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11 Breathtakingly Beautiful Beaches In Bremer Bay!

Bremer Bay is a lovely small coastal town located on the south-west coast of Western Australia that is home to several stunning beaches.

native dog beach Bremer bay

With crystal-clear turquoise waters, perfectly white sand and barely anyone around, these are some of the most spectacular beaches in Australia! 

Each of the beaches in Bremer Bay has its own charm, and whether you’re looking for an untouched stretch of coastline, a nice calm spot to go swimming or to enjoy some beach activities such as fishing or just relaxing in the sun, Bremer Bay has a beach to suit you!

little boat harbour beach Bremer bay

How Many Beaches Are In Bremer Bay?

Bremer Bay has 8 beaches, although there are also lots of other nearby beaches too! 

Where Is Bremer Bay?

Bremer Bay is located in the Great Southern Region of WA, between Esperance and Albany.

It is 180km (about 2 hours drive) east of Albany and 500km (about 5.5 hours drive) southeast of Perth. 

Here is the Google maps location of Bremer Bay.

Is Bremer Bay Worth A Visit?

Yes, Bremer Bay is definitely worth a visit if you love the outdoors!

With its picturesque coastline, pristine beaches and natural beauty, it’s the ideal destination for nature lovers, beach enthusiasts, and those seeking a relaxed coastal getaway. 

native dog beach Bremer bay

Bremer Bay is the perfect place for those who appreciate a tranquil and unspoiled coastal environment.

The town is known for its laid-back and peaceful atmosphere, and it has a relaxed and friendly vibe, making visitors feel right at home. 

Bremer Bay is a great place to visit if you’re keen to unwind, escape the hustle and bustle of city life, and enjoy untouched beautiful areas!

The beaches in Bremer Bay are honestly out of this world! I was really taken aback at how stunning these beaches are and how they aren’t more well-known!

Everyone talks about the incredible beaches in Esperance and Albany, as well as the famous Elephant Rocks in Denmark, which are all incredible of course, but the beaches in Bremer Bay just totally blew my mind as I didn’t expect them to be so beautiful!

native dog beach Bremer bay beaches    

Things To Do In Bremer Bay

The beaches in Bremer Bay are one of the main attractions of the town, however Bremer Bay is actually more famous for its killer whales!

From January until mid-April there are daily boat trips to the Bremer Canyon to see the famous Bremer Bay Killer Whales.

orca killer whale feeding in the Bremer Canyon off Bremer Bay in Western Australia

So if possible, try to time your visit to Bremer Bay for then! Bremer Bay is one of the best places in the world to see orcas, and it’s truly a fantastic experience!

If you aren’t able to visit Bremer Bay during the orca season, from July to November you’ll often be able to see the Southern Right Whales from the shore, as well as get close to them on the whale watching boats!

If you’re into hiking, there are lots of nice trails you can do around Bremer Bay that offer stunning coastal views. Bremer Bay also offers good fishing and a great spot for boaties to enjoy the waters.

Plus the calm waters of the bay make it ideal for other water sports such as kayaking, paddleboarding and snorkelling.

Beaches in Bremer Bay:

Bremer Beach

Bremer Beach is the main beach in Bremer Bay. The beach curves around to James Cove in the north-east, and to John Cove to the south.

Bremer beach Bremer bay

It stretches across the sandbar, with most of the beach actually lying north on the other side of the Wellstead Estuary. The part of Bremer Beach that is north of the estuary is a designated off-leash dog area.

You can cross to the northern part of the sandbar via the sandbar at certain times, or by driving around – which takes 45 minutes. 

You’ll find BBQs, toilets and outdoor showers at Bremer Beach.

John Cove Beach

At the southern end of Bremer Beach is John Cove – the closest beach to Bremer Bay township. John Cove Beach is a safe and sheltered swimming spot so it’s an excellent place to bring small children. 

You can access John Cove from Bremer Bay Road – where you’ll find the toilers, or from driving down the unsealed Cuneo Drive.

James Cove Beach

In the north-eastern corner of Bremer Beach, above the estuary is James Cove. James Cove is a great spot for swimming and fishing as it is sheltered from the easterly winds. 

If you’ll be driving across the sandbar to James Cove, it is recommended to let your tyre pressure down to at least 18psi for better traction as the sand is very soft at this end of the beach.

Back Beach

Back Beach is accessible only by 4WD via dirt tracks, and is a great beach to visit if you’re after an adventure! The sand is extremely soft on Back Beach, so drive with caution and it’s recommended to decrease your tyre pressure to 15psi.

back beach Bremer bay

Alternatively, you can park near the Abalone Farm on White Trail Road at the southern end of the beach, and then it’s just a short walk down to the beach. You’ll find a toilet opposite the Abalone Farm if you need one.

