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Level 8 Luggage Review: Level 8 Carry On Luggage & Suitcase!

This luggage review is sponsored by Level 8 Cases who gifted me with the two below suitcases to try out in exchange for an honest review. All opinions however are my own.
Especially being an ex Flight Attendant and having travelled full-time for the past seven years, I regularly get many people asking what luggage I recommend. Truth is, until now I could never really recommend a particular brand that I loved. All of them did the job to a degree but none of them stood out or seemed to completely tick all the boxes.
They were either ridiculously expensive, or were reasonably priced but the quality wasn’t up to scratch and after a few trips there were signs of wear and tear. Having durable and practical luggage is extremely important for travel and so it is important to find the right brand for you.
I was recently introduced to Level 8 Cases – a premium luggage brand based in New York that specialises in hard-shell cases. Let’s see if they stood up to the test!
level 8 pro carry-on


Level 8 Pro Carry-On With Laptop Pocket 20″

The Pro Carry-On with Laptop Pocket 20″ is a hard-shell case that comes in three colours: black, navy and grey. I opted for the navy case as I always go for black cases and wanted a change. Plus the navy case looked really slick and neat!

Not only does the Pro-Carry On look great, it is also very functional and practical. Other features of the Pro-Carry-On are that it is lightweight, durable, water-resistant, has ultra quiet spinner wheels, an external laptop compartment and a TSA approved lock.

Let’s take a look at all of the features of the Level 8 Pro Carry-On in detail:

External Laptop Compartment

My favourite feature of the Pro Carry-On is the unique laptop pocket at the front that conveniently pops open without a zip. 

This feature is literally what I have always been looking for in a carry-on case. To finally find a carry-on with a dedicated separate external space for my laptop during travelling is just so handy.

This feature is what makes this product really stand out to me and what makes me view this suitcase as an essential travel item. In addition, as the laptop pocket is flush against the case it isn’t obvious, plus it is padded for extra protection which is great.

level 8 pro carry-on

Even if you aren’t travelling with your laptop, this pocket is really great for storing documents in a convenient and easy to reach part of your case.

I don’t know about you, but I always fill my case to the brim, so it can be a nightmare opening and closing it to get my travel documents or to get separate my electronics when going through airport security, so I love how the laptop pocket gives you a space to store and quickly access your electronics and important things with one simple push.

The laptop compartment can fit a big laptop up to 15.6″! Which of course means you can also easily store A4 documents, magazines or even your tablet and other electronics here too. A velcro strap secures the laptop or documents in place, plus there are also two smaller pockets inside the compartment which is great to store small but handy items such as hard drives or other small electrical products.

level 8 pro carry-on

Ultra-Quiet Spinner Wheels

The ultra-quiet spinner wheels was also something that was important to me. The wheels of Level 8 cases are noticeably quieter than any other brands I have used – I was definitely impressed!

I find having quieter wheels is really useful when you do not want to attract attention – for example when walking along a quiet street, or going across a marble floor in a hotel lobby.

The wheels spin in a 360 degrees motion which makes the case very easy to manoeuvre, even when wheeling it along cobblestone streets!

The wheels are also very durable, and even after a long weekend around Amsterdam the wheels showed minimal abrasion.

Built-In USB Port 

The built-in USB port can literally be a life saver as it allows you to quickly charge your devices.

Plus there is a separate compartment for your power bank, which enables easy access and a quick connection to your electronic devices which is great!

level 8 cases luggage review


The hard-shell casing of the Pro Carry-On is made by aerospace-grade Bayer Makrolon® hard-shell material. This material is very lightweight yet extremely durable and robust.

In addition, the hard case provides extra protection for your valuable items, and both the outer and inner materials are sturdy and of a really high quality.


The Pro Carry-On is very lightweight – especially for a hard shell suitcase! It weighs just 9.3 lbs in total, which means more weight for your belongings, hurray!

The adjustable telescopic handle is also made from a lightweight aluminium material.

TSA Approved Combination Lock

The Pro Carry-On also has a TSA approved combination lock which is another great feature of this suitcase. Both zips get secured into the three-digit lock so there is no need for an external padlock to be applied!
You can choose your own personalised code to lock the suitcase (instructions are provided to show you how to set your code), plus what’s great is that it locks not only the main compartment, but the laptop compartment as well!
level 8 cases luggage review


The dimensions for the Pro Carry-On are 14.5″ length, 9.3″ width and 21.6″ height. It complies with the size requirements of most major airlines for cabin baggage (although it’s always recommended to double check the size your airline states beforehand!), plus it fits into most airplane overhead stowage compartments. 

The Pro Carry-On has a generous capacity of 35 litres and opens down the middle, with one side having crossover compression straps to help keep the contents in place, and the other side coming with a zip-around cover, again to keep the contents organised. This zipped cover also has two zipped pockets on the front, useful for storing some small items separately. 
The design definitely makes use of all the capacity and the handle is adjustable at several different levels, meaning it is suitable and ergonomic for people of all heights. The handle also opens and closes very smoothly.

level 8 cases luggage review


Priced at $209.99, the Pro Carry-On costs slightly more than an average carry-on, but you are paying for the quality of the product. 

If you don’t want to make the full payment upfront you can opt for split payment and pay in 4 interest-free installments if that is easier.

Is the Pro Carry-On Worth It?

