If you do visit when the pools are closed, there is a large saltwater ocean rock pool just in front of the Blue Pool that is constantly being filled with salt water.

When it’s high tide this ocean pool makes for a year-round perfect alternative to relax in!

On the rock wall by the ocean pool you may be able to see starfish, sea snails and sea squirts!

How To Get To The Angourie Blue Pool & Angourie Green Pool?

From Yamba drive 6km south to get to the Angourie Green & Blue Pools – it should take less than 10 minutes. Head all the way down The Crescent to the end, where you’ll find a free public car park. 

From the car park walk down the paved path towards the Angourie pools – it’s just a short stroll down. After about 150 metres you’ll see the Blue Pool on your left.

If you follow the path round to your right, walking under the trees, after about another 100 metres you’ll then see the Angourie Green Pool on your right. Often people actually miss the Green Pool as it is hidden behind the trees!

Many people actually mistakenly think that the natural rock pool near the ocean is the Green Pool, they don’t walk along the path under the trees.

Once you see the Green Pool you will definitely know it is it – the water is green and the rock face behind it is very big!

You can then stroll across to the beach at Angourie Point to watch the surfers, and then stroll back.

It’s an easy path but it is not accessible for wheelchairs as there are a few steps.

 Angourie Point surfing reserve NSW

How Much Is It To Visit Angourie Green & Blue Pools?

It is free to visit the Green & Blue Angourie pools, there are no permits or payments required!

Is Angourie Green Pool & Green Pool Worth Visiting?

Angourie’s Green and Blue Pools are a fantastic spot to visit, and an ideal place to cool off for a swim!

Even if you don’t go for a swim, it’s definitely worthwhile to stop off at the Green and Blue Pools as they are beautiful and located in a very picturesque setting. It makes for a great day out for young and old!

What Amenities Are At The Angourie Green & Blue Pool?

A grassy picnic area, as well as public toilets and a cold shower are located at the car park

What Else Is There To Do In Angourie

As well as being known for the Blue and Green Pools, Angourie is famous for its surf!

Spooky Beach (“Spookies”) is an epic spot for surfing and is located just to the left of the Blue Pool. The walk down to Angourie Point is also nice, plus it’s great to watch the surfers from the surfing reserve lookout on Pacific Street.

Angourie Point surfing reserve

This is also the start of the 65km Yuraygir Coastal Walk – a stunning multi-day coastal hike through Yuraygir National Park.

Accommodation In Angourie

Despite Angourie being a tiny surf town, there are lots of accommodation options here, mostly holiday homes and all within walking distance of the Green & Blue Pools:

Beachies Angourie – a beautiful 4 bedroom house with stunning views.

Spookys 5 – homely 4 bedroom holiday home with lovely terrace.

Dilkara – 3 bedroom holiday home with stunning views from the terrace.


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