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Queenscliff Rockpool – A Stunning Ocean Pool In Manly, Sydney!

A short walk north of Manly Beach, at the northern end of Queenscliff Beach is Queenscliff Rockpool.

Queenscliff Rockpool is an 8-lane 50 metre pool, and despite it having sides that aren’t parallel, it’s one of the rock pools in Sydney’s Northern Beaches that is great for serious swimmers who want to swim laps!

queenscliff rock pool manly

This is very different from the Fairy Bower Rockpool (the pool at the southern end of Manly Beach) that is just 20 metres long and triangular-shaped and shallow, so more of a leisurely pool to relax in.

The Queenscliff Rockpool is tucked against the side of a cliff. This, therefore, makes it a favourite with locals as it is sheltered from the winds.

However, it also means that the rockpool doesn’t get the sun for a big part of the day and is often in the shade, which can certainly make the water cooler!

The mornings are definitely the best time to visit as the headland blocks the sun in the afternoons.

Queenscliff Rockpool, built in 1937, is cut into the rock platform, with concrete walls on all sides, and useful lane markings along the walls which indicate the distance you’ve swam.

There’s also a thin layer of sand on the bottom of the pool, making it pleasant if you need to put your feet down, as well as ramp access from the beach.

Despite Queenscliff Rockpool being tucked behind a cliff, it has great views along Manly Beach and it’s definitely not secluded.

There are plenty of people that walk next to the edge of the pool: either locals heading up to the houses on the headland via the staircase that’s by the deep end of the pool, or people coming to check out the secret tunnel known as the ‘Manly Wormhole’.

manly wormhole Queenscliff beach Sydney

The Manly Wormhole (also sometimes called the Queenscliff Tunnel) is a hidden Instagram location in Sydney and on either side of the tunnel, people enjoy sitting here and relaxing.

The tunnel is 40 metres long and was dug out in 1908 by local fishermen, so they wouldn’t have to climb around the rocks to get between Freshwater Beach and Queenscliff and Manly Beaches.

If you continue along the rocky path once the tunnel ends it takes you on the shortcut to Freshwater Rockpool and beach.

There aren’t showers, public toilets or changing rooms right next to Queenscliff Rockpool – they are located around 100 metres away on the beach at the Queenscliff SLSC.

There are also outdoor showers another 100 metres down Manly Beach if the SLSC is closed. 

There is a lovely coffee shop just opposite Queenscliff SLSC on Cameron Avenue, and there are many restaurants along North Steyne.

When Is Queenscliff Rockpool Cleaned?

Queenscliff Rockpool is usually closed every Wednesday for cleaning during the summer months, and every other Wednesday during the winter months.

The pool cleaning schedule can change at any time due to unusual pool or weather conditions.

queenscliff rock pool manly

How To Get To Queenscliff Rockpool

If you’ll be driving, pay and display parking is available beside Queenscliff Beach.

If you’ll be coming on public transport from Sydney CBD, get the 165X bus from Wynyard to Freshwater (30 minutes) and then walk the 10 minutes to Queenscliff Rockpool.

If coming from Manly it will just take a few minutes to walk, however if you feel like saving your energy you can take the 167 bus to the top of North Steyne and then walk a couple of minutes to get to the rock pool.


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