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Visiting The Pyramids Of Giza Without A Guide – & How To Get Great Photos!

If you’re considering visiting The Pyramids Of Giza independently without a guide, it is actually very easy, and a lot cheaper than visiting with a guide!

But not many people explore The Pyramids independently as the locals can be quite pushy and don’t make it easy for you, and therefore people often get scammed or ripped off!

On my last trip to Egypt I explored The Pyramids without a guide (and without scammers!) – here’s all the information you need to have a hassle-free experience!

the pyramids of Giza Cairo Egypt

Visiting The Pyramids as part of a tour is easier compared to visiting by yourself, so I’ve included some links to tours below if you’re interested.

But if you’re specifically looking to visit The Pyramids without a guide as you enjoy the independence and the opportunity to take your time getting awesome photos, then carry on reading!




There are three main pyramids at Giza, with the largest one, The Great Pyramid of Giza, being the last remaining Ancient Wonder of the World.

The Pyramids were built almost 5000 years ago in a time when Egypt was one of the most powerful and richest civilisations in the world. They were built as tombs for pharaohs and are probably the most famous structures ever built. 

They are honestly so impressive to see!

the pyramids of Giza Cairo Egypt

Opening Times & When To Arrive At The Pyramids Of Giza

The Pyramids of Giza are open from 7 am – 6 pm between April to September. From October to March they are open from 8 am until 4 pm.

To avoid the crowds as much as possible, as well as to avoid the heat, get there when it opens. There isn’t shade here, and you can be walking a lot, so getting here early is advisable for that reason.

Most tour groups will arrive around 10am, so by arriving earlier, you’ll be able to get great photos before the crowds appear – it does get very crowded later on in the day!

Remember that The Pyramids of Giza are one of the world’s most famous landmarks and are always number one on every list of top things to do in Cairo!

They are one of the most popular places in The Middle East, as well as one of the most visited ancient archaeological sites in the world, so they do get very busy!

It costs 120 LE: Egyptian Pounds (about £5) to enter the Pyramids Of Giza complex. 

In Egypt, Fridays and Saturdays are the weekend days, so avoid these if possible as they are busier than visiting on Sundays through to Thursdays.

the pyramids of Giza Cairo Egypt

Do I Need To Pay For A Camel At The Pyramids? 

Many people are apprehensive to pay for a camel ride at The Pyramids as you often hear stories of people being ripped off. The locals will try and rip you off, there’s no question about it, so come prepared so you don’t get annoyed.

If you do want to ride a camel, do not get on without agreeing the price first!! It should only cost you about 200LE (£9).

As the panoramic viewpoint of The Pyramids is about 1.5km from the entrance, you may want to ride a camel to get to the viewpoint – as opposed to walking, if you’re short of time, or you just want to rest your legs!

Touts by the entrance of The Pyramids will tell you it’s too far to walk to the panoramic viewpoint spot, and you need to get a camel to get there.

visiting the pyramids of Giza Cairo Egypt alone as a solo female traveller without a guide

They insist you need a camel/carriage to get there because they genuinely believe it is too far! You can, however, totally walk there easily if you don’t mind walking for 30 minutes or so! 

My Egyptian friend was with me and I made him walk. He was so tired as he had genuinely never walked so far in his life!

If you are happy to walk, be stern with the touts and they will stop hassling you (and try not to get annoyed with them!).

Especially if touts see you with a camera, they will offer to be a guide for you and get good photos. Chances are they won’t be able to get the photos you’re after, so just be firm and say no.

If you don’t want to ride a camel but don’t walk to walk far, you can also go on a buggy ride!

the pyramids of Giza Cairo Egypt

How To Visit The Pyramids Of Giza Without A Guide & Get Good Photos

If you plan well, it’s easy to visit The Pyramids without a guide, as well as get great photos without other people in!

The Panoramic Photo Spot Of The Pyramids

From the entrance it is 1.5km to the other side of The Pyramids, where you can get stunning panoramic photos of The Pyramids and there will be hardly any tourists.

Here is the Google maps location – just type in ‘Panoramic view of The Pyramids’. It’s about a 30 minute walk.

There are camels here – you can pay a small fee to have one in your photo with you, which I really recommend to do, if you didn’t arrive by camel.

You can also ride one of the camels at the panoramic viewpoint back to The Pyramids if you don’t fancy walking back! It will be cheaper here than hiring one by the entrance!

visiting the pyramids of Giza Cairo Egypt alone as a solo female traveller without a guide

Second Panoramic Photo Spot Of The Pyramids

Further along (see the Google maps location) is another lovely spot to get panoramic photos of The Pyramids from a different angle. Stop off here too before you head back to The Pyramids.

visiting the pyramids of Giza Cairo Egypt alone as a solo female traveller without a guide

The Great Pyramid Photo Spot

If you want to get a close up photo of The Great Pyramid, you’ll notice there are lots of people, but if you just walk around the pyramid to the opposite side – to the far side, there will be barely any people here and you can get photos without people in the background!

visiting the pyramids of Giza Cairo Egypt alone as a solo female traveller without a guide

The Sphinx Photo Spot

The Sphinx is near the entrance/exit, so you can either get photos as you’re leaving, but you can also get some cool photos of it before the complex opens at 8am and before you buy your ticket.

the pyramids of Giza Cairo Egypt

From the parking lot, walk towards the entrance, which is in the direction of The Sphinx. You’ll walk past a stone walkway and some street vendors. From here you’ll be able to see an empty lot of ground where you can get a photo of The Sphinx head on.

You can then get a sideways photo of The Sphinx as you’re leaving the complex after you’ve visited The Pyramids.

  the pyramids of Giza Cairo Egypt        

How To Get To The Pyramids From Cairo

Conveniently, The Pyramids are only a short drive away from Cairo city – they are not in the middle of the desert as pictures make it look! They are roughly 20km southwest of Cairo city, on the other side of the River Nile and so the easiest way to get there is to take an Uber.

The Uber to the Pyramids should cost something between E£80–100 ($7 USD). Don’t take a normal taxi as they are much more expensive.

Make sure you allow time for traffic – traffic in Cairo is always very bad, and so this journey can take you between half an hour to an hour.

the pyramids of Giza Cairo Egypt