The Pro Carry-On is a very durable, high-quality and stylish hard-shell cabin sized piece of luggage, plus it comes with the unique external laptop pocket that is just so useful and convenient.

It is one of Level 8’s most popular items of luggage and it is easy to see why! It is smart, versatile and suitable for most types of travellers and I would definitely recommend it.

carry-on suitcase


Voyageur Check-In 26″

The Voyageur is another stylish suitcase and I chose the navy colour to match my Pro Carry-On case. However if you don’t want navy, it also comes in black, grey and yellow!
In addition, The Voyageur collection comes in a variety of sizes. You can choose between a 24″, 26″ or 28″ case, priced at $239.99, $269.99 and $299.99 respectively.
Like the Pro Carry-On, The Voyageur has unique features that sets it apart from other luggage items – mainly the wide handle design. It also has some great features that the Pro Carry-On has. Let’s take a look at all the features below:

Wide Handle Design 

What makes The Voyageur unique is its wide handle design – the handle extends across the entire width of the case.
Personally I love the concept of the wide handle design as it maximises your packing space!
The wide handle design enables more items to fit in your suitcase as it avoids having the two metal tubes running down the inside of your case (like you’ll find on traditional suitcases) and intruding on packaging efficiency!
In addition to maximising your packing space, the wide handle design also helps deliver stability to your luggage and makes it easier to wheel around – perfect!
level 8 cases luggage review

Ultra-Quiet 360° Spinner Wheels

Similar to the Pro Carry-On, The Voyageur comes with ultra-quiet wheels. Having ultra-quiet wheels is a feature many people find important these days. Not only does it sound a lot better, but it also indicates to people that the case is of a higher quality.
In addition to the wheels being ultra-quiet, they also have an anti-shock design which allows the wheels to move super smoothly! The wheels are partly recessed into the base which should give some protection against any rough baggage handling. 
level 8 cases luggage review


Like the Pro Carry-On, The Voyageur is made with Bayer Makrolon material – a high-quality lightweight and durable scratch-resistant hard-shell material.
The Voyageur comes in an attractive embossed technical grain finish that is also anti-scratch – perfect for keeping your case always looking brand new!
Another unique feature of The Voyageur is the four “bump stops” on the side of the case for protection, which are useful for when you may need to rest the case on its side instead of on its wheels.
check in suitcase navy


Here are the Voyageur 26″ specifications:

  • 93 litres capacity
  • 11.8 lbs weight
  • 17.1”L X 13.3”W X 27.3”H dimension.

The case has a handle on each side and one on the top, all of which lie flush with the surface, which is useful in protecting against damage.

The Voyageur case opens in the middle and is trimmed internally with a durable grey fabric. It offers plenty of space to store all your clothes and belongings.

The deeper half of the case has a collapsible divider which allows separation into thirds, useful for tidier more organised packing, with the entire contents being encased in a zipped cover.
Similarly the smaller side of the case has a zipped cover, with two additional smaller zipped pockets, both useful for storing small items.

Dry Wet Separation Pocket

Another unique feature of The Voyageur that I consider to be very important is the dry wet separation pocket – which is perfect for storing those swimming costumes that aren’t quite dry yet! This pocket is opaque and on the side of the internal zipped cover.

TSA Approved Combination Lock 

Like with the Pro Carry-On, security is provided with a three digit TSA approved combination lock into which both zips are secured.

Is The Voyageur Check-In Worth It?

I love how stylish The Voyageur suitcase looks, yet it is still very practical. I love the wide handle design and the dry wet separation pocket – both extremely useful features.
Whilst a little bit dearer that some brands, I definitely feel The Voyageur is worth it for its unique features and high quality durable design, and will suit a wide range of needs and tastes of individual travellers.

Additional Benefits Of Level 8 Luggage:

Lifetime Warranty

All Level 8 luggage comes with a lifetime warranty that covers any manufacturing defects or functional damage to any part of the suitcase that impairs your use of the luggage.

Free Shipping To USA & UK

Level 8 offers free shipping throughout the USA and also to the UK.
The cases are delivered in a sturdy package and have a white protective drawstring bag protecting them, which is a nice touch and a great way to store them if you wish!

Hard Shell Case

All Level 8 cases are hard shell, which offers more protection for your valuable and breakable items – whether it’s a fragile ceramic or your favourite bottle of liquor!

Water Resistant 

Hard-shell cases are a lot more water resistant than softer cases, therefore offering your items a lot more protection against water damage.

I’ve been caught out a couple of times in monsoon rains with soft luggage where all my clothes inside got wet, which was just a nightmare! At least this problem is eliminated with hard-shell luggage.

Easy To Clean

Hard shell cases are also easier to clean than soft luggage – you can just wipe them down with a cloth. Simple!

Would I Recommend Level 8 Luggage Cases?

Upon review, I found the Level 8 luggage very durable, functional and stylish. The luggage was made of high quality materials and stood up to the test. I would definitely recommend Level 8 luggage as I do believe investing a little bit more in a high quality product can really pay off. 
Level 8 luggage is suitable for the type of busy traveller who is looking for smart, efficient and long-lasting luggage, so I hope this review helped you decide if Level 8 Luggage is the right luggage for you!

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They do actually sound really good, I love the idea of the laptop compartment - I think that will be so useful