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Mona Vale Rock Pool – One Of The Best Rock Pools In Sydney!

The Mona Vale Rock Pool undoubtedly stands as one of Sydney’s and Australia’s most spectacularly breathtaking rock pools.

Its beauty is particularly evident when viewed from above during high tide, making it one of the most impressive ocean pools in Sydney! 

Situated at the northern end of Mona Vale Beach, on the tip of the sandy promontory that separates Mona Vale Beach and Basin Beach (Bongin Bongin Bay), this pool occupies a unique position in the middle of a rocky platform, where crashing waves surround it on both sides, creating a truly spectacular setting.

Mona Vale beach ocean pool Sydney northern beaches

Unlike many other rock pools that are typically adjacent to headlands or large rock formations, Mona Vale Rock Pool offers unobstructed 360-degree views which makes it so unique and a favourite amongst the locals.

At high tide, the Mona Vale Rock Pool becomes surrounded by water as the waves come crashing in around the pool from all directions, which can make you feel like you’re right in the middle of the ocean! 

Like many other ocean pools along Sydney’s Northern Beaches, Mona Vale Rock Pool has two pools – a main pool and a smaller pool for toddlers, making it popular with families.

How Long Is The Mona Vale Rock Pool?

The main pool is 30 metres long and the water comes up to about chest high so it’s not too deep. If you want to do lengths, it’s best to swim along the wall facing the ocean as the pool is deeper there.

Location Of Mona Vale Ocean Pool & Nearby Amenities

Mona Vale Rock Pool can be found just across from Apex Park, an ideal spot to spend a sunny afternoon. The park provides electric BBQs, picnic tables and a shaded children’s play area. Showers, changing rooms and toilets are also available.

There are also some cafes nearby on Darley Street, plus the Mona Vale Surf Club has a cafe called Bronze Kiosk, as well as a mid-casual restaurant called The Basin where you can get lovely food with great views!

When Is The Best Time To Visit Mona Vale Rock Pool?

Mona Vale Rock Pool does get busy on sunny weekends and school holidays, so if you want to get a swim in without school kids splashing everywhere, it’s great to head here early in the morning to escape the crowds.

If you’re with children or are keen to get some serious laps in, low tide is the best time to visit as the water in the rock pool is calm.

If you’re an adventurous and confident swimmer, high tide is a fun time to swim in the rock pool as the waves are crashing over the edge of the rock wall which sure makes for some fun!

You can check tide times for Mona Vale Beach here. Do be careful if the waves are particularly rough however, as it could become dangerous!

If you’re a drone photographer keen to get some shots of the Mona Vale Rock Pool from above, high tide is the best time to visit!

Mona Vale beach ocean pool Sydney northern beaches

This is when the waves are crashing against the pool so the photos will look the most dramatic! At low tide lots of the rocky platform is visible and so the images aren’t as impactful as the waves are further away from the ocean pool.

Mona Vale Ocean Pool is cleaned approximately one day a week. Cleaning days sometimes vary so you can check the pool cleaning schedule here.

How To Get To Mona Vale Ocean Pool

To reach Mona Vale Ocean Pool from Sydney CBD, take the B1 yellow bus to Mona Vale (approximately a one-hour journey). It’s then a 1.2-kilometer walk to the pool.

If coming from Manly, the 199 bus can be taken for a 45-minute ride to Barrenjoey Road, from where it’s a short walk of less than a kilometer to reach Mona Vale Ocean Pool.

If coming by car, there is lots of ticketed parking available near the beach off Surfview Road.


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