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Ultimate Things To Do In Jurien Bay – Western Australia!

There are so many things to do in Jurien Bay – a lovely coastal town located 220km north of Perth, Western Australia on the Turquoise Coast.

It makes a great place to spend a weekend away from Perth, or the perfect stop on any Perth to Exmouth or Perth to Broome road trip.

Whilst Jurien Bay is home to beautiful beaches and a lovely jetty, it is most famous for its friendly resident sea lions who live nearby!

In fact, this is the best place to swim with sea lions in Western Australia and is definitely something you shouldn’t miss off your list when you are here!

sea lion blowing bubbles in Jurien Bay WA

Here are the best things to do in Jurien Bay: 

Swim With The Famous Jurien Bay Sea Lions!

In the waters of Jurien Bay there is a large colony of playful and curious sea lions. You can go on a snorkelling trip and actually swim with these sea lions which is an incredible experience!

The sea lions live on a few small islands in Jurien Bay Marine Park – a 15 minute boat ride from Jurien Bay.

These sea lions are very friendly and are also one of the rarest species in the world!

Jump in the crystal clear shallow waters, watch these inquisitive and playful ‘puppies of the sea’ as they are often called, and interact with them in their natural habitat whilst snorkelling.

Known as one of the friendliest creatures in the ocean, the Australian sea lions love to meet new faces and play!

curious sea lion coming near snorkelers at Jurien Bay WA

These gorgeous animals come into the water and love checking you out and willingly swimming right up to you – it’s so fun and a really special moment to be in the water with them! 

Not only that, but this is actually one of the best places to snorkel in the whole of Western Australia due to the clear shallow waters here!

To swim with the sea lions in Jurien Bay you’ll need to book onto a snorkelling tour with Salty Swims.

The tours depart every day – they run in the mornings and last around 2.5 hours and operate year round! It’s best to book in advance as they do sell out quickly as they are so popular! 

sea lion swimming at Essex Rocks WA

The tours are conducted in a responsible manner, and they’ll even send you footage of your tour afterwards! Plus they only take small numbers out on the trips, so you’ll never have a crowded experience. 

The sea lion trips depart from Jurien Bay boat harbour – a 5 minute drive from Jurien Bay Beach.

Jurien Bay is a lovely seaside town with several things to do, but by far the best thing to do here is to swim with the sea lions so make sure to put it top of your list!

Visit Jurien Bay Jetty 

After your morning swimming with sea lions, drive to nearby Jurien Bay Beach where you’ll find the Jurien Bay Jetty. 

Jurien Bay Jetty is unusual in the fact that it is curved, so stroll up to admire the views – it’s just 162 metres long. It’s a popular spot for fishing, relaxing and enjoying the spectacular views of the crystal-clear waters and white sand.

The beach here reminded me of the white sandy beaches at Jervis Bay – it was so picturesque, I couldn’t get over the colours. This area definitely lives up to it’s name of the Turquoise Coast!

The area around the jetty is lovely and is a popular spot for people to come to enjoy the free BBQs or watch the sunset.

The Jurien Bay Beach Cafe is right opposite, where you can stop for a coffee and snack or some lunch. You’ll also see the nearby children’s playground and skatepark which is great for the kids to enjoy.

About 200 metres north of the Jurien Bay Jetty – near the skatepark you’ll find the picturesque old jetty, which is a heritage memorial site.

Jurien bay Western Australia

Enjoy The Nearby Beaches 

Of course – one of the best things to do for free in Jurien Bay is to enjoy the spectacular beaches! In the summer months there is a pontoon with ladders at Jurien Bay Beach that you can swim to and jump off.

Alternatively, go for a paddle board or snorkel – there’s lots of marine life here.

Jurien Bay Beach best things to do pontoon

What’s great is that a big reef runs parallel to the shore, so in addition to great snorkelling this means the waters and protected and calm, making it a great place for children to swim.

You can also visit nearby Kite Beach in Jurien Bay – popular with kite surfers and kite surfers as it often gets windy around here in the summer months!

Please note all the beaches in Jurien Bay are unpatrolled. Don’t go in the water alone if you’re not a confident swimmer, and make sure you know what to do incase you get caught in a rip tide.

Sandy Cape

Alternatively, hop in the car to check out several nearby beautiful beaches.

