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How To Visit The Monster Building In Hong Kong | Yik Cheong ‘Transformers’ Building

One of the most well-known and instantly recognised sites in Hong Kong is Yik Cheong Building, featured in movies such as Transformers and nicknamed the Monster Building.

There are so many great photo spots in Hong Kong – from the famous Choi Hung Rooftop Basketball Courts to Braemar Hill, Victoria Peak and Kowloon, but the Yik Cheong Building is definitely somewhere you shouldn’t miss off your list if you enjoy urban landscapes!

Nestled in Quarry Bay on Hong Kong Island, The Yik Cheong Building consists of several densely stacked towers of apartments and demonstrates the typical Hong Kong style crowded apartment blocks. It’s a must visit when you explore Hong Kong!

Yik Cheong Building

Why Is The Monster Building Famous?

The Monster Building gained fame due to its distinctive architecture and jaw-dropping density. Comprising five interconnected residential complexes 19 storeys high, the residential complex forms an impressive striking, maze-like structure.

The symmetry and sheer scale of the building showcase Hong Kong’s urban sprawl, making it a symbol of Hong Kong’s urban density and the city’s vertical expansion in a limited space.

The Monster Building is also a hotspot for photographers which has helped it gain recognition worldwide. Mane people even add it to their Asia bucket lists, it’s that famous!

When To Visit Yik Cheong Building

The Yik Cheong Building is an extremely popular photo spot in Hong Kong thanks to its popularity on social media. Make sure to arrive first thing in the morning, otherwise you’ll most likely have to stand in a queue to take your photo!

Why Is It Called The Monster Building?

The moniker “Monster Building” is one adopted by the locals, and stems from its overwhelming and labyrinthine appearance.

The tightly packed high-rises create a captivating yet slightly intimidating sight, resembling a concrete jungle or a scene from a futuristic dystopian movie.

The unique “Monster Building” nickname has contributed to the building’s popularity among photographers and social media enthusiasts.

How To Get To Yik Cheong Building

Yik Cheong building is located in Quarry Bay on Kings Road, Hong Kong Island (here is the Google Maps location ).

The best way to get here is by public transport – on the MTR. The public transport in Hong Kong is very efficient.

Avoid taking taxis in Hong Kong as it’s expensive, you’ll have to pay a toll if the car crosses the bay, and the taxi system here is actually quite confusing as there are different types of taxis for different areas!

When coming on the MTR, exit Quarry Bay MTR at Exit A and walk along Kings Road towards Tai Koo.

The entrance to Yik Cheong can be easily missed, but just look for an alleyway next to the meat shop and walk through and you’ll find yourself standing in the middle of the apartment blocks.

Yik Cheong Building hong kong monster building transformers photo spot

How To Get The Best Photos Of The Transformers Monster Building (Hong Kong)

The sheer size of Yik Cheong Building can make it tricky to capture the true essence of the Monster Building, but it’s definitely possible!

There’s a structure in the middle of the buildings that you can stand on, or next to – and then take your photos from down looking up, to be able to capture the height of the building.

The ideal time for photography is early morning or early evening, or on a cloudy day, so the bright sunlight doesn’t wash out the building. 

What Else To Do Near The Monster Building

Quarry Bay offers more than just the Monster Building. After capturing the perfect shot, take a stroll along the picturesque waterfront promenade at Quarry Bay Park, which has stunning views of Victoria Harbour.

Explore the vibrant local eateries and experience authentic Hong Kong cuisine, and make sure to hop on one of the trams and sit upstairs on the front seat!


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