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Visiting Valhalla Macadamia Nut Farm in Antigua

Valhalla Guatemala chicken bus

Antigua is a charming city in southern Guatemala known for it’s brightly coloured Colonial buildings, cobblestone streets and indigenous culture. If you have 2 weeks in Guatemala you can easily spend a few days in Antigua wandering the streets, enjoying the cute cafes or climbing volcanoes (Antigua is surrounded by volcanoes). Or you can even […]

Visiting Ciudad del Este, Paraguay from Iguazu Falls

Imagine having breakfast in Brazil, lunch in Paraguay and then dinner in Argentina. 3 countries in one day! Well it’s totally possible when you are visiting Iguazu Falls! On our last day on the Brazilian side of Iguazu Falls we decided to nip across to Ciudad del Este in Paraguay  for a few hours before […]

Combining a vacation with volunteering: my experience in Colombia!

volunteering abroad Colombia

Ever fancied volunteering abroad? Whilst it can be such a life-changing and rewarding thing to do, it certainly doesn’t come cheap. It also requires a big time commitment: often you have to sign up to a program that’s several weeks long and pay a big upfront fee. That may seem a bit risky if you’ve […]

How Many Days Should You Spend At Iguazu Falls?

iguazu falls Brazil side

Iguazu Falls or cataratas do iguaçu in Portuguese, lies on the border of Brazil and Argentina and is regarded by many as the most impressive waterfall in the world, but how many days should you spend here? Iguazu Falls is one of the 7 Wonders of the Natural World and for very good reason, and […]

The best way to see Lake Titicaca’s floating islands

homestay islas flotantes uros Khantati lake Titicaca

On the Peruvian waters of Lake Titicaca live the indigenous Uros people. Their way of life is very unusual and fascinating – they live on islas flotantes: floating islands they have created themselves. In recent years they have opened up their islands to welcome tourists to come and experience their way of life. There are […]

Border crossing: El Paso USA to Ciudad Juarez Mexico

Ciudad Juarez Mexico

This post explains the border crossing between El Paso (USA) and Ciudad Juarez (Mexico) and safety in Juarez. It also explains the history of Ciudad Juarez, what there is to do in Juarez, and how you can visit on a tour. Why did I visit Ciudad Juarez? First let’s talk about why on earth I […]

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