Drive 18km (20 minutes) north of Jurien Bay to Sandy Cape where you’ll find the gorgeous and secluded Sandy Cape Beach and Sandy Cape Recreational Park – where you can sometimes see kangaroos at dawn and dusk!

You can easily reach here on a 2wd, but if you have a 4wd you can also drive on the beach here.

The beach is very sheltered and protected so it’s a great place to go swimming and snorkelling. There’s also a campsite here if you wish to stay overnight.

Go Sandboarding At The Dunes

The Dunes at Sandy Cape are a popular spot for sandboarding, where you can rent a board and slide down the sandy slopes!

Green Head

A further 25 minute drive will take you to Green Head where there are many lovely beaches such as South Bay, Hunters Bay, and Anchorage Bay. Dynamite Bay is a must-visit, it’s one of the best beaches in Western Australia!

Enjoy Outdoor Activities Such As Cycling Or Fishing

Both Jurien Bay Harbour and Jurien Bay Jetty are popular spots for fishing, where you can catch herring, whiting, flathead or snapper to name a few.

If cycling is more your thing, you can cycle along the Turquoise Way – a sealed path that follows the coast south from Jurien Bay to the Hill River Estuary.


Jurien Bay is famous for its skydiving! Enjoy the stunning views of the coast and all the way to The Pinnacles from above as you freefall on a tandem skydive!

Visit Lesueur National Park

If you enjoy viewing wildflowers then you should definitely visit Lesueur National Park, located a 20 minute drive north-east of Jurien Bay. Springtime is the best time to visit as this is when the wildflowers start to bloom.

In August and September you’ll find plenty of orchids, blue ladies and cowslips amongst other flowers. You’ll also come across lots of geckos, legless lizards (appear similar to snakes) and native birds.

There are several short walks that you can do here – the most popular one being the Lesueur Trail (400 metres return). This takes you to the summit of Mount Lesueur, where you can get some beautiful views.

The 18.5km loop-drive around the National Park is also popular – perfect if you don’t want to walk far.

Visit The Pinnacles Desert in Nambung National Park

The Pinnacles Desert is located a 40 minute drive south of Jurien Bay – half-way between Jurien Bay and the Lancelin Sand Dunes, and is a must-visit.

pinnacles desert Western Australia Day trip

The desert is home to thousands of limestone pillars that create a surreal landscape. It costs $15 per vehicle to enter, and you can drive around the park and stop at convenient spots to get out and take pictures.

pinnacles desert Western Australia Day trip

How Long Should I Spend In Jurien Bay?

Some people just do a quick stop in Jurien Bay before continuing their road trip, but it’s definitely worth spending at least one day in Jurien Bay to enjoy all it has to offer – especially if you want to visit all the beaches and swim with the sea lions!

Many families actually choose to spend a long weekend or even a week up here as it’s a popular place for a family holiday.

Accommodation In Jurien Bay

There are a few very good accommodation options to choose from in Jurien Bay including:

Coastal Paradise Jurien Bay – holiday home with sea views, a hot tub and outdoor pool and bar that can accommodate up to 6 guests.

Aqua Shack – 3 bedroom holiday home with a large garden and BBQ close to the beach

Jurien Bay Tourist Park – caravan park in an excellent and convenient location right next to the beach!

Jurien Bay Motel Apartments – popular self-contained apartments in a central location

How To Get To Jurien Bay From Perth

The most popular, quickest and most convenient way to get to Jurien Bay from Perth is to drive – it takes around 2.5 hours non-stop.

It’s an easy, straight drive but definitely pay attention if you’ll be driving around dawn or dusk as kangaroos can hop out into the road. It’s best to avoid driving at this time if at all possible.

On the drive up you will go past Lancelin Sand Dunes and The Pinnacles at Nambung National Park – both incredibly unique and beautiful places.

Make sure to stop off at these either on your way up to Jurien Bay or on your way back to Perth. 

If renting a car, the cheapest car rental in Perth is Bayswater Car Rental.

If you don’t drive you can get public transport from Perth to Jurien Bay – twice a week!

The transWA coach from East Perth Terminal to Jurien Bay departs on a Friday and Sunday afternoon at 2pm and takes 3.5 hours, stopping at the Caltex in the centre of Jurien Bay. The bus is the N5 and it goes to Geraldton via Jurien Bay.

The coach also returns back to Perth on Fridays and Sundays, so you can either come up for 2 days over the weekend, or spend 5 days up here during the week. It costs $44.55 one way and you can purchase tickets here.



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