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Mui Ne Fairy Stream, Vietnam – A Guide To The Most Unique Walk

Mui Ne is a lovely little coastal town in Vietnam that is known for its surreal desert-like landscapes of red and white sand dunes, as well as the picturesque Mui Ne Fairy Stream (Suoi Tien in Vietnamese) which is home to some very unique rock formations.

The Fairy Stream in Mui Ne is a shallow, meandering red-brown stream, coloured by soft clay that is in a canyon. You can walk through the stream and admire the impressive scenic landscapes surrounding you – it is such a unique place!

24 hours in Mui Ne   

It is often called the red canyon, as on one side of the canyon, white limestone rocks mix with red clay and crumble down to the stream, and on the other side of the canyon is a lot of greenery.

The Mui Ne Fairy Stream is a lovely little place to explore just outside the town of Mui Ne – here’s all you need to know, from how much it costs, how to get there & more!

24 hours in Mui Ne

How To Get To Mui Ne

Mui Ne lies along the coast in south-east Vietnam, about 200 kilometres east of Saigon. Buses go directly from Ho Chi Minh City (Saigon) to Mui Ne so it’s very easy to reach this beachside town by public transport.

The bus journey from Saigon to Mui Ne takes around 4.5 hours and tickets generally need to be booked a day or more before you plan to travel.

The website has cheap tickets and is the website I always use to book transport across Asia as it is very reliable. Here you can check the bus timetable and book your tickets in advance.

Before you book your bus, always check where the drop off point will be.

Some buses will drop you off in Mui Ne town, whereas others will drop you off in Phan Thiet, which is about 20 kilometres from Mui Ne.

If you book a bus that terminates at Phan Thiet, you’ll need to get a taxi for half an hour or so to reach Mui Ne, so it’s best to try book a bus that terminates in Mui Ne for more convenience.

Where Is Mui Ne Fairy Stream?

Mui Ne Fairy Stream is located a 10 minute drive west of the town of Mui Ne.

The entrance to the Fairy Stream is located on the main road: Huynh Thuc Khang street, close to some local restaurants and small shops. You’ll see the Fairy Stream signpost on the main road.

Just walk down the path and the stairs at the end that lead you to the Fairy Stream on your left.

Visiting Mui Ne Fairy Stream

The entrance fee to Mui Ne Fairy Stream is 15,000 VND for adults (less than $1), and 6,000 VND for children.

As you’ll be walking ankle-deep through the clay coloured stream, you’ll want to remove your shoes beforehand so you’re walking barefoot (the ticket man will look after your shoes!).

fairy spring Vietnam

As I mentioned, the water is very shallow, and it’s safe and comfortable to walk barefoot through the stream as it is soft sand at the bottom.

At the start of your walk in the stream there are some cafes and restaurant stalls on either side where you can grab a drink or snack if you wish!

Walk along the stream and admire the vibrant contrasts of the red canyon landscape.

On one side, limestone rock formations and red clay tower above the stream, creating a dramatic backdrop, whereas on the other side, lush patches of greenery and palm trees line the path.

To walk from one end of the Fairy Stream to the other takes around 20 minutes, but I would allow an hour or an hour and a half in total for visiting so you can really enjoy this place and not feel rushed.

Plus, and the views get better the further you walk along the stream!

The stream winds through narrow red canyons and wide-open spaces, so the stunning views are constantly changing, meaning there are so many unique spots at the Fairy Stream to take photos!

24 hours in Mui Ne

The best locations include the narrow canyons where you can see the unique rock formations, as well as the points where the red clay and white limestone meets, creating striking colour contrasts.

The lush green areas along the stream also provide beautiful natural backdrops for photos as well!

Towards the end of the walk there are more refreshment stalls, and the water starts to get a little deeper (around knee-deep) but you can turn around at any point you wish and walk back to the entrance!

Tips for Visiting Mui Ne Fairy Stream

It’s best to visit the Fairy Stream early in the morning or late in the afternoon to avoid the tour buses, as well as the midday heat as there is minimal shade here.

It’s also wise to try and visit on a week day as opposed to during the weekend, to avoid the crowds. At the weekends, the Fairy Stream is a popular spot for locals to visit, so it does get a lot busier!

You may wish to wear a swimming costume or old clothes as you may get splashed by the red clay water as other people are walking past you. You definitely don’t have to though, and if you do get splashed, any stains should come out in the wash.

24 hours in Mui Ne

Other Attractions in Mui Ne

Even if you only have one day in Mui Ne you can still definitely see the fairy stream as Mui Ne is a fairly small town with just a few tourist sights.

The most famous sights in Mui Ne are the White Sand Dunes and the Red Sand Dunes – two different locations that both deserve a visit.

The White Sand Dunes (Doi cat Du lich Hoa Thang) are located a 35 minute drive from Mui Ne town and are ideal for quad biking and sunrise photography. The White Sand Dunes are stunning and are often featured on South East Asia bucket lists.

sand dunes Vietnam

Most people choose to start their day early, see the White Sand Dunes at sunrise, and then visit the Red Sand Dunes.

The Red Sand Dunes (Doi cat Do) are just a 5 minute drive from Mui Ne town and are a lovely spot to get photos of the sand dunes with the sea in the background.

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Visitors will then usually head to the Fairy Stream, before heading to Mui Ne Fishing Harbour (a 5 minute drive from the Fairy Stream) to see the circular boats and the traditional Vietnamese fishing culture, as well as to enjoy some fresh seafood.

24 hours in Mui Ne

Enjoy the rest of the day at Mui Ne Beach – a great place for relaxing, as well as for water sports! 


Mui Ne Fairy Stream is a great spot for nature lovers and photographers to visit, with its unique landscapes and serene environment. It’s a lovely place to visit, and a must on any Mui Ne itinerary!