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FLIGHT ATTENDANT FEET – Smells, Fetishes & More!

flight attendant feet fetishes smells high heels

Why you should never go barefoot in the airplane, embarrassing foot problems some Flight Attendants suffer with, and why do some people have a fascination with Flight Attendant feet?? Find all the answers here! What a Flight Attendant thinks of passengers with bare feet A Flight Attendant is always going to judge you if you […]


Etihad cabin crew blog

Welcome to the Diary of a Flight Attendant blog! Here you’ll get a glimpse into what the flight attendant life is really like, including the most bizarre things both passengers, cabin crew and Pilots do! You’ll also find a collection of genuinely funny, strange and downright shocking stories as well as some useful information if […]


Etihad cabin crew blog

Flight Attendant hairstyles always need to be neat and presentable for work. Not only from an aesthetic point of view, but also from a hygienic and safety point of view. There are several hairstyles that Flight Attendants often use. Note that each airline has specific requirements and some hairstyles may be allowed in some airlines […]


flight attendant blogs you need to read

24 Hours Layover Flight Attendant travel blog features invaluable information about flying and the flight attendant life, as well as 24 hours guides to destinations, advice on living abroad, solo travel, writing blogs and how to save money when you are travelling. Click on the below pictures to read the Cabin Crew related blog articles: […]

Most Annoying Things Passengers Do According to Flight Attendants

Ever wondered what are the most annoying things that passengers do on an airplane according to Flight Attendants? As a former Flight Attendant myself I’ll tell you first hand – some passengers can be pretty annoying! It’s often like they left their common sense at the aircraft door. They do some strange things, some quite […]

Etihad Cabin Crew Uniform – What it’s really like!

etihad flight attendant

The Etihad Cabin Crew uniform is, in my opinion the best flight attendant uniform out there!¬†And here’s why: 1. The Uniform is Made To Measure Since 2014 Etihad Airways cabin crew have been wearing their current uniform, created by the Italian designer Ettore Bilotta. During their initial training the crew will go to the Etihad […]

CABIN CREW ROSTER – All You Need To Know!

flight attendant cabin crew roster

Ever wondered what a cabin crew roster is like? How many days off do flight attendants get? Do they have specific routes? How long do they have out-station? Read on to discover all you need to know about a Flight Attendant roster! A Flight Attendant roster can vary greatly between different airlines. In some airlines […]

Jobs For Ex Cabin Crew – 8 Best Jobs For Life After Flying

Looking for the best jobs for ex Cabin Crew? If you’re cabin crew and thinking of leaving flying but unsure what to do afterwards I hope this article will help give you some options, ideas and things to think about for which direction and jobs you would like to go into. I know it can […]