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Dee Why Rock Pool – One Of Sydney Northern Beaches Liveliest Rockpools!

At the southern end of Sydney’s busy Dee Why Beach lies Dee Why Rock Pool. The Dee Why Rock Pool is one of the most popular rock pools in Sydney as there are actually several big rock pools here.

dee why beach rock pool Sydney northern beaches 

Plus it’s situated in an ideal and convenient location – with many facilities, cafes and restaurants nearby. In addition, the views of Dee Why Beach from the rock pool are stunning!

Dee Why Rock Pool features a large 50 metre lap pool, as well as a shallow wading pool and a stilling pool/catchment pool on the opposite side that helps to break the waves.

dee why beach rock pool Sydney northern beaches

South of the rock pool there is a large flat rock platform which at low tide is a well-liked spot for locals to sunbathe away from the crowds and enjoy the views of the waves, the beach and the surfers!

The 50 metre main pool is a popular place for keen lap swimmers, as well as casual swimmers in need of a leisurely cool-down swim.

In addition, the smaller shallow wading pool for toddlers makes this a favourite place for young families to splash around and enjoy on sunny days.

dee why beach rock pool Sydney northern beaches

Dee Why Beach is definitely a place where families can spend a few hours or even a whole day.

With a fenced playground near the rock pool, as well as picnic tables, a Fish & Chip Shop and an Ice Cream Shop, the kids will definitely be entertained.

Adults also love the location of the Dee Why Rockpool, just a 200 metre walk from The Strand – Dee Why’s lively promenade.

There’s also the lovely Beach Shed Cafe on the footpath one minute away from the rock pool. It’s open 6.30am-4.30pm daily, and is perfect for a coffee post-swim!

Dee Why’s beachside promenade is full of cafes, beach bars and restaurants and there are so many choices for food here, especially for lunch and dinner.

There are also some lovely cocktail bars here with beachfront views that have happy hour at sunset if you’ll be here later in the day!

Dee Why Rock Pool does get busy, especially on warm weekends and school holidays. The rock pool is a real part of the community and a popular spot for locals, as well as being a place where many out-of-towners come to visit.

There isn’t shade at the rock pools, just on the reserve under the trees, so make sure you’re protected from the sun whilst you’re swimming at the rock pool!

The water in the wading pool is about waist-high and in addition to families, it attracts waders and people who want to just lounge in the pool and enjoy the atmosphere.

dee why beach rock pool Sydney northern beaches

Amenities At Dee Why Rock Pool

There are toilets and an open shower by the Dee Why Rock Pool, as well as plenty of space on the seating area to leave your belongings whilst you go for a swim.

For indoor changing rooms and indoor showers, head to the SLSC at the northern end of Dee Why Beach.

There are BBQs and picnic tables here, and there are plenty of shaded spots to sit on the reserve.

When Is Dee Why Rock Pool Cleaned?

Dee Why Rock Pool is usually closed every Friday for cleaning during the summer months, and every other Friday during the winter months.

The pool cleaning schedule can change at any time due to unusual pool or weather conditions.

dee why beach rock pool Sydney northern beaches

History Of Dee Why Rock Pool

Dee Why Beach was only opened to the public in 1912, a few years after public bathing became legal in Australia.

The locals and members of the Dee Why Surf Club immediately began to build a rock pool from a natural shallow basin that had formed in the rock platform in 1915, and at this stage the pool was 5 metres squared and less than a metre deep.

At the time, the size was ideal. Then in 1919 the Dee Why ocean baths were extended by the Council to 33m long.

In the late 1920s a diving board was installed into the pool, but it didn’t take long for it to get washed away in a storm. If you look closely enough you can even still see the foundations of the board near the 25m mark!

In 1930 the main pool was lengthened to 50m, and a children’s pool was built. The current children’s pool was created in 1973.
The Council later renamed this pool after John Morison, in honour of his endless hours teaching children to swim.

The main pool was also renamed after Isa Wye, a local swimmer who was president of the Dee Why Amateur Ladies’ Swimming Club for 50 years!

The stilling pool/catchment pool is located nearest to the ocean, to the east of the main pool.

Even though it’s small at just 17 metres by 6 metres, this pool effectively absorbs impacts of the incoming waves coming towards the main pool, meaning waves don’t tend to splash over the main pool, except in rough surf and high tides.

dee why beach rock pool Sydney northern beaches

How To Get To Dee Why Rock Pool

If coming by car, you can park in the pay & display car park behind the Dee Why Surf Life Saving Club.

The Dee Why Rock Pool is one of the most accessible rock pools in Sydney’s Nothern Beaches to get to by public transport.

The 166 bus takes you from Manly Beach to Dee Why Rock Pool in 15 minutes. The bus stop is just 250 metres from the rock pool.

If coming from Sydney CBD, take the express B1 bus from Wynyard to Pittwater Road, getting off at Dee Why. Then take the 166 bus which will drop you off 250 metres from Dee Why Rock Pool.

Walks From Dee Why Rock Pool

South of the Dee Why Rock Pools is the start of the lovely Dee Why To Curl Curl Coastal Walk.

It’s a rocky bush trail over towards North Curl Curl, but the view of Dee Why Rock Pool and Dee Why Beach from the cliff face at the start of the walk is stunning. The walk ends with stunning views of the North Curl Curl Rock Pool.

If you walk north from Dee Why Beach you’ll reach the stunning Long Reef Headland and Collaroy Rock Pool.


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