Back Beach is a designated off-leash dog beach, so it’s a great place to come in your 4WD with your doggo. It’s also a great place to bring a picnic and watch the sunset!

Fishery Beach

Fishery Beach is the small beach next to the Bremer Bay Boat Harbour. The orca boat tours depart from the marina here every morning from January to April. 

fishery beach Bremer bay boat harbour

Fishery Beach is a safe, sheltered swimming beach that’s suitable for young children. Just be aware of boats if you move out of the shallow water and swim into deeper water.

A great snorkelling spot is by the rocks on the left. Additionally, Fishery Beach is also known for its great fishing off the marina jetty.

It’s also a nice place to just relax on the sand and enjoy the sun.

There are toilet, shower & change room facilities here, as well as boat launching facilities. 

Short Beach

Nestled between two rocky outcrops is the small beach aptly named Short Beach. At 500 metres long, the east-facing Short Beach is a lovely relaxing place to take in the stunning views whilst you’re sunbaking.

short beach Bremer bay

It was one of my favourite beaches in Bremer Bay, and really reminded me of some of the beaches in Jervis Bay. 

When you need a break from the heat you can head under the cute gazebo near the car park, or go for a swim in the sheltered swimming lagoon on the top end of the beach.

Short Beach is also a great spot for fishing off the beach as it has deep water and there is reef.

There is a bush toilet available at Shot Beach, and dogs are allowed on the beach here providing they are on a leash. 

Banky Beach

The next beach along the headland is Banky Beach – a 350 metre long beach that sits between two headlands.

Banky Beach is a southeast facing beach, and whilst it is an impressive looking beach with steep dunes behind the beach, there are hazardous and permanent rips at Banky Beach so don’t swim here.

There is a steep climb down to reach Banky Beach from the top of the bluff. 

Little Boat Harbour Beach

Another lovely beach in Bremer Bay is Little Boat Harbour Beach – a short but popular beach at just 100 metres long.

little boat harbour beach Bremer bay

This beach is a firm favourite with families due to the bay being calm and protected, making it an ideal place to swim, kayak or even paddle board.

There is also the Bremer Dive Trail here, which means Little Boat Harbour Beach is great for snorkelling! In addition, fishing is very good here as the water is deep near the rocks (no spear fishing).

You can also take your 4WD onto Little Boat Harbour Beach and launch your boat if conditions allow. If you’re in the water or on the sand, always be aware of boats launching from the beach.

You’ll find a bush toilet in the car park.

Blossoms Beach

One of the most popular beaches in Bremer Bay is the stunning Blossoms Beach. The beach is especially popular with families as it stays shallow for a good distance out, making it perfect for little paddlers!

blossoms beach Bremer bay beaches

The beach is 750 metres long and is also a favourite spot for surfing, with surf lessons being held here during the school summer holidays. 

Swimming and snorkelling are also popular here. That being said, you always need to be aware of rips. 

Blossoms Beach is a lovely place to come for a picnic to enjoy the views, as well as to relax on the beach sunbaking.

However, do be aware that the beach is exposed so it can get quite windy! You may want to bring a wind breaker or something similar.

To access Blossoms Beach you’ll need to head down the corrugated sandy gravel road. 4WDs are allowed on Blossoms Beach but a parking area is also available if you don’t want to drive on the beach.

Dogs are allowed on Blossoms Beach if on a leash at all times, and there are also toilet facilities available.

You can get a really nice aerial view of Blossoms Beach if you park at the end of Native Dog Beach Road (as if you’re heading to Native Dog Beach), and walk over towards the footpath on the left that heads down to Blossom Beach.

Native Dog Beach

Probably my favourite of all the beaches in Bremer Bay is Native Dog Beach.

native dog beach crystal clear water in Bremer Bay, Western Australia

It is simply stunning and you can get some lovely photographs of it from several different viewpoints – either from the lookout point to the right of the carpark, or by the orange rocks on the left-hand side of the beach by the steps.

It’s a really untouched and secluded beach, with white sand stretching around and the most spectacular clear turquoise water. Plus the backdrop of the rugged coastal cliffs just takes your breath away.

Enjoy long walks along the beach, do some beach fishing, or just relax and enjoy the views.

Native Dog Beach is an excellent surfing beach, but there are strong permanent rips which make it highly hazardous, so it is recommended only for experienced surfers.

native dog beach Bremer bay

Toilets are located at the entrance to the Native Dog track near the car park.

Dillon Beach

If you’re keen to explore a beach just outside of Bremer Bay, head to Dillon Beach. Dillon Beach is roughly 11 kilometres west of the town of Bremer Bay off the main road and is accessible only by 4WD. 

Up the eastern end of the beach the sand is extremely soft so drive carefully and let your tyre pressure down.

If you prefer, you can also get access from Black Rocks Rd but the sand is also very soft here so drive with caution here a swell, and let your tyre pressure down.

Dillon Beach is a great beach for swimming and fishing. Surfing is also great at the western end at Sharpies Corner. Do stay alert as there are dangerous permanent rips here.

Are The Beaches At Bremer Bay Patrolled?

The beaches at Bremer Bay are not patrolled so only swim or surf if you feel confident in your ability and someone knows where you are.

Conditions can change often, so if at the beach there are signs warning of hazardous surf, do not attempt to swim.

When visiting the beaches in Bremer Bay, it’s also important to remember that some beaches may have limited or no facilities. Always remember to take any rubbish with you. 

What is the Best Beach In Bremer Bay?

Honestly they all are pretty spectacular, but my personal favourite beaches were Native Dog Beach, Blossoms Beach, Short Beach and Little Harbour Beach.

Out of all of them, Native Dog Beach was my absolute favourite as there was nobody else there and it was so incredibly rugged and beautiful!

native dog beach Bremer bay beaches


Which Is The Best Beach In Bremer Bay For Kids?

Little Boat Harbour Beach, John Cove Beach and James Cove Beach are great beaches to take the kids as the water is sheltered and safer.

Blossoms Beach is also a popular spot to take children as it stays shallow a long way out.

Fishery Beach is also a good place to bring the children as it has safe swimming conditions for children, just obviously be aware the marina is here too so don’t go too near the boats.

Is It Safe To Swim In Bremer Bay?

The beaches of John Cove, James Cove, Fishery Beach, Short Beach, Little Boat Harbour Beach and nearby Dillon Beach are safe for swimming.

little boat harbour beach Bremer bay

Blossoms Beach also stays shallow for a long way out so it’s good for little ones to paddle. It’s good for swimming too but always be aware about rips.

Where Is The Best Beach To Snorkel In Bremer Bay?

Fishery Beach is a good place to snorkel – by the rocks on the left hand side. Blossoms Beach is also a good place, as is Little Boat Harbour Beach, where they have a scuba trail.

You can also spot sea dragons near to Bremer Bay – the best place is in the Fitzgerald River National Park at Barrens Beach.

short beach Bremer bay

Can You Go 4 Wheel Driving On The Beaches In Bremer Bay?

You can go 4wd on Dillon Beach, Blossoms Beach, James Cove and Back Beach. Remember to adjust your tyre pressure as necessary.

Which Beaches In Bremer Bay Are Dog Friendly?

Bremer Beach (north of the estuary) and Back Beach both have off-leash dog areas.

Dogs are allowed on Short Beach and Blossoms Beach, providing they are kept on a leash.

Which Beaches In Bremer Bay Are Good For Fishing?

James Cove, Fishery Beach, Short Beach, Native Dog Beach, Little Boat Harbour Beach and Dillon Beach are all good for fishing.

native dog beach Bremer bay

Which Beaches In Bremer Bay Are Good For Surfing?

Blossoms Beach and Native Dog Beach are the best beaches in Bremer Bay for surfing. Nearby Dillon Beach is also very good for surfing at the western end of the beach (Sharpies Corner).

Can You See Orcas From The Shore At Bremer Bay?

You cannot see the killer whales from the shore in Bremer Bay. The orcas are located around 50km off-shore so the only way to see them is to go on one of the boat trips.

orca killer whale feeding in the Bremer Canyon off Bremer Bay in Western Australia

How Many Nights Should I Spend In Bremer Bay?

Ideally you should spend at least 2 nights in Bremer Bay, especially if you’ll be going on one of the orca whale watching trips (they are all day from around 8am-4pm).

Bremer Bay is such a lovely area that you really don’t want to rush your time here! 

How To Get To Bremer Bay

To get to Bremer Bay, as well as get around the town and visit all the beaches, you’ll definitely need a car. The beaches are all spread out and so visiting Bremer Bay without a car will really limit what you are able to see. 

It’s best to drive to and from Bremer Bay during daylight hours as there is a lot of native wildlife on the long road to Bremer Bay during night time and sunrise and sunset.

Bremer bay beaches sand dunes

Beaches Near To Bremer Bay

Fitzgerald River National Park is absolutely stunning, full of beautiful beaches, hiking trails and viewpoints.

Fitzgerald River National Park is adjacent to Bremer Bay and the most notable stunning beaches here include Peppermint Beach, House Beach, 4 Mile Beach and Whalebone Beach.


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